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Wed Jul 2 21:01:14 EDT 2008

You all may have noticed that we had a job opening posted here on the front page news. It took some time, but we got a grand total 42 applicants (wow). After we sifted through things, and counted (I had to use my fingers), we decided to bring on 7 new developers. I know many of you were hoping for this position, and just because you weren't chosen doesn't mean we didn't want you on board, there were a lot of factors at work here. For those of you who applied and weren't TUs, I'd recommend you try that route if you still want to contribute to Arch. For those of you who are TUs, keep doing what you're doing - you guys do some amazing work. So, without further ado, please give a warm welcome to: Ronald van Haren (pressh) Giovanni Scafora (voidnull) Alexander Fehr (pizzapunk) Douglas Soares de Andrade (dsa) Vesa Kaihlavirta (vegai) Don Stewart (dons) Hugo Doria (hdoria) Additionally, we brought on 3 other people in the past few weeks, who also need to be mentioned here: Allan McRae (Allan) Dusty Phillips (Dusty) François Charette (Firmicus) Well done guys, and welcome.

URL: http://archlinux.org/news/401/

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