On 9/17/23 14:08, Polarian wrote:
You only flag out of date when there is a new version
If the flag is invalid, and an invalid orphan request is filed, it is
completely fine because the package maintainers (trusted users) will
*hopefully* realise and will decline the request.
Yes, hopefully.  Although that does seem like a waste of their time.
If they are your packages, and you are sure its an invalid flag, you
can simply click "unflag" and it will be "back up to date" without any
Luckily not my packages, people have been polite and used comments.
If you got bugs, they should be posted in comments, not flag out of
Agreed, I hope persons that are improperly using out-of-date flags see this thread and are reminded.

I have realised Kusoneko beat me to it, but
hey double the support doesn't hurt anyone :P