Am I correct to assume that contributors only retain rights to their contributed code, not the code of the entire project under which the copyright applies? So, if someone wanted they could roll their code into another product, but not the whole code of pacman?

On 10/5/06, Aaron Griffin <> wrote:
On 10/5/06, VMiklos <> wrote:
> is it possible to share the copyright ownership? when i first
> contributed to, i had to sign the jca:
> quoting
> "Under the Joint Copyright Assignment, both Sun and the contributor
> retain full rights to use, modify, and redistribute the copyrighted
> work."

This is interesting.  This gives both parties full rights to the
source in question, if I'm not mistaken.  That is, Judd still has full
rights as if he were sole copyright holder, as does a contributor on
the code he contributed.  Is this a correct interpretation?

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