oops.. i didn't knew that option [Gerneral => Translation], that's nice, no need to build il anymore! ..

Thank you!

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Le dim. 11 nov. 2018 à 08:55, David Runge <dave@sleepmap.de> a écrit :
On 2018-11-11 08:41:35 (+0000), Dancehall Echo wrote:
> I use Gimp too [2.10.8-1 | from extra repo],  and never had any crashes.
> I removed all  Arc themes [20181022 version], and replace it/them by
> Adapta, so i can use Ardour 5.12-7 [same version than community repo, but
> built by myself to have in my language] as before ...
Just out of curiosity: Why do you do that?
Does localization, added in 5.12-7 not work for you?

If not, how can this be improved?
How does your version differ from the one in the repos?