It's one of the request types you may file from the AUR web site. Orphan, Merge, or Delete. Merge also asks for the name of the candidate to merge into.

On Mar 25, 2021, at 8:32 PM, Giuseppe Nebbione <> wrote:

I am sorry Sir, but I am not confident with the AUR, and am not able in these days to look up how to do this "merge".


On 26/03/21 04:30, Christopher Snowhill wrote:
As I said, it should be a merge request, so that requests to the old package get redirected.

On Thursday, Mar 25, 2021 at 7:54 PM, Giuseppe Nebbione <> wrote:

The package has been pushed under the name "kb" now, tested and works nicely. So we can delete python-kb.

On 26/03/21 03:52, Christopher Snowhill wrote:

On Thursday, Mar 25, 2021 at 7:47 PM, notify--- via aur-requests <> wrote:
gnebbia [1] filed a deletion request for python-kb [2]:

I request the deletion of this package for two reasons:
1) the package is out-of-date
2) More importantly this has changed name to "kb"
since it is not a python module, but more a program


Should still be a merge request, once the package has been edited and pushed to the correct name.