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Christian Rebischke shibumi at archlinux.org
Thu Aug 8 15:22:44 UTC 2019

    Date: Thursday, August 8, 2019 @ 15:22:44
  Author: shibumi
Revision: 498358

archrelease: copy trunk to community-x86_64

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 CHANGELOG.md |  152 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 PKGBUILD     |   35 +++++++++++++
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Copied: gvmd/repos/community-x86_64/CHANGELOG.md (from rev 498357, gvmd/trunk/CHANGELOG.md)
--- community-x86_64/CHANGELOG.md	                        (rev 0)
+++ community-x86_64/CHANGELOG.md	2019-08-08 15:22:44 UTC (rev 498358)
@@ -0,0 +1,152 @@
+# Changelog
+All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
+The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](https://keepachangelog.com/en/1.0.0/).
+## [Unreleased]
+### Added
+- Added TLS certificates as a new resource type [#585](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/585) [#663](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/663)
+- Update NVTs via OSP [#392](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/392) [#609](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/609) [#626](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/626)
+- Handle addition of ID to NVT preferences. [#413](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/413)
+- Add setting 'OMP Slave Check Period' [#491](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/491)
+- Document switching between releases when using Postgres. [#563](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/563)
+- Cgreen based unit tests for gvmd has been added. [#579](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/579)
+- New usage_type property to distinguish normal scan tasks and configs from compliance audits and policies [#613](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/613) [#625](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/625) [#633](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/633)
+- Command cleanup-report-formats for --optimize option [#652](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/652)
+### Changed
+- Check if NVT preferences exist before inserting. [#406](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/406)
+- Raise minimum version for SQL functions. [#420](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/420)
+- Run OpenVAS scans via OSP instead of OTP. [#422](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/422) [#584](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/584) [#623](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/623) [#636](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/636)
+- Request nvti_cache update only at very end of NVT update. [#426](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/426)
+- Consolidate NVT references into unified "refs" element. [#427](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/427)
+- Update gvm-libs version requirements to v11.0. [#480](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/480)
+-Adjust to use new API for vt references. [#526](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/526)
+- Expect NVT sync script in bin directory. [#546](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/546)
+- Change internal handling of NVT XML to use nvti_t. [#562](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/562)
+- Change NVT references like CVEs and BID to general vt_refs. [#570](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/570) [#574](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/574) [#582](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/582)
+- Update Postgres to SQLite migration. [#581](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/581) [#601](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/601) [#604](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/604) [#605](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/605)
+- Update result diff generation at delta reports [#650](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/650)
+### Fixed
+- Fix iCalendar recurrence and timezone handling [#654](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/654)
+- Fix issues with some scheduled tasks by using iCalendar more instead of old period fields [#656](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/655)
+- Fix an issue in getting the reports from GMP scanners [#659](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/659) [#665](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/665)
+- Fix GET_SYSTEM_REPORTS using slave_id [#668](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/668)
+### Removed
+- The handling of NVT updates via OTP has been removed. [#575](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/575)
+- Bid and xref have been removed from table nvts. [#582](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/582)
+- Database migration from revisions before 185 has been removed. [#411](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/411) [#622](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/622)
+- Drop SQLite support [#610](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/610) [#612](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/612) [#614](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/614)
+- Remove create report task creation [#616](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/616)
+- Remove --backup command line option [#615](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/615)
+- Remove GET_REPORTS type "assets" [#617](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/617) [#620](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/620)
+- Remove errors for unknown elements [#619](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/619)
+[Unreleased]: https://github.com/greenbone/openvas/compare/gvmd-8.0...master
+## [8.0.1] (unreleased)
+### Added
+- Special characters in credential login names are allowed. [#475](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/475)
+- Add type filter column to GET_CONFIGS. [#486](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/486)
+- Filter settings for groups, scanners, tickets, users and vulnerabilities have been added. [#497](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/497)
+- Multiple certificate formats for S/MIME are allowed. [#551](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/551)
+### Changed
+- Functions config_in_use, trash_config_in_use and port_list_in_use
+returned a count instead of the expected 1 or 0. [#460](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/460)
+- The cache is rebuild for each chunk in CREATE_REPORT. [#469](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/469)
+- Hosts without HOST_START are added in CREATE_REPORT. [#479](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/479)
+- Use host details for login failure in ticket check. [#483](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/483)
+- In create_target() and modify_target() exclude_hosts is cleaned up to be in a consistent format like the included hosts are. [#488](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/488).
+- Check that roles exist earlier. [#493](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/493)
+- Anonymize more IPs and hostnames in Anonymous XML. [#496](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/496) [#535](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/535)
+- Ensure that authentication always works for Start Task alerts. [#515](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/515)
+- Get content type when emailing an attached report. [#517](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/517)
+- Allow vuln_iterator_opts_from_filter filter to be NULL. [#527](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/527)
+- Wrap PostgreSQL exclusive table lock in function to prevent error messages in the PostgreSQL log if the lock is not available. [#542](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/542)
+- Trim whole report when resuming slave scans [#549](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/549)
+- Documentation has been improved. [#569](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/569) [#567](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/567) [#588](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/588)
+- Update command line options in gvmd man page [#565](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/565)
+- Clean special option keywords in filters. [#571](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/571) [#578](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/578) [#576](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/576)
+- If the schedule of a task is available, GET_TASKS will always return the
+long schedule XML, not just if only the schedules are requested. [#500](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/500)
+- References to OpenVAS have been replaced with GSM [#529](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/529)
+- Buffer inserts when adding results from a slave [#641](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/641)
+### Fixed
+- Checks on 'type' in GET_FEEDS has been fixed. [#462](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/462)
+- An issue which caused a race condition using the WHERE NOT EXISTS SQL has been addressed. [#472](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/472)
+- A missing argument in check_tickets is added. [#477](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/477)
+- Add missing filter case to result_count. [#548](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/548)
+- Fix create_report cache update at end of results. [#490](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/490)
+- Fix permission checks for trash reports [#503](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/503)
+- Fix MODIFY_TAG and CREATE_TAG responses. [#520](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/520)
+- Fix MODIFY_TAG for all types when given a filter. [#523](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/523)
+- Fix email field validation in create_alert and modify_alert. [#534](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/534) [#545](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/545)
+- Fix --slave-commit-size option. [#555](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/555)
+- Fix TippingPoint error handling [#592] (https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/592)
+- Apply ignore_pagination in delta reports [#597](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/597)
+- Fix getting single unowned resources [#607](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/607)
+- Fix the "Host Authentications" section in PDF / LaTeX reports. [#640](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/640)
+### Removed
+- Remove -m SMB3 for smbclient in SMB alert, which allows changing the maximum protocol version via the smbclient config instead of forcing a particular one in the alert script. [#505](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/505)
+- Remove "slave" from valid_db_resource_type. [#558](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/558)
+[8.0.1]: https://github.com/greenbone/openvas/compare/v8.0.0...gvmd-8.0
+## [8.0.0] (2019-04-05)
+### Added
+- The new alert method "Alemba vFire" has been added.
+- The file extension from the report format will now be added by SMB alerts.
+- Handling of SSH private keys has been improved, allowing use of EC keys.
+- The `--modify-scanner` option now also accepts UNIX sockets.
+- Support for report content composition has been added.
+- Remediation support has been added (GMP CREATE_TICKET, GET_TICKETS, etc).
+- The --slave-commit-size option has been added, which can help prevent large updates from GMP scanners blocking the database for a long time.
+- Settings "Hosts Filter" and "Operating Systems Filter" have been added.
+- Performance of GET_REPORTS retrieving the results has been improved.
+- A section about deprecated GMP elements has been added to the documentation.
+- The Sourcefire alert now accepts a password credential for PKCS12 decryption.
+- A new password-only credential type has been added
+- Handling of failed/successful SNMP Authentication has been added to the HTML, LaTeX and PDF report formats.
+### Changed
+- GMP CREATE_ASSET, its GMP doc and usage by GSA are now more consistent.
+- The file path of SMB alerts can now be set to a directory, using the default report filename from the user's settings.
+- The tag "smb-alert:file_path" on tasks will override the file path of SMB alerts.
+- CREATE_TASK now requires a name.
+- TEST_ALERT now also works if NVTs are missing.
+- LSC errors are now logged as warnings.
+- Missing data in credentials no longer prevents slave tasks from starting. Instead the scan will start without the credential.
+- The GET_TASKS command now only returns the progress of individual hosts when details are requested.
+- The predefined "Discovery", "Host Discovery" and "System Discovery" now mark unreachable hosts as dead.
+- Users will automatically get read permission for themselves.
+- Updates of the NVTs will now ignore duplicate preferences instead of failing.
+- GET_REPORTS will only return Tags of results if requested with the new result_tags attribute.
+- Targets now use TCP-SYN without TCP-ACK when pinging hosts when configured to do so.
+- The source code and GMP documentation have been cleaned up.
+### Fixed
+- An issue with deleting users has been fixed.
+- An issue with GET_FEEDS returning the wrong feed types has been addressed.
+- Various other code cleanups and improvements.
+- Issues with the predefined report formats not handling hosts and hostnames correctly have been addressed.
+- An issue with incomplete NVT info after feed updates has been addressed.
+- MODIFY_SETTING now checks if text values can be decoded to valid UTF-8.
+- An issue with alert emails missing a line break has been addressed.
+- An issue preventing "Start Task" alerts from running has been fixed.
+### Removed
+- The option `--optimize remove-open-port-results` has been removed.
+- The compile-time LOG option has been removed.
+- Report format special case has been removed from send_get_common [#456](https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/456)
+[8.0.0]: https://github.com/greenbone/openvas/compare/v8.0+beta2...v8.0.0

Copied: gvmd/repos/community-x86_64/PKGBUILD (from rev 498357, gvmd/trunk/PKGBUILD)
--- community-x86_64/PKGBUILD	                        (rev 0)
+++ community-x86_64/PKGBUILD	2019-08-08 15:22:44 UTC (rev 498358)
@@ -0,0 +1,35 @@
+# Maintainer  : Christian Rebischke <chris.rebischke at archlinux.org>
+# Maintainer  : Levente Polyak <anthraxx[at]archlinux[dot]org>
+# Contributor : Daniel Micay <danielmicay at gmail.com>
+depends=('gvm-libs' 'libical' 'python3' 'sqlite3')
+makedepends=('cmake' 'doxygen' 'xmltoman')
+        "https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/releases/download/v${pkgver}/gvmd-${pkgver}.tar.gz.asc")
+            'SKIP')
+              '8AE4BE429B60A59B311C2E739823FAA60ED1E580' # GVM Transfer Integrity
+build() {
+  cd "${pkgname}-${pkgver}"
+  cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DSBINDIR=/usr/bin \
+  make
+package() {
+  cd "${pkgname}-${pkgver}"
+  make DESTDIR="${pkgdir}" install

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