In fact Daenyth did NOT place my packages into the AUR after removing them from the binary repo. I have the transcripts from the TU irc channel where we discussed this very thing. But this remains a reliance on a detail that CANNOT have *any* bearing since a TU has the right to remove a package or PKGBUILD that they contribute. Your focusing on such minute details as a basis for your proposal is troubling. ANY action you took based on this remains troubling. Not just now but into the future.

Your calling for my removal while you knew I am preparing my resignation remains in poor taste. You could have sent me an email and asked what was going on when you were told I was planning to leave, as this was hardly a secret. ONLY you are blame for any decision to not communicate despite your protestations below.

Thanks for wishing me well.

Bob Finch

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 10:14 PM, Allan McRae <> wrote:
w9ya wrote:

A - Your attempt to make my pending resignation something to be decided by a vote has succeeded in validating, in the simplest of examples, my belief that the TU system is in the process of deteriorating.

Allan, a resignation should ALWAYS be treated with the utmost respect. It should NOT be subject to a vote as it is a personal and NOT a group decision. It should never be cheapened with what you attempt below, more especially since you could have easily waited a day, as others were willing to do, for my resignation.

So where did you post that your resignation would be coming in a day?  I do not have psychic abilities.  Your packages were removed from [community] 13 days ago so it seems you had plenty of time.  I was not intending to cheapen your resignation, I was calling for your removal which is a group decision and does required a vote.

B - Your unilaterally removing my access without this vote having taken place first was NOT your decision to make. Because;

As you correctly say below; any TU currently has a right to remove anything he contributes. Nothing more than exactly this has taken place so far. There are no security issues or personal issues that concern either you or any other TU as relates to ANYTHING I or Daenyth have done in preparation for my resignation.
C - I actually deleted NO PKGBUILDs from the AUR as your email below indicates, but rather asked for the removal of my contributions to (only) the binary repo which Daenyth's told you earlier today in a public email.

Any packages removed from [community] should go into the AUR.  That has been well established over the years.  In fact, look at the script Daenyth posted which did that job for you and you will notice that it automatically uploaded the packages to the AUR.  A TU has the right to remove packages from [community] and delete them from the AUR but I really don't think valid reasons for a TU to delete packages from the AUR extends to "I contributed them".

Quoting Daneyth's email...  "he deleted any in unsupported that he had made".  Given the packages were uploaded to the AUR during their removal from [community] and those packages were no longer in the AUR, I am left to conclude that you were removing them from the AUR, which I considered a security issue, hence the call for your removal.  Removing peoples access when they are resigning or being removed is standard practice in IT, so either way, I feel my removal of your access was justified.

I wish you well with you ham-radio spin-off distro/repo and thank you for the contributions you did make to the TU group.