I'd like to bring the following packages into extra in the near future and maintain them.. Please let me know if you have any objections

- smplayer / smplayer-themes - qt4 based frontend for mplayer <will move to testing first, of course)
- transmission - nice simple bittorrent client
- miro - very actively developed web tv viewer
- gspcav1 - webcam kernel module for many webcams out there.
- dvdbackup - only tool which seems to be able to copy exact uncompressed dvd structure without hassles
- showimg - very nice qt based image viewer, great for fullscreen slideshows with mouse wheel control

FYI, all these packages are in community now, and have received quite a good number of votes.

A question about 'pulseaudio' ... the trend seems to be some major distributions (Fedora and Ubuntu) are adopting pulseaudio as default sound server, any idea why? Its in community right now too. Is anyone using this as their sound server right now? Can you share your experiences with it ? If it is clearly superior to the alternatives, then it should be in extra too. If its still in its infancy, then let it remain in community. I'll test it too and get back

More info about pulseaudio: