A - Your attempt to make my pending resignation something to be decided by a vote has succeeded in validating, in the simplest of examples, my belief that the TU system is in the process of deteriorating.

Allan, a resignation should ALWAYS be treated with the utmost respect. It should NOT be subject to a vote as it is a personal and NOT a group decision. It should never be cheapened with what you attempt below, more especially since you could have easily waited a day, as others were willing to do, for my resignation.

B - Your unilaterally removing my access without this vote having taken place first was NOT your decision to make. Because;

As you correctly say below; any TU currently has a right to remove anything he contributes. Nothing more than exactly this has taken place so far. There are no security issues or personal issues that concern either you or any other TU as relates to ANYTHING I or Daenyth have done in preparation for my resignation.

C - I actually deleted NO PKGBUILDs from the AUR as your email below indicates, but rather asked for the removal of my contributions to (only) the binary repo which Daenyth's told you earlier today in a public email. These removals were done for two reasons;

1 - It was very much in the spirit of the latest changes in the bylaws to trim unnecessary/unused packages from the community repo.

2 - I intend to do exactly what Aaron G. asked for in his first email posted in the public discussions that lead up to the latest changes in the bylaws. He said he wanted people to host their own repos instead of using the community repo for what he envisioned as personal use (only a few or no votes for packages). I agreed that this was certainly possible and said as much at the time. So I will be doing **exactly** that in light of the latest rulings, his wishes as the project leader, and my agreement that this could well be the perfect solution to the issues at hand. As you can well imagine it would be a support nightmare for everyone, yourself included, if such packages remained in two places. So all of us that spoke about this on the TU irc channel within the last day agreed to go ahead with this course as it has unfolded.

So please consider this email my resignation. albeit a day earlier than anticipated.

I am also happy to have left a financial donation. This I did well over a week ago before the voting had gotten into full swing and in preparation for leaving. (Since Aaron had said that donations were part of his personal income tax filings I left considerably less than I might have otherwise.)


Bob Finch

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 7:40 PM, Allan McRae <> wrote:
Hi TUs,

Bob deleted all his packages from the AUR using his Trusted User powers.  This is in complete violation of the principle behind the restriction that only Trusted Users can delete packages from the AUR and I believe is enough to warrant the removal of Bob as a TU.

As you would have seen in previous threads, Bob has removed all his packages from [community] and apparently intends to resign anyway.   Given the absence of official resignation, I am starting the discussion period now.

It appears his CVS access has already been removed by someone else and I have drop his privileges on the AUR for the period of this discussion/vote.