Read the minutes now, was busy helping out at the openSUSE Asia Summit 2022 when this meeting was, will try to join again for the next meeting 12th October :) 

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# 2022-09-28 repod meeting

Date: 2022-09-28T17:00:00Z
Location: Jitsi
Scribe: brett

## Attendees

* alad
* artafinde
* brett
* dvzrv
* polyzen
* prawn
* torxed
* wCPO

## Agenda

### New features

* Writing to databases via transactions functionality added.
* Lots of work for error checking, such as:
     * architecture/target checking to help guard against pushing the
       wrong architecture into a repository
     * Pushing non-debug packages into debug repo
     * Pushing a version that's older than the current

* "Self-healing" when mistakes like that are made, i.e. corrects state
   when errors are encountered.

Testing against upstream repositories are a little tough right now since
there's no repod deployment, i.e. there's no repository yet.

### Source packages

Currently, source packages are created by some script somewhere and may
or may not be working as expected. repod will likely have functionality
that will create/push source packages as part of the build process. It
will need to do so based on license parsing. ([Issue

(Additionally, archweb doesn't appear to be exposing the source package download.)

### Reaching out to downstreams

Reaching out to downstreams led to several visitors in the meetings.

Kindly visited by Prawn from Kupfer Linux this time. We've unfortunately
yet to be visited again by some of those that have previously expressed
interest. It'd be good to somehow retain visitors so we get more
contributions and we can all get off the manual scripting hacks we all
individually write.

Downstreams to contact (again): Asahi Linux, Arch Linux ARM, Valve