[arch-commits] CVS update of extra/network/iplog (2.2.3-DLT_LINUX_SSL.patch PKGBUILD)

Thomas Baechler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Jul 27 15:15:47 UTC 2007

    Date: Friday, July 27, 2007 @ 11:15:47
  Author: thomas
    Path: /home/cvs-extra/extra/network/iplog

 Removed: 2.2.3-DLT_LINUX_SSL.patch (1.1) PKGBUILD (1.5)

project dead, moved to unsupported

 2.2.3-DLT_LINUX_SSL.patch |  136 --------------------------------------------
 PKGBUILD                  |   20 ------
 2 files changed, 156 deletions(-)

Index: extra/network/iplog/2.2.3-DLT_LINUX_SSL.patch
diff -u extra/network/iplog/2.2.3-DLT_LINUX_SSL.patch:1.1 extra/network/iplog/2.2.3-DLT_LINUX_SSL.patch:removed
--- extra/network/iplog/2.2.3-DLT_LINUX_SSL.patch:1.1	Thu Sep 28 08:10:57 2006
+++ extra/network/iplog/2.2.3-DLT_LINUX_SSL.patch	Fri Jul 27 11:15:47 2007
@@ -1,136 +0,0 @@
-diff -ruN iplog-2.2.3.orig/src/iplog_options.c iplog-2.2.3/src/iplog_options.c
---- iplog-2.2.3.orig/src/iplog_options.c	2001-01-01 17:02:14.000000000 +0100
-+++ iplog-2.2.3/src/iplog_options.c	2003-09-04 16:03:41.000000000 +0200
-@@ -440,58 +440,58 @@
- static void print_help(void) {
- 	mysyslog(
--"Usage: " PACKAGE " [options] (\"*\" Denotes enabled by default)
----user      or -u <user|UID>     Run as specified the user or UID.
----group     or -g <group|GID>    Run with specified the group or GID.
----logfile   or -l <file>         Log to <file>.
----pid-file  <file>               Use <file> as the pid file.
----ignore    or -d                Ignore DNS traffic from nameservers listed in
--                                 /etc/resolv.conf.
----interface or -i <if0,...,ifN>  Listen on the specified interface(s).
----promisc   or -a <network>      Log traffic to all hosts on <network>.
----kill      or -k                Kill iplog, if it is running.
----restart   or -R                Restart iplog, if it is running.
----no-fork   or -o                Run in the foreground.
----stdout    or -L                Log to stdout.
----help      or -h                This help screen.
----version   or -v                Print version information and exit.
----facility <facility>            Use the specified syslog facility.
----priority <priority>            Use the specified syslog priority.
----tcp[=true|false|toggle]                      %cLog TCP traffic.
----udp[=true|false|toggle]                      %cLog UDP traffic.
----icmp[=true|false|toggle]                     %cLog ICMP traffic.
----log-ip[=true|false|toggle]            or -w  %cLog IP along with hostname.
----log-dest[=true|false|toggle]          or -D  %cLog the destination of traffic.
----dns-cache[=true|false|toggle]         or -c  %cUse the built-in DNS cache.
----get-ident[=true|false|toggle]         or -e  %cGet ident info on connections
--                                                to listening ports.
----tcp-resolve[=true|false|toggle]       or -T  %cResolve IPs of TCP traffic.
----udp-resolve[=true|false|toggle]       or -U  %cResolve IPs of UDP traffic.
----icmp-resolve[=true|false|toggle]      or -I  %cResolve IPs of ICMP traffic.
----disable-resolver                      or -N  %cDo not resolve any IPs.
----verbose[=true|false|toggle]           or -V  %cBe verbose.
----fool-nmap[=true|false|toggle]         or -z  %cFool nmap's OS detection.
----scans-only[=true|false|toggle]        or -m  %cOnly log scans.
----detect-syn-flood[=true|false|toggle]  or -s  %cStop resolving IPs if a
--                                                SYN flood is detected.
----log-frag[=true|false|toggle]          or -y  %cLog fragment attacks.
----log-traceroute[=true|false|toggle]    or -t  %cLog traceroutes.
----log-ping-flood[=true|false|toggle]    or -P  %cLog ICMP ping floods.
----log-smurf[=true|false|toggle]         or -S  %cLog smurf attacks.
----log-bogus[=true|false|toggle]         or -b  %cLog bogus TCP flags.
----log-portscan[=true|false|toggle]      or -p  %cLog port scans.
----log-udp-scan[=true|false|toggle]      or -F  %cLog UDP scans/floods.
----log-fin-scan[=true|false|toggle]      or -f  %cLog FIN scans.
----log-syn-scan[=true|false|toggle]      or -q  %cLog SYN scans.
----log-xmas-scan[=true|false|toggle]     or -x  %cLog Xmas scans.
----log-null-scan[=true|false|toggle]     or -n  %cLog null scans.",
-+"Usage: %s [options] (\"*\" Denotes enabled by default)\n"
-+"--user      or -u <user|UID>     Run as specified the user or UID.\n"
-+"--group     or -g <group|GID>    Run with specified the group or GID.\n"
-+"--logfile   or -l <file>         Log to <file>.\n"
-+"--pid-file  <file>               Use <file> as the pid file.\n"
-+"--ignore    or -d                Ignore DNS traffic from nameservers listed in\n"
-+"                                 /etc/resolv.conf.\n"
-+"--interface or -i <if0,...,ifN>  Listen on the specified interface(s).\n"
-+"--promisc   or -a <network>      Log traffic to all hosts on <network>.\n"
-+"--kill      or -k                Kill iplog, if it is running.\n"
-+"--restart   or -R                Restart iplog, if it is running.\n"
-+"--no-fork   or -o                Run in the foreground.\n"
-+"--stdout    or -L                Log to stdout.\n"
-+"--help      or -h                This help screen.\n"
-+"--version   or -v                Print version information and exit.\n"
-+"--facility <facility>            Use the specified syslog facility.\n"
-+"--priority <priority>            Use the specified syslog priority.\n"
-+"--tcp[=true|false|toggle]                      %cLog TCP traffic.\n"
-+"--udp[=true|false|toggle]                      %cLog UDP traffic.\n"
-+"--icmp[=true|false|toggle]                     %cLog ICMP traffic.\n"
-+"--log-ip[=true|false|toggle]            or -w  %cLog IP along with hostname.\n"
-+"--log-dest[=true|false|toggle]          or -D  %cLog the destination of traffic.\n"
-+"--dns-cache[=true|false|toggle]         or -c  %cUse the built-in DNS cache.\n"
-+"--get-ident[=true|false|toggle]         or -e  %cGet ident info on connections\n"
-+"                                                to listening ports.\n"
-+"--tcp-resolve[=true|false|toggle]       or -T  %cResolve IPs of TCP traffic.\n"
-+"--udp-resolve[=true|false|toggle]       or -U  %cResolve IPs of UDP traffic.\n"
-+"--icmp-resolve[=true|false|toggle]      or -I  %cResolve IPs of ICMP traffic.\n"
-+"--disable-resolver                      or -N  %cDo not resolve any IPs.\n"
-+"--verbose[=true|false|toggle]           or -V  %cBe verbose.\n"
-+"--fool-nmap[=true|false|toggle]         or -z  %cFool nmap's OS detection.\n"
-+"--scans-only[=true|false|toggle]        or -m  %cOnly log scans.\n"
-+"--detect-syn-flood[=true|false|toggle]  or -s  %cStop resolving IPs if a\n"
-+"                                                SYN flood is detected.\n"
-+"--log-frag[=true|false|toggle]          or -y  %cLog fragment attacks.\n"
-+"--log-traceroute[=true|false|toggle]    or -t  %cLog traceroutes.\n"
-+"--log-ping-flood[=true|false|toggle]    or -P  %cLog ICMP ping floods.\n"
-+"--log-smurf[=true|false|toggle]         or -S  %cLog smurf attacks.\n"
-+"--log-bogus[=true|false|toggle]         or -b  %cLog bogus TCP flags.\n"
-+"--log-portscan[=true|false|toggle]      or -p  %cLog port scans.\n"
-+"--log-udp-scan[=true|false|toggle]      or -F  %cLog UDP scans/floods.\n"
-+"--log-fin-scan[=true|false|toggle]      or -f  %cLog FIN scans.\n"
-+"--log-syn-scan[=true|false|toggle]      or -q  %cLog SYN scans.\n"
-+"--log-xmas-scan[=true|false|toggle]     or -x  %cLog Xmas scans.\n"
-+"--log-null-scan[=true|false|toggle]     or -n  %cLog null scans.",
-diff -ruN iplog-2.2.3.orig/src/iplog_pcap.c iplog-2.2.3/src/iplog_pcap.c
---- iplog-2.2.3.orig/src/iplog_pcap.c	2001-01-01 17:02:14.000000000 +0100
-+++ iplog-2.2.3/src/iplog_pcap.c	2003-09-04 16:03:41.000000000 +0200
-@@ -189,8 +189,16 @@
- 		case DLT_PPP_BSDOS:
- 			dlt = 24;
- 			break;
--		case DLT_SLIP:
--			dlt = 16;
-+#ifdef DLT_FDDI
-+	        case DLT_FDDI:
-+	                dlt = 21;
-+	                break;
-+	        case DLT_SLIP:
-+#ifdef DLT_LINUX_SLL
-+	        case DLT_LINUX_SLL:
-+	                dlt = 16;
- 			break;
- 		case DLT_PPP:
- 		case DLT_NULL:
Index: extra/network/iplog/PKGBUILD
diff -u extra/network/iplog/PKGBUILD:1.5 extra/network/iplog/PKGBUILD:removed
--- extra/network/iplog/PKGBUILD:1.5	Sun Oct  1 03:08:05 2006
+++ extra/network/iplog/PKGBUILD	Fri Jul 27 11:15:47 2007
@@ -1,20 +0,0 @@
-# $Id: PKGBUILD,v 1.5 2006/10/01 07:08:05 ganja_guru Exp $
-# Maintainer: dorphell <dorphell at archlinux.org>
-# Contributor: Tom Newsom <Jeepster at gmx.co.uk>
-pkgdesc="iplog is a TCP/IP traffic logger"
-arch=(i686 x86_64)
-source=(http://heanet.dl.sourceforge.net/ojnk/$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz 2.2.3-DLT_LINUX_SSL.patch)
-build() {
-cd $startdir/src/$pkgname-$pkgver
-patch -Np1 -i ../2.2.3-DLT_LINUX_SSL.patch || return 1
-./configure --prefix=/usr
-make || return 1
-make prefix=$startdir/pkg/usr install
-md5sums=('de98dd64018ab10ebe36e481cf00b7db' '48e8dfa989139e578e0ce8c35a090e39')

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