pacman-ng doesn't sound like a fair name. seems to imply that pacman is depreciated. Just my $0.02.

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> The patch is no longer valid.  Please provide a valid patch.

Sorry but I won't.

Quoting the current state of

,,Pacman-ng is a fork of the not-yet-released cvs version of the complete
rewrite of pacman by Aurelien Foret (the old monolithic pacman is
written by Judd Vinet).

So it provides a library interface to create realy frontends (not just
wrappers) to this great package management tool.

This fork has the following goals:

1) It provides a stable API.
2) It has a stable release in every 2 months (at least).
3) We _are_ interested in contributors' patches.

This is guaranteed as we already has a patch queue for almost a year
with the same goals, just finally we lost our motivation to submit
patches to the cvs.

Pacman has been forked because Aaron Griffin, the current "maintainer"
of pacman3:

1) requested to do so.
2) always says there will be a pre-release soon, but there isn't any for
   more than half of the year.
3) likes cosmetics changes even with changing the API so developing
   frontends are almost impossible.
4) regularly ignores contributors' patches, then after he did his own
   changes, then requires _you_ to port your patch to the changed api,
   so it really does not worth submitting patches to him.

We plan to pull functional changes from the cvs regularly. Till the
current destructive approach does not change, we do not plan to submit
patches to him. The queue is too long already, he has some stuff
already to merge. (Unfortunately probably he won't.)

Of course this does not means that we hate the other contributors of
pacman or Archlinux, we have a problem with the current "development"
model of pacman-cvs. We are interested in any co-operation if the
current approach changes.

The current patch queue can be found at:

The next release will have the "pacman-ng" name instead of the "pacman"
one, so that users won't be confused.

If you are interested in developing pacman-ng, please subscribe to the mailing list.''

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