Maxime Gauduin, Levente Polyak;

Thank you both for you valuable input. My only motivation was to ensure the highest quality packages were in the AUR. When I was working with a user and encountered a package that had already been noted as missing a .install file (this had not been resolved at the time I submitted the request) and contained other issues it was necessary to create a proper package and install that. Having generated and tested those resources based on the originals in the AUR I was ready to share them with the AUR4, nothing more.

In the future I will make better use of the comments section to establish motive and timeline while allowing the maintainer the suggested two week grace period to respond. As the current maintainer has already corrected the .install issue that motivated me to file the request: I have every hope this individual will apply the suggested modifications regarding versioning and I can leave this package in their capable hands. I apologize for having used so much of your time.