Dear Arch Linux community,

Although this is not generally ideal place to ask, I wanted diverse opinion on this subject. including mixed genders.

Hello, my name is Irvin Choi I am student from Dwight School Seoul, and I am writing a extended essay within IB ( curriculum research paper about systemd, service manager for Linux/GNU operating system. There are few questions that I would like to ask to broaden my understanding regarding systemd, and I would like to kindly ask you to answer them to best of your ability.

It is very important for my research paper, as the research paper plays huge role in my high school curriculum and possibly my future. I would like to mention that, I may use your questions on the research paper for credibility purposes.

Here are the questions (please consider explaining your answers and avoid short answers):

1) Who are you and what do you do for the community?

2) What do you think of the systemd as a service manager? Do you have an opinion about its pros and cons?

3) What do you think users of the distribution thinks about the systemd? Do you think they favor systemd? If not, why so?

4) Through my research, I was able to see that there are existing service managers such as upstart, sysvinit, and others. Why did systemd become the standard over the others in most of the distributions? Was it worth the replacement of existing service manager that is seen to be reliable?

5) What changes that do you think systemd should make to improve itself? For instance, ‘typing systemctl everytime is bothersome. Systemd should shorten it to sctl instead.)

6) There are lots of Linux/GNU users across the world. To what users are systemd intended for? Do you think systemd is useful for the servers administrators, desktop users, laptop users, or others?

7) I’ve heard that there are lots of debate about systemd and it really got heated at one point, involving personal opinions, politics, and others. What was the cause and how did it get resolved (if at all)?

8) Is there anything else you would like to tell me about systemd?

Thank you very much time.. It means a lot for me, as I am really interested in Linux/GNU system, and this became the opportunity to broaden my understanding.

Have a great day.