>Nevertheless the package just provides a configuration files

This is because the patches are already in the official packages, but are not enabled due to legal reasons.

>which may (or may not) improve the default font configuration. 

What do you mean by may not? Did you encounter an actual situation where it rendered the fonts worse?

>Moreover according to the package structure and your comments seems that it is just a *your* private configuration(e.g. it has no upstream and the configuration is provided inside tarball)

That is because it is specific to Arch Linux (because it enables the patches provided in the official packages). Hosting it on some other website would complicate the PKGBUILD and introduce additional potential for issues. It is not my private configuration because I designed it to work for the vast majority of people. It does overwrite any user defined settings.

>the example of the deletion reason has been mentioned in the comments in the discussion: "Make sure the package is useful".

But it is very useful. It makes it easy to install a configuration that is far superior to what is provided by default. Nevertheless, it should not matter if you, personally, find it useful. There are many people I know that have been asking for me to package this because they find it useful.

>If you believe that your configuration should be by default you may always discuss it with the fontconfig package maintainer.

It would be the default of upstream Fontconfig if it were not for the fact that it enables all the patent encumbered features. Because it is not the policy of Arch to provide different configurations than upstream, I doubt the Fontconfig package maintainer would accept it.

I understand why you would not want this on the wiki, but why not the AUR? It is not harming anything by having it there and it obviously makes it easier to get good font rendering. You do not have to use it if you do not want it.

Also, why do fontconfig-infinality, fontconfig-ubuntu, fontconfig-ttf-ms-fonts all get special exception, while my package gets deleted?