Please package AnonIp, a tool to anonymize IP addresses in log files.

This is a simple pur-Python application without any dependencies.


Anonip masks the last bits of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in log files.
That way most of the relevant information is preserved, while the IP
address does not match a particular individuum anymore.

Depending on your Web server, the log entries may be piped to Anonip
directly or via a FIFO (named pipe). Thus the unmasked IP addresses
will never be written to any file.

It's also possible to rewrite existing log files.

Anonip can also be uses as a Python module in your own Python

All remaining required information can be found in the .spec-file
<> or the Guix package definition


This software is used by quite some providers in Europe since anonymizing IP addresses
is a GDPR requirement. Thus I want to spread it, so even "small" web server owners can
use it easily.
Hartmut Goebel

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