Hey everyone, not sure how this email list works, but what the hell, I want to share this.

Im the bassist of a metal band called Xoth. We are currently in pre-production, and im doing all of my bass tracks in Reaper on my Arch/i3 setup. I accidentally nuked my mac that I had used for the first two albums. I was a Logic Pro loyalist, but started getting sick of all the "bugs" that would occur. Like, not letting me practice over a track unless I had a midi instrument selected and armed to record. 

Anyways, so far so good. Its hella fast and Im having a good time recording in my rice. I'm just sending this out there to say hello and see if anyone has any tips for mixing with windows plugins. Any help or wisdom would be awesome.

Thanks for reading this, check out my band if youre into this type of thing. Maybe I know some of you already!


- Ben