Hi there. I'm another archer from Brazil.
Maybe main Arch site could make a place to localized communities put their events and anything else that involves Arch Linux.
It could be a good place to get new ideas about events and ways to spread Arch...
See ya.

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 12:29 AM, Angel Velásquez <angvp@archlinux.com.ve> wrote:
I was writing in this moment but Ricardo did first ;-). Yeah, we were just two archers but we did some installations and some people got interested in testing arch, so this is our first step here in Venezuela to do local events, and start recruiting new archers, i hope assist to another local and national linux events in the country, to recruit more people, and get the Arch Linux Community bigger :-).

I hope to have some pictures this week to post it.

Also i noticed that some archers in Panama and some archers in Argentina (Mendoza) were installing Arch Linux, i hope to know how good they did :-)


On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 3:19 AM, Ricardo Hernandez <ricardoh26@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Hugo i have seen many people from brasil using arch and the brasilian irc and forums are full all the time. I´m from Venezuela and i participate in the flisol event, spreading the arch way. We are only two and don't have a "presentation" but a lot of people seems to be interested in the proyect and we gave a lot of cd's. Right now we're builing the Venezuelan Arch Community.

2008/4/27 Hugo Doria <hugodoria@gmail.com>:

Last week we had a great Free Software event here in Brasi: The
International Forum of Free Software (with nearly 8000 people).

I had the pleasure of presenting (with Douglas Soares and Kessia
Pinheiro) the Arch in a lecture. The lecture was very nice and the
room was completely full. We managed to show very well the
distribution and gain more new users for the Arch.

We also had a stand to show the distro, take questions and install
Arch for the users. The brazilian community is getting bigger and
bigger everyday. =)

Yesterday i did the same thing in another event: FLISOL (Festival of
Latin American Free Software Installation). The result was awesome

Photos can be found here:

And the presetation (in pt-br) here:

What i want to know is: Someone has made any presentation of Arch in
events? How has been the receptivity of people? What you guys think
about this?

Hugo Doria

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