An open letter to the remaining TUs;

These are NOT "opinions" as Allan would have you believe.:

FACT : Daenyth wrote this to Allan in reference to Allan's question about what was going on:
"He said before that he was planning to resign,...." (He equals me.)

FACT : Allan responded to this email.
" I will be starting a removal thread. "

FACT : Approximately 8 minutes LATER Allan wrote this at the start of the email thread we are in:
"Bob has removed all his packages from [community] and apparently intends to resign anyway."

FACT : Across several emails I kept asking this:
"Your calling for my removal while you knew I am preparing my resignation remains in poor taste."

FACT : In Allan's second to last post in this thread Allan this was his response:
" I have already stated that I do not have psychic powers so did not know you were resigning."

It is also therefore NOT an "opinion" that Allen has willing lied herein in an attempt to explain his behavior.

Finally Allan also did say this in his first email that started this thread:

".... only Trusted Users can delete packages from the AUR ."

I was a TU when I asked Daenyth to remove my community repo packages. This was NOT violation of rules by his own admission. Yet he sought to remove me and lied in the process. He lied to you.

Allan, you are an exposed liar and you are willing to cheat to get your way. Shame on you. And shame on anyone that supports your behavior.

With that there are no reasons to continue commenting about Allan's lying herein.

There is also no reason to be a part of such a farce as he is willing engaged in. I have not left the TU irc channel, and will not be a contributor any further. If any of you have any respect for honesty and fair play, you will allow me to follow Aaron G.'s wishes for relocating the packages I have contributed to a separate repo. Such a separation necessarily requires that the PKGBUILDs be removed so that there is no plagiarism and/or dual versions /syncing issues.

Bob Finch

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 2:51 AM, Allan McRae <> wrote:

At this point I really don't care what your opinion is.  I got your packages from [community] into the AUR and you can no longer remove them.  So I have achieved that I set out to do today.

If other TUs have problems with my methods then they will bring it up themselves.