[arch-commits] Commit in deluge/trunk (PKGBUILD)

Roman Kyrylych roman.kyrylych at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 15:10:02 EDT 2008


I've noticed you have updated deluge to the latest version
(that's cool, because I got an email from user asking for update :P),
but some changes cause questions from my side.

2008/8/29 Hugo Doria <hugo at archlinux.org>:
>    Date: Friday, August 29, 2008 @ 13:05:59
>  Author: hugo
> Revision: 10659
> upgpkg: deluge 0.9.08-1

> -license=('GPL')
> +license=('GPL2')

So, it is GPL v2 ONLY ? (wasn't able to find GPL version information
on their site)

> -depends=('pygtk' 'boost>=1.35.0' 'pyxdg' 'dbus-python' 'librsvg' 'desktop-file-utils'
> -         'hicolor-icon-theme')
> +depends=('pygtk' 'boost' 'pyxdg' 'dbus-python' 'librsvg' 'setuptools')

deluge.install still have this:
  update-desktop-database -q
  gtk-update-icon-cache -q -t -f usr/share/icons/hicolor
so removal of desktop-file-utils and hicolor-icon-theme is wrong.

> -makedepends=('intltool')
> +makedepends=('subversion' 'intltool')

Why subversion was added?

> +conflicts=('deluge')
> +provides=('deluge')

huh? I don't understand why did you add that.

> +sha1sums=('7c0ac9234301b826ace253a354b753a5ec552ae9')
while there is support for sha1/256/512, Arch uses md5 only.

Roman Kyrylych (Роман Кирилич)

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