I think this is a good idea. We could have "open", "closed" "wontfix" and "important" tags to help organize todo items.

- meskarune

---- On Sat, 18 Apr 2015 12:11:32 -0400 fsckd<fsckdaemon@gmail.com> wrote ----

Tags are used to organize to-do pages on the wiki. The current tags[1] are
a little confusing. I would like to rename two of them.

todo -> open
"todo" identifies open tasks. It would be clearer to just call it "open".

todo_issue -> todo
"todo_issue" identifies to-do pages. If "todo" gets renamed, this should
be renamed to "todo".

Also, I want to add a new tag:


This tag will identify tasks which are deemed important. What it says on
the tin. :-)

What do you folks think?


[1] https://archwomen.org/wiki/todo:start