Allan has removed any chance of my hosting a separate repo as per Aaron G.'s and my own personal wishes because I no longer have access to the AUR. As Daenyth has already told you, the plan was to replace the PKGBUILDs into the AUR upon my resignation. What no one has asked yet, but which we **DID** discuss on the TU irc, was that the replacement PKGBUILDs were to contain additional fields, an original contributor field and a field to notate that the binaries were being hosted elsewhere.

Since Allan has jumped the gun, unilaterally and without permission by removing my access, I have no way to add these fields into the PKGBUILDs. If he really meant that his placing the PKGBUILDs into the AUR would not be a problem for hosting a separate repo, he should be willing to add the extra commented fields I outlined above into the PKGBUILDs he so thoughtfully placed into the AUR.

As for his lying about what he knew concerning my intentions to resign and when he knew is humorous that he is being allowed to get away. He clearly did lie if you read through the messages in this thread.

Bob Finch