NO ONE hid anything from you at any point. And that is not going on now either.

Had you bothered to ask first you would have found out that ALL of these particulars you bring up below and elsewhere were discussed at length, including the removal of the packages and their disposition. These discussions took place over a period of almost two weeks (13 days as you point out) with several TUs on the TU's irc channel. We reached an agreement just yesterday. It was neither the secret you suggest nor did it require any psychic powers on your part to find out the information. You needed to merely ask.

Or did you NOT believe or understand Daenyth when he told you in an email I had been planning to resign ? Did you not understand when he suggested that you to find out the rest of the 'story' from me ? You had merely to write me and ask in any event. You chose not to. These emails between yourself and Daenyth took place before you wrote up this proposal, so it is silly for you to suggest that you could not have known or that I expect you to have psychic powers. That's nonsense young man.

You SHOULD take responsibility for what you did as well as the results of your actions. Quit blaming me or anyone else.

Bob Finch

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 1:06 AM, Allan McRae <> wrote:
w9ya wrote:
In fact Daenyth did NOT place my packages into the AUR after removing them from the binary repo. I have the transcripts from the TU irc channel where we discussed this very thing. But this remains a reliance on a detail that CANNOT have *any* bearing since a TU has the right to remove a package or PKGBUILD that they contribute.

The script Daenyth provided me puts packages back into the AUR so I assumed that had been done.  Not moving packages to the AUR after they were in [community] is very poor form and in my opinion is just as bad as deleting them from the AUR.  Why do TUs have the right to delete their own packages when users don't?  Just because TUs can delete packages, does not mean they should or even have the right to for no other reason than "I made it".

Your focusing on such minute details as a basis for your proposal is troubling. ANY action you took based on this remains troubling. Not just now but into the future.

As was your "packing up your toys and leaving".  Except you had not left.  You were just sitting in the corner, destroying your toys.  If another TU removes all their packages from [community] and does not put them in the AUR or resign, I will do the same thing again.

Your calling for my removal while you knew I am preparing my resignation remains in poor taste. You could have sent me an email and asked what was going on when you were told I was planning to leave, as this was hardly a secret. ONLY you are blame for any decision to not communicate despite your protestations below.

I have already stated that I do not have psychic powers so did not know you were resigning.  All I knew was you were removing all traces of your packages which I was obviously far less than impressed with.  All could have been avoided if you actually resigned when you made the decision, rather than waiting 13 days after your packages had been removed.  Then I would have just silently uploaded them to the AUR rather than having to block you removing them first.  Reducing your powers on the AUR required I make the call for your removal.  Surely you of all people could have predicted the consequences of your actions...