I'll just leave the one I did when I was at CF here then :) https://cloudflaremirrors.com/archlinux

On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 8:46 PM Kristian Klausen via arch-mirrors <arch-mirrors@archlinux.org> wrote:
On 26.01.2020 17.19, Kristian Klausen via arch-mirrors wrote:
> Hi
> I'm considering setting up a Arch Linux mirror and I'm considering a
> different design.


I just got time to implement this and the setup looks like this:
Cloudflare -> Cloudflare Workers -> Backblaze B2 bucket <- Tier1 mirror

The files is synced from mirror.ams1.nl.leaseweb.net every hour to the
Backblaze B2 bucket and they are fetched from the bucket with the help
of a Cloudflare Workers script.
Cloudflare is configured to cache everything (size <=2GB*), database
files is cached for 5 minute everything else is cached for 24 hours.
* CF is sponsoring a plan with a higher limit than the 512MB default

I have done some quick testing, and time to first byte isn't impressive
(at least not when downloading from Europe), but the speed is acceptable
(80-100MB/s is achievable if the file is cached, and 8-12MB/s if not
(tested from Europe)).

To make it easier to implement, I took some shortcuts:
* Directory listing isn't implemented
* "latest" files isn't synced
* Only packages in "pool/" is synced, the package files in the different
repo isn't synced, but if you request a package
(\.pkg\.tar\.(xz|zst)(|.sig)$) it is automatic retrieved from the pool/
directory. This means that you can download ex Firefox from both:

I'm not sure if the shortcuts is acceptable, but it can be fixed if it
is a issue.

Also please note that: archive, other and sources isn't synced.

Feel free to try it out: https://archlinux.amirror.xyz/

Best regards
Kristian Klausen

> So instead of mirroring the whole thing, the idea is to mirror only
> the database files (core.db etc) and download the packages on demand
> from a Tier 1 mirror (and let nginx cache them). By doing it that way,
> I only download requested packages from the Tier 1 mirrors, instead of
> downloading the whole thing (saving Tier 1 bandwidth).
> To provide even better performance a CDN (ex: Cloudflare) could be
> used to provide more caching. So we end up with a setup like this:
> Cloudflare -> Nginx cache -> Tier1 mirrors (nginx with multiple upstream)
> Do I miss something? Is this a bad idea?
> If I do setup a mirror like that, is there any chance it could be
> added as a official mirror?
> Best regards
> Kristian Klausen