On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 9:32 AM, Daenyth Blank <daenyth+arch@gmail.com> wrote:
On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 10:47, w9ya <w9ya@qrparci.net> wrote:
> i deleted NOTHING from AUR.
> Bob Finch

That was my misunderstanding then. For some reason I interpreted it
that way. I was referring to around this:
(Dec 4th)18:06:06< bfinch> Daenyth, i have disowned those packages
that I did not orginally author.. the rest I woudl appreciate a
COMPLETE removal , including the files please
18:24:29< bfinch> louipc,  o.k.. so i do not want any more stealing of
my work... so I want it removed entirely

Yes Daenyth this was from the TU irc channel,.. and **then** we went on to talk about field additions to (try to) prevent;

A - Someone removing my name to enter theirs as contributor.. ala an additional commented field caled "Original Contributor". I even asked if you wanted to do this. You declined and said I should do that. I had nto done that because I had not yet resigned AND the following issue;

B - I was also concerned and voiced it on the TU irc at about the same time about how this would all work if I set up a separate binary repo. Since the PKGBUILDs in AUR can be "upgraded" into a binary by a TU at a later date and I would have no access to this PKGBUILD at that point, having resigned. Because of that there could easily be syncing problems from different versions of binaries sitting in two different binary repos, or worse compile time issues, or differing dep. issues.. and the list may even be twice that large for impacting issues.

Bob Finch