one could still safely remove xterm though right?

On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 4:26 PM, Leonid Grinberg <> wrote:
> On my desktop machine, it seems like any time a GUI app needs to launch a
> console app, the default is to launch it in an xterm window.  But as I'm a
> hardcore KDE user, I'd like to change that default to konsole. Wasn't able
> to figure out where this setting is to override it, however.  "set | grep
> xterm" didn't turn up much of relevance, and I couldn't see any KDE setting
> to override it either.  Anyone know how to tweak this?

It depends on a lot of things, including your DE. It sounds like you
are using KDE;
if you are true a hard-core KDE user, you are probably using KDE 4.x,
in which case
you can set it in systemsettings > default applications. Otherwise
it's somewhere in kcontrol.
In GNOME, it's something like "Preferred Applications".

> So basically, this is a non-answer. I'm trying to say, that there's
> probably no global way to do this without just symlinking xterm to
> konsole 8)

Right, there is no truly global way of doing this. In practice,
though, this is really the purpose
of a DE and you should be able to set it fairly easily.

Leonid Grinberg