Let's start a new thread about this:

On Jan 7, 2008 2:59 PM, JJDaNiMoTh <jjdanimoth@gmail.com> wrote:
On Sat, 5 Jan 2008 16:17:06 +0100
"Ronald van Haren" <pressh@gmail.com> wrote:

> Okay, I will sponsor Mateusz. This will start a five day discussion period.

I'm not again request of Mateusz (and your sponsorship).. but I want to
post this question: Can a fresh (very very fresh :D) TU sponsors
requests? I think yes, I don't read anything in bylaws. But.. is it
right? Because, I'm sure about the great work that you and Mateusz (if
he will be accepted as a TU) will done, but how about a 'testing
period'? I'm sure that all of us doesn't born learned ( uhm, english
language doesn't give the idea that italian does :P ) and that new TUs
need time to learn all TUs functions, starting from bugtracker to all
small thing never written but that we daily use.

All that I've written is in my honest opinion, and it is a comment
about the _future_ and not for present.

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I respect your opinion. I invite everyone to give his opinion on this and have an open minded discussion.

My 2 cents:
I certainly think it should be possible. In my opinion you are elected as a TU, and not a TU trainee. See it in this way.
If you get a new job it is also possible for you to propose changes. At your proposals should be looked upon in greater care (however it is always important to look at it with care), but you are allowed to propose things.
That is what in my opinion is exactly what should happen. We have a voting mechanism, every TU is allowed to vote (actually I think you should vote) yes, no, or abstain. So if you think someone should not make a good new TU, you should vote NO. It is that easy.

Like you say, you learn by doing things. Sponsoring someone is also doing something.