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Thanks for that link! I knew it had to be somewhere.

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On 31/12/2022 23:36, Jayesh Badwaik wrote:
I generally have used instructions from here in the past to create repositories using repo-add which has seems to be worked fine.


An example is here:

This seemed to have been enough to generate everything needed to create a signed repo. 

On Sun, 1 Jan 2023, 00:09 Polarian, <polarian@polarian.dev> wrote:

For anyone else who is on this mailing list, do you know if an Arch Wiki
page exists on this topic, if so could you link it here.

I have checked the DeveloperWiki as well and I can't see any
documentation on this, only how to build for official repository, but
not explaining the layout.

I guess the best option you got so far is to just reverse engineer the
repositories unless someone else knows the location of an ArchWiki page
covering this topic.

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