Le 30/01/2023 à 14:34, Polarian a écrit :

I was looking at Arch Linux Arm's (ALARM) website and I realised, a lot of their support just points right back to the ArchWiki.

I thought the ArchWiki was only designed for the official distribution (Arch Linux) and not any other ports for other architectures?
Unless I misunderstood the point you're trying to state, I don't see any issue here.

While the Arch wiki is primarily designed to host information about the official Arch Linux distribution, it is nonetheless a source of information everyone is free to point to (just like any other wiki).
Even people from completely different distributions (I mean, not necessarily Arch-derivatives) often use and point to the Arch wiki. As long as the info stored on it are relevant for your case, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't use it. 

Robin Candau