[arch-announce] libpng/libjpeg rebuilds move from [testing]

Recent News Updates: Ionuț Mircea Bîru announce at archlinux.org
Sun Jan 31 14:01:06 EST 2010

Ionuț Mircea Bîru wrote:

The new versions of libjpeg and libpng required a rebuild of all dependent
packages. The libjpeg/libpng rebuilds are now complete and are moving from
[testing] into the main repos. Due to the large number of rebuilds required,
packages will take a while to propagate to the mirrors. It is advisable to check
the state of your mirror before updating
([https://www.archlinux.de/?page=MirrorStatus][1]). Remember to check your
unofficial packages (AUR and third party repos) for required rebuilds.

   [1]: https://www.archlinux.de/?page=MirrorStatus

URL: http://archlinux.org/news/482/

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