David C. Rankin
> Some 5-7 years ago (hell maybe 10 by now), most, if not
> all user contributions were summarily removed or poorly rewritten. It
> literally became pointless to contribute to the wiki as whatever you
> researched and added would simply be removed.

Are there any specific pages that suffered such removal/poor rewrite?

In a decade of reading arch wiki here and there there were changes, e.g. [Installation guide] and Beginners page which was huge and contained a lot of great info, which is now gone and separated to e.g. General recommendations - https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/General_recommendations.

But in any other specific pages, AMD, specific Laptop stuff, etc, I didn't see valuable info being removed.

I only have a positive experience, figuring something out, making quick notes on the discussion page, and then discussing it on #archlinux-wiki and together choosing different wording or place.

On Tue, Dec 20, 2022 at 4:28 PM mpan <archml-y1vf3axu@mpan.pl> wrote:
> There is #archlinux-wiki channel on Libera, but it’s not very active.
   I do not know, how to express that, but it has been brought to my
attention that the above statement may be wrong in the “not very active”
part. For clarity and for transparency, here is the full explanation:

   The statement was based on my subjective experience of the
#archlinux-wiki channel and expressed my perception of activity level
relative to what happens in the wiki itself.

   I do not come to the channel often: only if I actually need to talk
to people there, interactively. Each time I do my business and, due to
low activity, idle a bit to wait for interaction. During each my stay in
#archlinux-wiki there was no or almost no activity other than the one
initiated by me.

   While I believe the “not very active” mention is not of grave
importance to the message I wanted to convey, when read in the context
of the question being asked, if any misunderstanding could arise from
the situation: please visit #archlinux-wiki on Libera yourself to make
your own opinion.