You may have multiple options/avenues to achieve this depending on which filesystem and partitioning techniques you implemented. But before proceeding, have you tried clearing pacman and Aur caches, removed orphans, untracked or lost files, etc?

And here is information aligned with "uwe's" feedback .

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Best option would be to boot from USB drive so that the partitions that should be moved are not in use. Then you could either move the partitions using "dd" or move the data using "rsync". Once the root partition is moved follow the Arch install guide to install the boot loader on the new drive (arch-chroot, grub-install, etc…). Am 27.10.22 um 15:34 schrieb pete: > Hi . > > Got a bit of a problem i need to move the root partition to another drive my > own fault i did not make it big enough to start with but i cant face a > complete rebuild of the system i have several 1Tb drives lurking but how do > i switch things to a new drive . > > I remember doing that many many years ago but cant remember how now any help > out there would be greatfull > > Thanks > > Pete