Hello everyone

My name is Angel Velásquez and I live in Venezuela. I have 24 years old and I just finished my studies in the university (Computer Technician), so now I have enough time to work in my favorite distro. My native language is Spanish and I also speak Italian and English (at a regular level, I can be easily understood); also, I understand Portuguese and some French (at a beginners level). I work as PHP/Python Developer (under Linux) and of course, now I'm working on Arch ;-).

I have been using Linux since 1998: I started with Red Hat 5.2, but I got disappointed about many of the rpm's limitants, so I moved back again to Win** (yeah, this is sad), until 2000 when I met Slackware and I liked it because with this distro you are not 'rpm dependent', so you maintain your distro and your libraries. Working this way was good until I needed to get new things, so I moved to Debian unstable for a long time; back in 2005 I discovered Arch Linux because a friend of mine proposed me 'hey, what about to test another and different distro?' and I liked it, but due to job reasons at that moment I didn't have the time to install Arch completely (as a main distro), but finally I became an 'archer' in 2006 when I had enough time to learn and use it proficiently. I was expecting to join an Arch Linux community here in Venezuela but at that moment, nothing happened and no groups were created, however we had one of the biggest events on the country (FLiSoL) so I had to search some local archers (Ricardo Hernández, Miguel Useche, Flavio Percoco, Victor Roman, etc) and we created the local community :-), and I can say that I'm proud of our little (for now) team. Now we have a community and we are learning new things everyday and we are getting new users into the community, whom have agreed to collaborate with us.

So, I would like to be a TU, I have been developing and fixing some AUR / ABS packages for my own use (and other friends who needed them), I have also worked documenting and helping Arch Articles in the Spanish Community, and I have been in contact with some people from the Brazilian and Italian community.

Maybe I do not have many packages in AUR (just 16 and not all are from scratch many of them have been adopted) but I am very connected with the Arch Linux community, specially working on the part that I'm responsible of, which is the Arch Linux Venezuelan Community.

Right now, I think I have time to do some important things with some packages (especially those based on haskell, because I've been studying it) and helping developing some new features to AUR and the Arch Linux Community.

Hugo Doria a.k.a hdoria proposed to be my sponsor (thank you :-))

My AUR packages:

Arch Linux Venezuelan Community:
http://www.archlinux.com.ve (working on this)

My Website:
http://www.angvp.com (not ready yet, but soon)

Thank you for reading this.

Angel Velasquez
angvp @ irc.freenode.net
Linux Counter: #359909