Andreas Radke wrote:
Now that the x86_64 port is official we want to make it as good as
ArchLinux (i686). You may have noticed that I'm doing most time a
one-man-job. And that's now too much work for one person to keep all
packages up to date in an acceptable time.

Great news: i686 devs and also TUs want to help us. They offer their
time to build the packages they maintain for a second time.

What we need: a build farm running several machines Arch64.

We will use pacbuild. The great distributed package building tool from
Xentac. Read here more about it: and

i686 package maintainers and TrustedUsers will get accounts to sent
pkgbuilds to the farm. The main server will send it further to a pc
running the local build daemon. The more pcs we have running Arch64 with
pacbuild daemon the lower the load will be.

Who can offer his pc for running the pacbuild daemon? What you need:
just a clean(!) Arch64 installation for correct linking. So there should
be only official packages from current/extra and later community on it.
A separate system would be nice but is not a must.

Don't be afraid. There's no need to have a ssh deamon running. The
system should be online most time. 24/7 up would be great.

I will also offer one or two systems. We will test the

It would be great to have more systems later running the build daemon so
the nice load would get much lower.

So who will join the packaging party?


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Excellent. I will install pacbuild when I get home. I'm behind a home firewall. Do I need to open any ports?