Hey thanks for the replies! Sorry it took a minute to write back. So far so good, i nuked mint off of my t440s and did a fresh arch install. Now its like lightning. Attempting to get superior drummer working, will report back.

- BenĀ 

On Tue, Mar 14, 2023, 11:35 AM redtide <redtid3@gmail.com> wrote:
Il 10/03/23 20:52, Ben Bennett ha scritto:
> Hey everyone, not sure how this email list works, but what the hell, I
> want to share this.
> Im the bassist of a metal band called Xoth. We are currently in
> pre-production, and im doing all of my bass tracks in Reaper on my
> Arch/i3 setup. I accidentally nuked my mac that I had used for the
> first two albums. I was a Logic Pro loyalist, but started getting sick
> of all the "bugs" that would occur. Like, not letting me practice over
> a track unless I had a midi instrument selected and armed to record.
> Anyways, so far so good. Its hella fast and Im having a good time
> recording in my rice. I'm just sending this out there to say hello and
> see if anyone has any tips for mixing with windows plugins. Any help
> or wisdom would be awesome.
> Thanks for reading this, check out my band if youre into this type of
> thing. Maybe I know some of you already!
> https://xoth.bandcamp.com/album/interdimensional-invocations
> - Ben

Carla or Yabridge maybe?