Hi Hugo i have seen many people from brasil using arch and the brasilian irc and forums are full all the time. Im from Venezuela and i participate in the flisol event, spreading the arch way. We are only two and don't have a "presentation" but a lot of people seems to be interested in the proyect and we gave a lot of cd's. Right now we're builing the Venezuelan Arch Community.

2008/4/27 Hugo Doria <hugodoria@gmail.com>:
Last week we had a great Free Software event here in Brasi: The
International Forum of Free Software (with nearly 8000 people).

I had the pleasure of presenting (with Douglas Soares and Kessia
Pinheiro) the Arch in a lecture. The lecture was very nice and the
room was completely full. We managed to show very well the
distribution and gain more new users for the Arch.

We also had a stand to show the distro, take questions and install
Arch for the users. The brazilian community is getting bigger and
bigger everyday. =)

Yesterday i did the same thing in another event: FLISOL (Festival of
Latin American Free Software Installation). The result was awesome

Photos can be found here:

And the presetation (in pt-br) here:

What i want to know is: Someone has made any presentation of Arch in
events? How has been the receptivity of people? What you guys think
about this?

Hugo Doria