[arch-announce] Hacklab.CL's Arch Linux Orphan's Day

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Sun Jan 31 14:01:06 EST 2010

Aaron Griffin wrote:

This weekend on January 23rd, [Hacklab.CL][1] is organizing an event called
[Arch Linux Orphan's Day][2]. This event will consist of talks and presentations
about Arch Linux packaging, covering the Packaging Guidelines, the AUR,
complementary tools, and much more. The event concludes with a review of the AUR
orphan packages and, hopefully, some new maintainers. This will happen at
["KernelHouse"][3] (Antonia lopez de bello 157-A), in Santiago de Chile.

   [1]: http://hacklab.cl

   [2]: http://wiki.hacklab.cl/index.php/Proyectos/Archlinux_Orphans_Day

   [3]: http://kernelhouse.org

URL: http://archlinux.org/news/479/

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