do not import it to [extra] untill it is one pkg that works, but i'm
sure you will not anyway, since you use it yourself?

conditional +1 for this one: make it work for first. (i didn't try it
myself, dont have a dvd drive, maybe it _does_ work, but i heard 2
stories about how it fails building for x86_64 and segfaulting)

'handbrake-bin' is the binary straight from the website, I wont be using this.
'handbrakegtk' is the frontend for HandBrakeCLI, and its very unstable right now, so this won't go into extra too

'handbrake' itself is the package I'm looking at. Yes, I use it regularly and I've got it to build for x86_64 too, with minor changes to the PKGBUILD. When handbrakegtk becomes more stable I might move that too, but that will take a while I think.