Hi, I'd like to ask what's the current status on gpg keys, "keyrings" on the AUR? A few years back they where removed[1]. If I search for 'keyring' right now a few pop up.

I guess there are different reasons for them to appear, like for example the 'linuxmint-keyring' is different from the 'alph-keyring', where one is from a pacman repo and the other one is not. However it would be good to have a consistent rule/guideline what's OK and what not.

[1] https://lists.archlinux.org/archives/list/aur-requests@lists.archlinux.org/message/LARWULZYPI4RJRV5D3AUIX4WGCNTH2D3/
--- Sincerely, Fabian Bornschein