Le 17/05/2015 23:45, Johannes Löthberg a écrit :
On 17/05, Johannes Löthberg wrote:
On 17/05, notify@aur.archlinux.org wrote:
ArchangeGabriel [1] filed a deletion request for exfalso [2]:

I need to reupload this package with a pkgbase (quodlibet) variable,
and AFAIK, this goes through removal of the existing package.

Could you upload a quodlibet package without the exfalso split package in it and then request a merge if you want the new package to keep the votes and comments?

Actually, scratch that, you won't be able to upload a quodlibet package because it exists in the repos and the repo package has exfalso in it.  Is there anything different at all in this package?

Indeed. It’s exfalso without quodlibet (I only use the former, and a lot of other people too), another way to do this would be splitting the repo package into four (or more, if splitting l10n):

quodlibet-libs, on which one the previous two should depends
quodlibet-l10n with /usr/share/locale files (and, as said above, eventually split that one for each locale)

Should I open a bug against quodlibet packaging on Arch?