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+## 1.4.3 (upcoming)
+**new builder** UCloud builder [GH-7775]
+**new post-processor** Exoscale Import post-processor [GH-7822]
+**new builder** Outscale [GH-7459]
+* build: Change Makefile to behave differently inside and outside the gopath
+    when generating code. [GH-7827]
+* builder/amazon: Don't calculate spot bids; Amazon has changed spot pricing to
+    no longer require this. [GH-7813]
+* builder/openstack: New `image_min_disk` option [GH-7290]
+* builder/openstack: New option `use_blockstorage_volume` to set openstack
+    image metadata [GH-7792]
+* builder/qemu: Implement VNC password functionality [GH-7836]
+* builder/tencent: Add `run_tags` to option to tag instance. [GH-7810]
+* builder/tencent: Remove unnecessary image name validation check. [GH-7786]
+* builder/tencent: Support data disks for tencentcloud builder [GH-7815]
+* builder/vmware: Fix intense CPU usage because of poorly handled errors.
+    [GH-7877]
+* communicator: Use context for timeouts, interruption in ssh and winrm
+    communicators [GH-7868]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: Modify file upload to handle non-root case.
+    [GH-7833]
+* builder/amazon: Allow EC2 Spot Fleet packer instances to run in parallel
+    [GH-7818]
+* builder/amazon: Fix failures and duplication in Amazon region copy and
+    encryption step. [GH-7870]
+* builder/amazon: No longer store names of volumes which get deleted on
+    termination inside ebssurrogate artifact. [GH-7829]
+* builder/digitalocean: increase timeout for Digital Ocean snapshot creation.
+    [GH-7841]
+* builder/docker: Fix file download hang caused by blocking ReadAll call
+    [GH-7814]
+* builder/google: Fix outdated oauth URL. [GH-7835]
+* builder/hyperv: Improve code for detecting IP address [GH-7880]
+* builder/vagrant: Fix bug where source_path was being used instead of box_name
+    when generating the Vagrantfile. [GH-7859]
+* builder/vmware: Fix validation regression that occurred when user provided a
+    checksum file [GH-7804]
+* buildere/azure: Fix crash with managed images not published to shared image
+    gallery. [GH-7837]
+* communicator/ssh: Move ssh_interface back into individual builders from ssh
+    communicator to prevent validation issues where it isn't implemented.
+    [GH-7831]
+* core: Fix bug in template parsing where function errors were getting
+    swallowed. [GH-7854]
+* core: Fix regression where a local filepath containing `//` was no longer
+    properly resolving to `/`. [GH-7888]
+* core: Fix regression where we could no longer access isos on SMB shares.
+    [GH-7800]
+* core: Make ssh_host template option always override all builders' IP
+    discovery. [GH-7832]
+* provisioner/inspec: Use --input-file instead of --attrs to avoid deprecation
+    warning [GH-7893]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: Make salt-masterless provisioner respect
+    disable_sudo directive for all commands [GH-7774]
+## 1.4.2 (June 26, 2019)
+* **new feature:** Packer console [GH-7726]
+* builder/alicloud: cleanup image and snapshot if target image is still not
+    available after timeout [GH-7744]
+* builder/alicloud: let product API determine the default value of io_optimized
+    [GH-7747]
+* builder/amazon: Add new `skip_save_build_region` option to fix naming
+    conflicts when building in a region you don't want the final image saved
+    in. [GH-7759]
+* builder/amazon: Add retry for temp key-pair generation in amazon-ebs
+    [GH-7731]
+* builder/amazon: Enable encrypted AMI sharing across accounts [GH-7707]
+* builder/amazon: New SpotInstanceTypes feature for spot instance users.
+    [GH-7682]
+* builder/azure: Allow users to publish Managed Images to Azure Shared Image
+    Gallery (same Subscription) [GH-7778]
+* builder/azure: Update Azure SDK for Go to v30.0.0 [GH-7706]
+* builder/cloudstack: Add tags to instance upon creation [GH-7526]
+* builder/docker: Better windows defaults [GH-7678]
+* builder/google: Add feature to import user-data from a file [GH-7720]
+* builder/hyperv: Abort build if there's a name collision [GH-7746]
+* builder/hyperv: Clarify pathing requirements for hyperv-vmcx [GH-7790]
+* builder/hyperv: Increase MaxRamSize to match modern Windows [GH-7785]
+* builder/openstack: Add image filtering on properties. [GH-7597]
+* builder/qemu: Add additional disk support [GH-7791]
+* builder/vagrant: Allow user to override vagrant ssh-config details [GH-7782]
+* builder/yandex: Gracefully shutdown instance, allow metadata from file, and
+    create preemptible instance type [GH-7734]
+* core: scrub out sensitive variables in scrub out sensitive variables logs
+    [GH-7743]
+* builder/alicloud: Fix describing snapshots issue when image_ignore_data_disks
+    is provided [GH-7736]
+* builder/amazon: Fix bug in region copy which produced badly-named AMIs in the
+    build region. [GH-7691]
+* builder/amazon: Fix failure that happened when spot_tags was set but ami_tags
+    wasn't [GH-7712]
+* builder/cloudstack: Update go-cloudstack sdk, fixing compatability with
+    CloudStack v 4.12 [GH-7694]
+* builder/proxmox: Update proxmox-api-go dependency, fixing issue calculating
+    VMIDs. [GH-7755]
+* builder/tencent: Correctly remove tencentcloud temporary keypair. [GH-7787]
+* core: Allow timestamped AND colorless ui messages [GH-7769]
+* core: Apply logSecretFilter to output from ui.Say [GH-7739]
+* core: Fix "make bin" command to use reasonbale defaults. [GH-7752]
+* core: Fix user var interpolation for variables set via -var-file and from
+    command line [GH-7733]
+* core: machine-readable UI now writes UI calls to logs. [GH-7745]
+* core: Switch makefile to use "GO111MODULE=auto" to allow for modern gomodule
+    usage. [GH-7753]
+* provisioner/ansible: prevent nil pointer dereference after a language change
+    [GH-7738]
+* provisioner/chef: Accept chef license by default to prevent hangs in latest
+    Chef [GH-7653]
+* provisioner/powershell: Fix crash caused by error in retry logic check in
+    powershell provisioner [GH-7657]
+* provisioner/powershell: Fix null file descriptor error that occurred when
+    remote_path provided is a directory and not a file. [GH-7705]
+## 1.4.1 (May 15, 2019)
+* **new builder:** new proxmox builder implemented [GH-7490]
+* **new builder:** new yandex cloud builder implemented [GH-7484]
+* **new builder:** new linode builder implemented [GH-7508]
+* build: Circle CI now generates test binaries for all pull requests [GH-7624]
+    [GH-7625] [GH-7630]
+* builder/alicloud: Support encryption with default service key [GH-7574]
+* builder/amazon: Users of chroot and ebssurrogate builders may now choose
+    between "x86_64" and "arm64" architectures when registering their AMIs.
+    [GH-7620]
+* builder/amazon: Users of the ebssurrogage builder may now choose to omit
+    certain launch_block_devices from the final AMI mapping by using the
+    omit_from_artifact feature. [GH-7612]
+* builder/azure: Update Azure SDK [GH-7563]
+* builder/docker: Better error messaging with container downloads. [GH-7513]
+* builder/google: add image encryption support [GH-7551]
+* builder/hyperv: Add keep_registered option to hyperv [GH-7498]
+* builder/qemu: Replace dot-based parsing with hashicorp/go-version [GH-7614]
+* builder/vmware: Add 30 minute timeout for destroying a VM [GH-7553]
+* core: Cleanup cache of used port after closing [GH-7613]
+* core: New option to set number of builds running in parallel & test
+    BuildCommand more [GH-7501]
+* packer compiles on s390x [GH-7567]
+* provisioner/file: Added warnings about writeable locations [GH-7494]
+* builder/amazon: Fix bug that always encrypted build region with default key.
+    [GH-7507]
+* builder/amazon: Fix bug that wasn't deleting unencrypted temporary snapshots
+    [GH-7521]
+* builder/amazon: Fix EBSsurrogate copy, encryption, and deletion of temporary
+    unencrypted amis. [GH-7598]
+* builder/hyperv: Fixes IP detection error if more than one VMNetworkAdapter is
+    found [GH-7480]
+* builder/qemu: Fix mistake switching ssh port mix/max for vnc port min/max
+    [GH-7615]
+* builder/vagrant: Fix bug with builder and vagrant-libvirt plugin [GH-7633]
+* builder/virtualbox: Don't fail download when checksum is not set. [GH-7512]
+* builder/virtualbox: Fix ovf download failures by using local ovf files in
+    place instead of symlinking [GH-7497]
+* builder/vmware: Fix panic configuring VNC for remote builds [GH-7509]
+* core/build: Allow building Packer on solaris by removing progress bar and tty
+    imports on solaris [GH-7618]
+* core: Fix race condition causing hang [GH-7579]
+* core: Fix tty related panics [GH-7517]
+* core: Step download: Always copy local files on windows rather than
+    symlinking them [GH-7575]
+* packer compiles on Solaris again [GH-7589] [GH-7618]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Fix bug in retry logic that caused failed upload to
+    report success. [GH-7554]
+## 1.4.0 (April 11, 2019)
+* builder/alicloud: Improve error message for conflicting images name [GH-7415]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: Allow users to specify custom block device mapping
+    [GH-7370]
+* builder/ansible: Documentation fix explaining how to use ansible 2.7 + winrm
+    [GH-7461]
+* builder/azure-arm: specify zone resilient image from config [GH-7211]
+* builder/docker: Add support for windows containers [GH-7444]
+* builder/openstack: Allow both ports and networks in openstack builder
+    [GH-7451]
+* builder/openstack: Expose force_delete for openstack builder [GH-7395]
+* builder/OpenStack: Support Application Credential Authentication [GH-7300]
+* builder/virtualbox: Add validation for 'none' communicator. [GH-7419]
+* builder/virtualbox: create ephemeral SSH key pair for build process [GH-7287]
+* core: Add functionality to marshal a Template to valid Packer JSON [GH-7339]
+* core: Allow user variables to be interpreted within the variables section
+    [GH-7390]
+* core: Incorporate the go-getter to handle downloads [GH-6999]
+* core: Lock Packer VNC ports using a lock file to prevent collisions [GH-7422]
+* core: Print VerifyChecksum log for the download as ui.Message output
+    [GH-7387]
+* core: Users can now set provisioner timeouts [GH-7466]
+* core: Switch to using go mod for managing dependencies [GH-7270]
+* core: Select a new VNC port if initial port is busy [GH-7423]
+* post-processor/googlecompute-export: Set network project id to builder
+    [GH-7359]
+* post-processor/vagrant-cloud: support for the vagrant builder [GH-7397]
+* post-processor/Vagrant: Option to ignore SSL verification when using on-
+    premise vagrant cloud [GH-7377]
+* postprocessor/amazon-import: Support S3 and AMI encryption. [GH-7396]
+* provisioner/shell provisioner/windows-shell: allow to specify valid exit
+    codes [GH-7385]
+* core: Filter sensitive variables out of the ui as well as the logs
+    [GH-7462]
+* builder/alibaba: Update to latest Alibaba Cloud official image to fix
+    acceptance tests [GH-7375]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: Fix building PV images and where mount_partition is
+    set [GH-7337]
+* builder/amazon: Fix http_proxy env var regression [GH-7361]
+* builder/azure: Fix: Power off before taking snapshot (windows) [GH-7464]
+* builder/hcloud: Fix usage of freebsd64 rescue image [GH-7381]
+* builder/vagrant: windows : fix docs and usage [GH-7416] [GH-7417]
+* builder/vmware-esxi: properly copy .vmxf files in remote vmx builds [GH-7357]
+* core: fix bug where Packer didn't pause in debug on certain linux platforms.
+    [GH-7352]
+* builder/amazon: Fix bug copying encrypted images between regions [GH-7342]
+* builder/amazon: Change `temporary_security_group_source_cidr` to
+    `temporary_security_group_source_cidrs` and allow it to accept a list of
+    strings. [GH-7450]
+* builder/amazon: If users do not pass any encrypt setting, retain any initial
+    encryption setting of the AMI. [GH-6787]
+* builder/docker: Update docker's default config to use /bin/sh instead of
+    /bin/bash [GH-7106]
+* builder/hyperv: Change option names cpu->cpus and ram_size->memory to bring
+    naming in line with vmware and virtualbox builders [GH-7447]
+* builder/oracle-classic: Remove default ssh_username from oracle classic
+    builder, but add note to docs with oracle's default user. [GH-7446]
+* builder/scaleway: Renamed attribute api_access_key to organization_id.
+    [GH-6983]
+* Change clean_image name and clean_ami_name to a more general clean_resource
+    name for Googlecompute, Azure, and AWS builders. [GH-7456]
+* core/post-processors: Change interface for post-processors to allow an
+    overridable default for keeping input artifacts. [GH-7463]
+## 1.3.5 (February 28, 2019)
+* builder/alicloud: Update aliyun sdk to support eu-west-1 region [GH-7338]
+* builder/amazon: AWS users can now use the Vault AWS engine to generate
+    temporary credentials. [GH-7282]
+* builder/azure: IMDS to get subscription for Azure MSI [GH-7332]
+* builder/openstack: Replaced deprecated compute/ api with imageservice/
+    [GH-7038]
+* builder/virtualbox: New "guest_additions_interface" option to enable
+    attaching via a SATA interface. [GH-7298]
+* builder/vmware: Add `cores` option for specifying the number of cores per
+    socket. [GH-7191]
+* bulder/openstac: Deprecated compute/v2/images API [GH-7268]
+* core: Add validation check to help folks who swap their iso_path and
+    checksum_path [GH-7311]
+* fixer/amazon: Make the amazon-private-ip fixer errors more visible [GH-7336]
+* post-processor/googlecompute-export: Extend auth for the GCE-post-processors
+    to act like the GCE builder. [GH-7222]
+* post-processor/googlecompute-import: Extend auth for the GCE-post-processors
+    to act like the GCE builder. [GH-7222]
+* post-processor/manifest: Add "custom_data" key to packer manifest post-
+    processor [GH-7248]
+* builder/amazon: Fix support for aws-us-gov [GH-7347]
+* builder/amazon: Move snapshot deletion to cleanup phase. [GH-7343]
+* builder/azure: Fixed Azure interactive authentication [GH-7276]
+* builder/cloudstack: Updated sdk version; can now use ostype name in
+    template_os option.  [GH-7264]
+* builder/google: Change metadata url to use a FQDN fixing bug stemming from
+    differing DNS/search domains. [GH-7260]
+* builder/hyper-v: Fix integer overflows in 32-bit builds [GH-7251]
+* builder/hyper-v: Fix regression where we improperly handled spaces in switch
+    names [GH-7266]
+* builder/openstack: Pass context So we know to cancel during WaitForImage
+    [GH-7341]
+* builder/vmware-esxi: Strip \r\n whitespace from end of names of
+    files stored on esxi. [GH-7310]
+* builder/vmware: Add "--noSSLVerify" to args in ovftool Validation [GH-7314]
+* core: clean up Makefile [GH-7254][GH-7265]
+* core: Fixes mismatches in checksums for dependencies for Go 1.11.4+ [GH-7261]
+* core: make sure 'only' option is completely ignored by post-processors
+    [GH-7262]
+* core: name a post-processor to its type when it is not named [GH-7330]
+* provisioner/salt: Force powershell to overwrite duplicate files [GH-7281]
+### Features:
+* **new builder** `vagrant` allows users to call vagrant to provision starting
+    from vagrant boxes and save them as new vagrant boxes. [GH-7221]
+* **new builder:** `hyperone` for building new images on HyperOne Platform on
+    top of existing image or from the scratch with the use of chroot. [GH-7294]
+* **new post-processor** `digitalocean-import`Add digitalocean-import post-
+    processor. [GH-7060]
+* **new provisioner**`inspec` Added inspec.io provisioner [GH-7180]
+* communicator: Add configurable pause after communicator can connect but
+    before it performs provisioning tasks [GH-7317] [GH-7351]
+## 1.3.4 (January 30, 2019)
+* builder/alicloud: delete copied image and snapshots if corresponding options
+    are specified [GH-7050]
+* builder/amazon: allow to interpolate more variables [GH-7059]
+* builder/amazon: Check that the KMS key ID is valid [GH-7090]
+* builder/amazon: Clean up logging for aws waiters so that it only runs once
+    per builder [GH-7080]
+* builder/amazon: don't Cleanup Temp Keys when there is no communicator to
+    avoid a panic [GH-7100] [GH-7095]
+* builder/amazon: Don't try to guess region from metadata if not set & update
+    aws-sdk-go [GH-7230]
+* builder/amazon: Import error messages should now contain reason for failure
+    [GH-7207]
+* builder/azure: add certificate authentication [GH-7189]
+* builder/azure: allow to configure disk caching [GH-7061]
+* builder/azure: use deallocate instead of just power-off [GH-7203]
+* builder/hyperv: Add support for legacy network adapters on Hyper-V. [GH-7128]
+* builder/hyperv: Allow user to set `version` option in the New-VM command.
+    [GH-7136]
+* builder/openstack: Add `volume_size` option [GH-7130]
+* builder/openstack: Don't require network v2 [GH-6933]
+* builder/openstack: Support for tagging new images [GH-7037]
+* builder/qemu: Add configuration options to specify cpu count and memory size
+    [GH-7156]
+* builder/qemu: Add support for whpx accelerator to qemu builder [GH-7151]
+* builder/vmware: Escape query as suggested in issue #7200 [GH-7223]
+* core/shell: Add env vars "PACKER_HTTP_IP" and "PACKER_HTTP_PORT" to shell
+    provisioners [GH-7075]
+* core: allow to use `-except` on post-processors [GH-7183]
+* core: Clean up internal handling and creation of temporary directories
+    [GH-7102]
+* core: Deprecate mitchellh/go-homedir package in favor of os/user [GH-7062]
+* core: Download checksum match failures will now log the received checksum.
+    [GH-7210]
+* core: Explicitly set ProxyFromEnvironment in httpclients when creating an aws
+    session [GH-7226]
+* core: make packer inspect not print sensitive variables [GH-7084]
+* post-processor/google: Add new `guest-os-features` option. [GH-7218]
+* postprocessor/docker-import: Added `change` support [GH-7127]
+* provisioner/ansible-remote: add `-o IdentitiesOnly=yes`as a default flag
+    [GH-7115]
+* provisioner/chef-client: Elevated support for chef-client provisioner
+    [GH-7078]
+* provisioner/puppet: Elevated support for puppet-* provisioner [GH-7078]
+* provisioner/windows-restart: wait for already-scheduled reboot [GH-7056] and
+    ignore reboot specific errors [GH-7071]
+* builder/azure: Ensure the Windows Guest Agent is fully functional before
+    Sysprep is executed. [GH-7176]
+* builder/azure: Fix snapshot regression [GH-7111]
+* builder/docker: Ensure that entrypoint and arguments get passed to docker,
+    not the image. [GH-7091]
+* builder/hcloud: fix go mod dependency [GH-7099]
+* builder/hcloud: prevent panic when ssh key was not passed [GH-7118]
+* builder/hyperv: Fix the Hyper-V gen 1 guest boot order. [GH-7147]
+* builder/hyperv: hyper-v builder no longer ignores `ssh_host` option.
+    [GH-7154]
+* builder/oracle-oci: Fix crash that occurs when image is nil [GH-7126]
+* builder/parallels: Fix attaching prl tools [GH-7158]
+* builder/virtualbox: Fix handling of portcount argument for version 6 beta
+    [GH-7174] [GH-7094]
+* builder/vmware: Fix bug caused by 'nil' dir field in artifact struct when
+    building locally [GH-7116]
+* communicator/docker: Fix docker file provisioner on Windows [GH-7163]
+* core: prioritize AppData over default user directory ( UserProfile )
+    [GH-7166]
+* core: removed a flaky race condition in tests [GH-7119]
+* postprocessor/vsphere: Stop setting HDDOrder, since it was breaking uploads
+    [GH-7108]
+## 1.3.3 (December 5, 2018)
+* builder/alicloud: Add options for system disk properties [GH-6939]
+* builder/alicloud: Apply tags to relevant snapshots [GH-7040]
+* builder/alicloud: Support creating image without data disks [GH-7022]
+* builder/amazon: Add option for skipping TLS verification [GH-6842]
+* builder/azure: Add options for Managed Image OS Disk and Data Disk snapshots
+    [GH-6980]
+* builder/hcloud: Add `snapshot_labels` option to hcloud builder [GH-7046]
+* builder/hcloud: Add ssh_keys config to hcloud builder [GH-7028]
+* builder/hcloud: Update hcloud-go version and support builds using rescue mode
+    [GH-7034]
+* builder/oracle: Parameterized volume size support for Oracle classic builder
+    [GH-6918]
+* builder/parallels: Add configuration options to parallels builder to specify
+    cpu count and memory size [GH-7018]
+* builder/virtualbox: Add configuration options to virtualbox builder to
+    specify cpu count and memory size [GH-7017]
+* builder/virtualbox: expose the VBoxManage export --iso option [GH-5950]
+* builder/vmware: Add configuration options to vmware builder to specify cpu
+    count and memory size [GH-7019]
+* builder/vmware: Add new display_name template option [GH-6984]
+* builder/vmware: Extend vmware-vmx builder to allow esxi builds. [GH-4591]
+    [GH-6927]
+* builder/vmware: Validate username/password for ovftool during prepare.
+    [GH-6977]
+* builder/vmware: Warn users if their vmx_data overrides data that Packer uses
+    the template engine to set in its default vmx template. [GH-6987]
+* communicator/ssh: Expand user path for SSH private key [GH-6946]
+* core: Add a sed template engine [GH-6580]
+* core: More explicit error message in rpc/ui.go [GH-6981]
+* core: Replaced unsafe method of determining homedir with os/user
+    implementation [GH-7036]
+* core: Update vagrantfile's go version. [GH-6841]
+* post-processor/amazon-import: Support ova, raw, vmdk, and vhdx formats in the
+    amazon-import post-processor. [GH-6938]
+* post-processor/vsphere-template: Add option to snapshot vm before marking as
+    template [GH-6969]
+* provisioner/breakpoint: Add a new breakpoint provisioner. [GH-7058]
+* provisioner/powershell: Allow Powershell provisioner to use service accounts
+    [GH-6972]
+* provisioner/shell: Add PauseAfter option to shell provisioner [GH-6913]
+* builder/amazon: Better error handling of region/credential guessing from
+    metadata [GH-6931]
+* builder/amazon: move region validation to run so that we don't break
+    validation when no credentials are set [GH-7032]
+* builder/hyperv: Remove -Copy:$false when calling Hyper-V\Compare-VM
+    compatability report [GH-7030]
+* builder/qemu: Do not set detect-zeroes option when we want it "off" [GH-7064]
+* builder/vmware-esxi: Create export directories for vmx and ovf file types
+    [GH-6985]
+* builder/vmware: Correctly parse version for VMware Fusion Tech Preview
+    [GH-7016]
+* builder/vmware: Escape vSphere username when putting it into the export call
+    [GH-6962]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Add "hvf" as a libvirt driver [GH-6955]
+* provisioner/ansible: inventory is no longer set to inventory_directory
+    [GH-7065]
+## 1.3.2 (October 29, 2018)
+* builder/alicloud: Add new `disable_stop_instance` option. [GH-6764]
+* builder/alicloud: Support adding tags to image. [GH-6719]
+* builder/alicloud: Support ssh with private ip address. [GH-6688]
+* builder/amazon: Add support to explicitly control ENA support [GH-6872]
+* builder/amazon: Add suppport for `vpc_filter`, `subnet_filter`, and
+    `security_group_filter`. [GH-6374]
+* builder/amazon: Add validation for required `device_name` parameter in
+    `block_device_mappings`. [GH-6845]
+* builder/amazon: Clean up security group wait code. [GH-6843]
+* builder/amazon: Update aws-sdk-go to v1.15.54, adding support for
+    `credential_source`. [GH-6849]
+* builder/amazon: Use DescribeRegions for aws region validation. [GH-6512],
+    [GH-6904]
+* builder/azure: Add new `shared_image_gallery` option. [GH-6798]
+* builder/googlecompute: Return an error if `startup_script_file` is specified,
+    but file does not exist. [GH-6848]
+* builder/hcloud: Add Hetzner Cloud builder. [GH-6871]
+* builder/openstack: Add new `disk_format` option. [GH-6702]
+* builder/openstack: Fix bug where `source_image_name` wasn't being used to
+    properly find a UUID. [GH-6751]
+* builder/openstack: Wait for volume availability when cleaning up [GH-6703]
+* builder/qemu: Add `disk_detect_zeroes` option. [GH-6827]
+* builder/scaleway: Add `boottype` parameter to config. [GH-6772]
+* builder/scaleway: Update scaleway-cli vendor. [GH-6771]
+* core: New option to add timestamps to UI output. [GH-6784]
+* post-processor/vagrant-cloud: Validate vagrant cloud auth token doing an auth
+    request [GH-6914]
+* provisioner/file: Improve error messaging when file destination is a
+    directory with no trailing slash. [GH-6756]
+* provisioner/powershell: Provide better error when Packer can't find
+    Powershell executable. [GH-6817]
+* provisioner/shell-local: Add ability to specify OSs where shell-local can run
+    [GH-6878]
+* builder/alicloud: Fix ssh configuration pointer issues that could cause a bug
+    [GH-6720]
+* builder/alicloud: Fix type error in step_create_tags [GH-6763]
+* builder/amazon: Error validating credentials is no longer obscured by a
+    region validation error. and some region validation refactors and
+    improvements [GH-6865]
+* builder/amazon: Fix error calculating defaults in AWS waiters. [GH-6727]
+* builder/amazon: Increase default wait for image import to one hour. [GH-6818]
+* builder/amazon: Waiter now fails rather than hanging for extra time when an
+    image import fails. [GH-6747]
+* builder/azure: Updated Azure/go-ntlmssp dependency to resolve an issue with
+    the winrm communicator not connecting to Windows machines requiring NTLMv2
+    session security
+* builder/digitalocean: Fix ssh configuration pointer issues that could cause a
+    panic [GH-6729]
+* builder/hyperv/vmcx: Allow to set generation from buildfile [GH-6909]
+* builder/scaleway: Fix issues with ssh keys. [GH-6768]
+* core: Fix error where logging was always enabled when Packer was run from
+    inside Terraform. [GH-6758]
+* core: Fix issue with with names containing spaces in ESX5Driver and in ssh
+    communicator [GH-6891], [GH-6823]
+* core: Fix logger so it doesn't accidentally try to format unescaped strings.
+    [GH-6824]
+* core: Fix race conditions in progress bar code [GH-6858], [GH-6788],
+    [GH-6851]
+* core: Fix various places in multiple builders where config was not being
+    passed as a pointer. [GH-6739]
+* post-processor/manifest: No longer provides an empty ID string for Azure's
+    managed image artifact [GH-6822]
+* provisioner/powershell: Fix a bug in the way we set the ProgressPreference
+    variable in the default `execute_command` [GH-6838]
+* provisioner/windows-restart: Fix extraneous break which forced early exit
+    from our wait loop. [GH-6792]
+## 1.3.1 (September 13, 2018)
+* builder/amazon: automatically decode encoded authorization messages if
+    possible [GH-5415]
+* builder:amazon: Optional cleanup of the authorized keys file [GH-6713]
+* builder/qemu: Fixed bug where a -device in the qemuargs would override the default network settings, resulting in no network [GH-6807]
+* builder/amazon: fix bugs relating to spot instances provisioning [GH-6697]
+    [GH-6693]
+* builder/openstack: fix ssh keypair not attached [GH-6701]
+* core: progressbar: fix deadlock locking builds afer first display [GH-6698]
+## 1.3.0 (September 11, 2018)
+* azure/arm: Retry cleanup of individual resources on error [GH-6644]
+* builder/alicloud: Support source image coming from marketplace [GH-6588]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: Add new `root_volume_type` option. [GH-6669]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: If you have a PV source AMI, with the Amazon Chroot
+    builder, and the destination AMI is type HVM, you can now enable
+    ena_support, example: [GH-6670]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: New feature `root_volume_tags` to tag the created
+    volumes. [GH-6504]
+* builder/amazon: Create a random interim AMI name when encrypt_boot is true so
+    that ami name is not searchable. [GH-6657]
+* builder/azure: Implement clean_image_name template engine. [GH-6558]
+* builder/cloudstack: Add option to use a fixed port via public_port. [GH-6532]
+* builder/digitalocean: Add support for tagging to instances [GH-6546]
+* builder/googlecompute: Add new `min_cpu_platform` feature [GH-6607]
+* builder/googlecompute: Update the list of public image projects that we
+    search, based on GCE documentation. [GH-6648]
+* builder/lxc: Allow unplivileged LXC containers. [GH-6279]
+* builder/oci: Add `metadata` feature to Packer config. [GH-6498]
+* builder/openstack: Add support for getting config from clouds-public.yaml.
+    [GH-6595]
+* builder/openstack: Add support for ports. [GH-6570]
+* builder/openstack: Add support for source_image_filter. [GH-6490]
+* builder/openstack: Migrate floating IP usage to Network v2 API from Compute
+    API. [GH-6373]
+* builder/openstack: Support Block Storage volumes as boot volume. [GH-6596]
+* builder/oracle-oci: Add support for freeform tagging of OCI images [GH-6338]
+* builder/qemu: add ssh agent support. [GH-6541]
+* builder/qemu: New `use_backing_file` feature [GH-6249]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Add support for disk compaction [GH-6411]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Try to use ISO files uploaded to the datastore when
+    building remotely instead of uploading them freshly every time [GH-5165]
+* command/validate: Warn users if config needs fixing. [GH-6423]
+* core: Add a 'split' function to parse template variables. [GH-6357]
+* core: Add a template function allowing users to read keys from consul
+    [GH-6577]
+* core: Add a template function allowing users to read keys from vault
+    [GH-6533]
+* core: Add progress-bar to download step. [GH-5851]
+* core: Create a new root-level Packer template option, "sensitive-variables"
+    which allows users to list which variables they would like to have scrubbed
+    from the Packer logs. [GH-6610]
+* core: Create new config options, "boot_keygroup_interval" and
+    "boot_key_interval" that can be set at the builder-level to supercede
+    PACKER_KEY_INTERVAL for the bootcommand. [GH-6616]
+* core: Deduplicate ui and log lines that stream to terminal [GH-6611]
+* core: Refactor and deduplicate ssh code across builders. This should be a no-
+    op but is a big win for maintainability. [GH-6621] [GH-6613]
+* post-processor/compress: Add support for xz compression [GH-6534]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Support for Docker images. [GH-6494]
+* post-processor/vsphere: Add new `esxi_host` option. [GH-5366]
+* postprocessor/vagrant: Add support for Azure. [GH-6576]
+* provisioner/ansible: Add new "extra var", packer_http_addr. [GH-6501]
+* provisioner/ansible: Enable {{.WinRMPassword}} template engine. [GH-6450]
+* provisioner/shell-local: Create PACKER_HTTP_ADDR environment variable
+    [GH-6503]
+* builder/amazon-ebssurrogate: Clean up volumes at end of build. [GH-6514]
+* builder/amazon: Increase default waiter timeout for AWS
+    WaitUntilImageAvailable command [GH-6601]
+* builder/amazon: Increase the MaxRetries in the Amazon client from the default
+    to 20, to work around users who regularly reach their requestlimit and are
+    being throttled. [GH-6641]
+* builder/amazon: Properly apply environment overrides to our custom-written
+    waiters. [GH-6649]
+* builder/azure: Generated password satisfies Azure password requirements
+    [GH-6480]
+* builder/hyper-v: Buider no longer errors if skip_compaction isn't true when
+    skip_export is true, and compaction efficiency is improved [GH-6393]
+* builder/lxc: Correctly pass "config" option to "lxc launch". [GH-6563]
+* builder/lxc: Determine lxc root according to the running user [GH-6543]
+* builder/lxc: Fix file copying for unprivileged LXC containers [GH-6544]
+* builder/oracle-oci: Update OCI sdk, fixing validation bug that occurred when
+    RSA key was encrypted. [GH-6492]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Fix crash caused by invalid datacenter url. [GH-6529]
+* builder/vmware: Maintain original boot order during CreateVMX step for
+    vmware-iso builder [GH-6204]
+* communicator/chroot: Fix quote escaping so that ansible provisioner works
+    properly. [GH-6635]
+* core: Better error handling in downloader when connection error occurs.
+    [GH-6557]
+* core: Fix broken pathing checks in checksum files. [GH-6525]
+* provisioner/shell Create new template option allowing users to choose to
+    source env vars from a file rather than declaring them inline. This
+    resolves a bug that occurred when users had complex quoting in their
+    `execute_command`s [GH-6636]
+* provisioner/shell-local: Windows inline scripts now default to being appended
+    with ".cmd", fixing a backwards incompatibility in v1.2.5 [GH-6626]
+* provisioner/windows-restart: Provisioner now works when used in conjuction
+    with SSH communicator [GH-6606]
+* builder/amazon: "owners" field on source_ami_filter is now required for
+    secuirty reasons. [GH-6585]
+* builder/vmware-iso: validation will fail for templates using esxi that have the "disk_type_id" set to something other than "thin" or "" and that do not have "skip_compaction": true also set. Use `packer fix` to fix this. [GH-6411]
+## 1.2.5 (July 16, 2018)
+* builder/alickoud: Fix issue where internet_max_bandwidth_out template option
+    was not being passed to builder. [GH-6416]
+* builder/alicloud: Fix an issue with VPC cleanup. [GH-6418]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: Fix communicator bug that broke chroot builds.
+    [GH-6363]
+* builder/amazon: Replace packer's waiters with those from the AWS sdk, solving
+    several timeout bugs. [GH-6332]
+* builder/azure: update azure-sdk-for-go, fixing 32-bit build errors. [GH-6479]
+* builder/azure: update the max length of managed_image_resource_group to match
+    new increased length of 90 characters. [GH-6477]
+* builder/hyper-v: Fix secure boot template feature so that it properly passes
+    the temolate for MicrosoftUEFICertificateAuthority. [GH-6415]
+* builder/hyperv: Fix bug in HyperV IP lookups that was causing breakages in
+    FreeBSD/OpenBSD builds. [GH-6416]
+* builder/qemu: Fix error race condition in qemu builder that caused convert to
+    fail on ubuntu 18.x [GH-6437]
+* builder/qemu: vnc_bind_address was not being passed to qemu. [GH-6467]
+* builder/virtualbox: Allow iso_url to be a symlink. [GH-6370]
+* builder/vmware: Don't fail on DHCP lease files that cannot be read, fixing
+    bug where builder failed on NAT networks that don't serve DHCP. [GH-6415]
+* builder/vmware: Fix bug where we couldn't discover IP if vm_name differed
+    from the vmx displayName. [GH-6448]
+* builder/vmware: Fix validation to prevent hang when remopte_password is not
+    sent but vmware is building on esxi. [GH-6424]
+* builder/vmware:Correctly default the vm export format to ovf; this is what
+    the docs claimed we already did, but we didn't. [GH-4538]
+* communicator/winrm: Revert an attempt to determine whether remote upload
+    destinations were files or directories, as this broke uploads on systems
+    without Powershell installed. [GH-6481]
+* core: Fix bug in parsing of iso checksum files that arose when setting
+    iso_url to a relative filepath. [GH-6488]
+* core: Fix Packer crash caused by improper error handling in the downloader.
+    [GH-6381]
+* fix: Fix bug where fixer for ssh_private_ip that failed when boolean values
+    are passed as strings. [GH-6458]
+* provisioner/powershell: Make upload of powershell variables retryable, in
+    case of system restarts. [GH-6388]
+* builder/amazon: Add the ap-northeast-3 region. [GH-6385]
+* builder/amazon: Spot requests may now have tags applied using the `spot_tags`
+    option [GH-5452]
+* builder/cloudstack: Add support for Projectid and new config option
+    prevent_firewall_changes. [GH-6487]
+* builder/openstack: Add support for token authorization and cloud.yaml.
+    [GH-6362]
+* builder/oracle-oci: Add new "instance_name" template option. [GH-6408]
+* builder/scaleway: Add new "bootscript" parameter, allowing the user to not
+    use the default local bootscript [GH-6439]
+* builder/vmware: Add support for linked clones to vmware-vmx. [GH-6394]
+* debug: The -debug flag will now cause Packer to pause between provisioner
+    scripts in addition to Packer steps. [GH-4663]
+* post-processor/googlecompute-import: Added new googlecompute-import post-
+    processor [GH-6451]
+* provisioner/ansible: Add new "playbook_files" option to execute multiple
+    playbooks within one provisioner call. [GH-5086]
+## 1.2.4 (May 29, 2018)
+* builder/amazon: Can now force the chroot builder to mount an entire block
+    device instead of a partition [GH-6194]
+* builder/azure: windows-sql-cloud is now in the default list of projects to
+    check for provided images. [GH-6210]
+* builder/chroot: A new template option, `nvme_device_path` has been added to
+    provide a workaround for users who need the amazon-chroot builder to mount
+    a NVMe volume on their instances. [GH-6295]
+* builder/hyper-v: Fix command for mounting multiple disks [GH-6267]
+* builder/hyperv: Enable IP retrieval for Server 2008 R2 hosts. [GH-6219]
+* builder/hyperv: Fix bug in MAC address specification on Hyper-V. [GH-6187]
+* builder/parallels-pvm: Add missing disk compaction step. [GH-6202]
+* builder/vmware-esxi: Remove floppy files from the remote server on cleanup.
+    [GH-6206]
+* communicator/winrm: Updated dependencies to fix a race condition [GH-6261]
+* core: When using `-on-error=[abort|ask]`, output the error to the user.
+    [GH-6252]
+* provisioner/puppet: Extra-Arguments are no longer prematurely
+    interpolated.[GH-6215]
+* provisioner/shell: Remove file stat that was causing problems uploading files
+    [GH-6239]
+* builder/amazon: Amazon builders other than `chroot` now support T2 unlimited
+    instances [GH-6265]
+* builder/azure: Allow device login for US government cloud. [GH-6105]
+* builder/azure: Devicelogin Support for Windows [GH-6285]
+* builder/azure: Enable simultaneous builds within one resource group.
+    [GH-6231]
+* builder/azure: Faster deletion of Azure Resource Groups. [GH-6269]
+* builder/azure: Updated Azure SDK to v15.0.0 [GH-6224]
+* builder/hyper-v: Hyper-V builds now connect to vnc display by default when
+    building [GH-6243]
+* builder/hyper-v: New `use_fixed_vhd_format` allows vm export in an Azure-
+    compatible format [GH-6101]
+* builder/hyperv: New config option for specifying what secure boot template to
+    use, allowing secure boot of linux vms. [GH-5883]
+* builder/qemu: Add support for hvf accelerator. [GH-6193]
+* builder/scaleway: Fix SSH communicator connection issue. [GH-6238]
+* core: Add opt-in Packer top-level command autocomplete [GH-5454]
+* post-processor/shell-local: New options have been added to create feature
+    parity with the shell-local provisioner. This feature now works on Windows
+    hosts. [GH-5956]
+* provisioner/chef: New config option allows user to skip cleanup of chef
+    client staging directory. [GH-4300]
+* provisioner/shell-local: Can now access automatically-generated WinRM
+    password as variable [GH-6251]
+* provisoner/shell-local: New options have been added to create feature parity
+    with the shell-local post-processor. This feature now works on Windows
+    hosts. [GH-5956]
+* builder/virtualbox: Use HTTPS to download guest editions, now that it's
+    available. [GH-6406]
+## 1.2.3 (April 25, 2018)
+* builder/azure: Azure CLI may now be logged into several accounts. [GH-6087]
+* builder/ebssurrogate: Snapshot all launch devices. [GH-6056]
+* builder/hyper-v: Fix CopyExportedVirtualMachine script so it works with
+    links. [GH-6082]
+* builder/oracle-classic: Fix panics when cleaning up resources that haven't
+    been created. [GH-6095]
+* builder/parallels: Allow user to cancel build while the OS is starting up.
+    [GH-6166]
+* builder/qemu: Avoid warning when using raw format. [GH-6080]
+* builder/scaleway: Fix compilation issues on solaris/amd64. [GH-6069]
+* builder/virtualbox: Fix broken scancodes in boot_command. [GH-6067]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Fail in validation if user gives wrong remote_type value.
+    [GH-4563]
+* builder/vmware: Fixed a case-sensitivity issue when determing the network
+    type during the cloning step in the vmware-vmx builder. [GH-6057]
+* builder/vmware: Fixes the DHCP lease and configuration pathfinders for VMware
+    Player. [GH-6096]
+* builder/vmware: Multi-disk VM's can be properly handled by the compacting
+    stage. [GH-6074]
+* common/bootcommand: Fix numerous bugs in the boot command code, and make
+    supported features consistent across builders. [GH-6129]
+* communicator/ssh: Stop trying to discover whether destination is a directory
+    from uploader. [GH-6124]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Large VMDKs should no longer show a 0-byte size on OS
+    X. [GH-6084]
+* post-processor/vsphere: Fix encoding of spaces in passwords for upload.
+    [GH-6110]
+* provisioner/ansible: Pass the inventory_directory configuration option to
+    ansible -i when it is set. [GH-6065]
+* provisioner/powershell: fix bug with SSH communicator + cygwin. [GH-6160]
+* provisioner/powershell: The {{.WinRMPassword}} template variable now works
+    with parallel builders. [GH-6144]
+* builder/alicloud: Update aliyungo common package. [GH-6157]
+* builder/amazon: Expose more source ami data as template variables. [GH-6088]
+* builder/amazon: Setting `force_delete` will only delete AMIs owned by the
+    user. This should prevent failures where we try to delete an AMI with a
+    matching name, but owned by someone else. [GH-6111]
+* builder/azure: Users of Powershell provisioner may access the randomly-
+    generated winrm password using the template variable {{.WinRMPassword}}.
+    [GH-6113]
+* builder/google: Users of Powershell provisioner may access the randomly-
+    generated winrm password using the template variable {{.WinRMPassword}}.
+    [GH-6141]
+* builder/hyper-v: User can now configure hyper-v disk block size. [GH-5941]
+* builder/openstack: Add configuration option for `instance_name`. [GH-6041]
+* builder/oracle-classic: Better validation of destination image name.
+    [GH-6089]
+* builder/oracle-oci: New config options for user data and user data file.
+    [GH-6079]
+* builder/oracle-oci: use the official OCI sdk instead of handcrafted client.
+    [GH-6142]
+* builder/triton: Add support to Skip TLS Verification of Triton Certificate.
+    [GH-6039]
+* provisioner/ansible: Ansible users may provide a custom inventory file.
+    [GH-6107]
+* provisioner/file: New `generated` tag allows users to upload files created
+    during Packer run. [GH-3891]
+## 1.2.2 (March 26, 2018)
+* builder/amazon: Fix AWS credential defaulting [GH-6019]
+* builder/LXC: make sleep timeout easily configurable [GH-6038]
+* builder/virtualbox: Correctly send multi-byte scancodes when typing boot
+    command. [GH-5987]
+* builder/virtualbox: Special boot-commands no longer overwrite previous
+    commands [GH-6002]
+* builder/vmware: Default to disabling XHCI bus for USB on the vmware-iso
+    builder. [GH-5975]
+* builder/vmware: Handle multiple devices per VMware network type [GH-5985]
+* communicator/ssh: Handle errors uploading files more gracefully [GH-6033]
+* provisioner/powershell: Fix environment variable file escaping. [GH-5973]
+* builder/amazon: Added new region `cn-northwest-1`. [GH-5960]
+* builder/amazon: Users may now access the amazon-generated administrator
+    password [GH-5998]
+* builder/azure: Add support concurrent deployments in the same resource group.
+    [GH-6005]
+* builder/azure: Add support for building with additional disks. [GH-5944]
+* builder/azure: Add support for marketplace plan information. [GH-5970]
+* builder/azure: Make all command output human readable. [GH-5967]
+* builder/azure: Respect `-force` for managed image deletion. [GH-6003]
+* builder/google: Add option to specify a service account, or to run without
+    one. [GH-5991] [GH-5928]
+* builder/oracle-oci: Add new "use_private_ip" option. [GH-5893]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Add LXC support. [GH-5980]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: Added Windows support. [GH-5702]
+* provisioner/salt: Add windows support to salt provisioner [GH-6012] [GH-6012]
+## 1.2.1 (February 23, 2018)
+* builder/amazon: Fix authorization using assume role. [GH-5914]
+* builder/hyper-v: Fix command collisions with VMWare PowerCLI. [GH-5861]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Fix panic when building on esx5 remotes. [GH-5931]
+* builder/vmware: Fix issue detecting host IP. [GH-5898] [GH-5900]
+* provisioner/ansible-local: Fix conflicting escaping schemes for vars provided
+    via `--extra-vars`. [GH-5888]
+* builder/oracle-classic: Add `snapshot_timeout` option to control how long we
+    wait for the snapshot to be created. [GH-5932]
+* builder/oracle-classic: Add support for WinRM connections. [GH-5929]
+## 1.2.0 (February 9, 2018)
+* 3rd party plugins: We have moved internal dependencies, meaning your 3rd
+    party plugins will no longer compile (however existing builds will still
+    work fine); the work to fix them is minimal and documented in GH-5810.
+    [GH-5810]
+* builder/amazon: The `ssh_private_ip` option has been removed. Instead, please
+    use `"ssh_interface": "private"`. A fixer has been written for this, which
+    can be invoked with `packer fix`. [GH-5876]
+* builder/openstack: Extension support has been removed. To use OpenStack
+    builder with the OpenStack Newton (Oct 2016) or earlier, we recommend you
+    use Packer v1.1.2 or earlier version.
+* core: Affects Windows guests: User variables containing Powershell special
+    characters no longer need to be escaped.[GH-5376]
+* provisioner/file: We've made destination semantics more consistent across the
+    various communicators. In general, if the destination is a directory, files
+    will be uploaded into the directory instead of failing. This mirrors the
+    behavior of `rsync`. There's a chance some users might be depending on the
+    previous buggy behavior, so it's worth ensuring your configuration is
+    correct. [GH-5426]
+* provisioner/powershell: Regression from v1.1.1 forcing extra escaping of
+    environment variables in the non-elevated provisioner has been fixed.
+    [GH-5515] [GH-5872]
+* **New builder:** `ncloud` for building server images using the NAVER Cloud
+    Platform. [GH-5791]
+* **New builder:** `oci-classic` for building new custom images for use with
+    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic Compute. [GH-5819]
+* **New builder:** `scaleway` - The Scaleway Packer builder is able to create
+    new images for use with Scaleway BareMetal and Virtual cloud server.
+    [GH-4770]
+* builder/amazon: Add `kms_key_id` option to block device mappings. [GH-5774]
+* builder/amazon: Add `skip_metadata_api_check` option to skip consulting the
+    amazon metadata service. [GH-5764]
+* builder/amazon: Add Paris region (eu-west-3) [GH-5718]
+* builder/amazon: Give better error messages if we have trouble during
+    authentication. [GH-5764]
+* builder/amazon: Remove Session Token (STS) from being shown in the log.
+    [GH-5665]
+* builder/amazon: Replace `InstanceStatusOK` check with `InstanceReady`. This
+    reduces build times universally while still working for all instance types.
+    [GH-5678]
+* builder/amazon: Report which authentication provider we're using. [GH-5764]
+* builder/amazon: Timeout early if metadata service can't be reached. [GH-5764]
+* builder/amazon: Warn during prepare if we didn't get both an access key and a
+    secret key when we were expecting one. [GH-5762]
+* builder/azure: Add validation for incorrect VHD URLs [GH-5695]
+* builder/docker: Remove credentials from being shown in the log. [GH-5666]
+* builder/google: Support specifying licenses for images. [GH-5842]
+* builder/hyper-v: Allow MAC address specification. [GH-5709]
+* builder/hyper-v: New option to use differential disks and Inline disk
+    creation to improve build time and reduce disk usage [GH-5631]
+* builder/qemu: Add Intel HAXM support to QEMU builder [GH-5738]
+* builder/triton: Triton RBAC is now supported. [GH-5741]
+* builder/triton: Updated triton-go dependencies, allowing better error
+    handling. [GH-5795]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Add support for cdrom and disk adapter types. [GH-3417]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Add support for setting network type and network adapter
+    type. [GH-3417]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Add support for usb/serial/parallel ports. [GH-3417]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Add support for virtual soundcards. [GH-3417]
+* builder/vmware-iso: More reliably retrieve the guest networking
+    configuration. [GH-3417]
+* builder/vmware: Add support for "super" key in `boot_command`. [GH-5681]
+* communicator/ssh: Add session-level keep-alives [GH-5830]
+* communicator/ssh: Detect dead connections. [GH-4709]
+* core: Gracefully clean up resources on SIGTERM. [GH-5318]
+* core: Improved error logging in floppy file handling. [GH-5802]
+* core: Improved support for downloading and validating a uri containing a
+    Windows UNC path or a relative file:// scheme. [GH-2906]
+* post-processor/amazon-import: Allow user to specify role name in amazon-
+    import [GH-5817]
+* post-processor/docker: Remove credentials from being shown in the log.
+    [GH-5666]
+* post-processor/google-export: Synchronize credential semantics with the
+    Google builder. [GH-4148]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Add vagrant post-processor support for Google
+    [GH-5732]
+* post-processor/vsphere-template: Now accepts artifacts from the vSphere post-
+    processor. [GH-5380]
+* provisioner/amazon: Use Amazon SDK's InstanceRunning waiter instead of
+    InstanceStatusOK waiter [GH-5773]
+* provisioner/ansible: Improve user retrieval. [GH-5758]
+* provisioner/chef: Add support for 'trusted_certs_dir' chef-client
+    configuration option [GH-5790]
+* provisioner/chef: Added Policyfile support to chef-client provisioner.
+    [GH-5831]
+* builder/alicloud-ecs: Attach keypair before starting instance in alicloud
+    builder [GH-5739]
+* builder/amazon: Fix tagging support when building in us-gov/china. [GH-5841]
+* builder/amazon: NewSession now inherits MaxRetries and other settings.
+    [GH-5719]
+* builder/virtualbox: Fix interpolation ordering so that edge cases around
+    guest_additions_url are handled correctly [GH-5757]
+* builder/virtualbox: Fix regression affecting users running Packer on a
+    Windows host that kept Packer from finding Virtualbox guest additions if
+    Packer ran on a different drive from the one where the guest additions were
+    stored. [GH-5761]
+* builder/vmware: Fix case where artifacts might not be cleaned up correctly.
+    [GH-5835]
+* builder/vmware: Fixed file handle leak that may have caused race conditions
+    in vmware builder [GH-5767]
+* communicator/ssh: Add deadline to SSH connection to prevent Packer hangs
+    after script provisioner reboots vm [GH-4684]
+* communicator/winrm: Fix issue copying empty directories. [GH-5763]
+* provisioner/ansible-local: Fix support for `--extra-vars` in
+    `extra_arguments`. [GH-5703]
+* provisioner/ansible-remote: Fixes an error where Packer's private key can be
+    overridden by inherited `ansible_ssh_private_key` options. [GH-5869]
+* provisioner/ansible: The "default extra variables" feature added in Packer
+    v1.0.1 caused the ansible-local provisioner to fail when an --extra-vars
+    argument was specified in the extra_arguments configuration option; this
+    has been fixed. [GH-5335]
+* provisioner/powershell: Regression from v1.1.1 forcing extra escaping of
+    environment variables in the non-elevated provisioner has been fixed.
+    [GH-5515] [GH-5872]
+## 1.1.3 (December 8, 2017)
+* builder/alicloud-ecs: Add security token support and set TLS handshake
+    timeout through environment variable. [GH-5641]
+* builder/amazon: Add a new parameter `ssh_interface`. Valid values include
+    `public_ip`, `private_ip`, `public_dns` or `private_dns`. [GH-5630]
+* builder/azure: Add sanity checks for resource group names [GH-5599]
+* builder/azure: Allow users to specify an existing resource group to use,
+    instead of creating a new one for every run. [GH-5548]
+* builder/hyper-v: Add support for differencing disk. [GH-5458]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Improve logging of network errors. [GH-5456]
+* core: Add new `packer_version` template engine. [GH-5619]
+* core: Improve logic checking for downloaded ISOs in case where user has
+    provided more than one URL in `iso_urls` [GH-5632]
+* provisioner/ansible-local: Add ability to clean staging directory. [GH-5618]
+* builder/amazon: Allow `region` to appear in `ami_regions`. [GH-5660]
+* builder/amazon: `C5` instance types now build more reliably. [GH-5678]
+* builder/amazon: Correctly set AWS region if given in template along with a
+    profile. [GH-5676]
+* builder/amazon: Prevent `sriov_support` and `ena_support` from being used
+    with spot instances, which would cause a build failure. [GH-5679]
+* builder/hyper-v: Fix interpolation context for user variables in
+    `boot_command` [GH-5547]
+* builder/qemu: Set default disk size to 40960 MB to prevent boot failures.
+    [GH-5588]
+* builder/vmware: Correctly detect Windows boot on vmware workstation.
+    [GH-5672]
+* core: Fix windows path regression when downloading ISOs. [GH-5591]
+* provisioner/chef: Fix chef installs on Windows. [GH-5649]
+## 1.1.2 (November 15, 2017)
+* builder/amazon: Correctly deregister AMIs when `force_deregister` is set.
+    [GH-5525]
+* builder/digitalocean: Add `ipv6` option to enable on droplet. [GH-5534]
+* builder/docker: Add `aws_profile` option to control the aws profile for ECR.
+    [GH-5470]
+* builder/google: Add `clean_image_name` template engine. [GH-5463]
+* builder/google: Allow selecting container optimized images. [GH-5576]
+* builder/google: Interpolate network and subnetwork values, rather than
+    relying on an API call that packer may not have permission for. [GH-5343]
+* builder/hyper-v: Add `disk_additional_size` option to allow for up to 64
+    additional disks. [GH-5491]
+* builder/hyper-v: Also disable automatic checkpoints for gen 2 VMs. [GH-5517]
+* builder/lxc: Add new `publish_properties` field to set image properties.
+    [GH-5475]
+* builder/lxc: Add three new configuration option categories to LXC builder:
+    `create_options`, `start_options`, and `attach_options`. [GH-5530]
+* builder/triton: Add `source_machine_image_filter` option to select an image
+    ID based on a variety of parameters. [GH-5538]
+* builder/virtualbox-ovf: Error during prepare if source path doesn't exist.
+    [GH-5573]
+* builder/virtualbox-ovf: Retry while removing VM to solve for transient
+    errors. [GH-5512]
+* communicator/ssh: Add socks 5 proxy support. [GH-5439]
+* core/iso_config: Support relative paths in checksum file. [GH-5578]
+* core: Rewrite vagrantfile code to make cross-platform development easier.
+    [GH-5539]
+* post-processor/docker-push: Add `aws_profile` option to control the aws
+    profile for ECR. [GH-5470]
+* post-processor/vsphere: Properly capture `ovftool` output. [GH-5499]
+* builder/amazon: Add a delay option to security group waiter. [GH-5536]
+* builder/amazon: Fix regressions relating to spot instances and EBS volumes.
+    [GH-5495]
+* builder/amazon: Set region from profile, if profile is set, rather than being
+    overridden by metadata. [GH-5562]
+* builder/docker: Remove `login_email`, which no longer exists in the docker
+    client. [GH-5511]
+* builder/hyperv: Fix admin check that was causing powershell failures.
+    [GH-5510]
+* builder/oracle: Defaulting of OCI builder region will first check the packer
+    template and the OCI config file. [GH-5407]
+* builder/triton: Fix a bug where partially created images can be reported as
+    complete. [GH-5566]
+* post-processor/vsphere: Use the vm disk path information to re-create the vmx
+    datastore path. [GH-5567]
+* provisioner/windows-restart: Wait for restart no longer endlessly loops if
+    user specifies a custom restart check command. [GH-5563]
+## 1.1.1 (October 13, 2017)
+* **New builder:** `hyperv-vmcx` for building images from existing VMs.
+    [GH-4944] [GH-5444]
+* builder/amazon-instance: Add `.Token` as a variable in the
+    `BundleUploadCommand` template. [GH-5288]
+* builder/amazon: Add `temporary_security_group_source_cidr` option to control
+    ingress to source instances. [GH-5384]
+* builder/amazon: Output AMI Name during prevalidation. [GH-5389]
+* builder/amazon: Support template functions in tag keys. [GH-5381]
+* builder/amazon: Tag volumes on creation instead of as a separate step.
+    [GH-5417]
+* builder/docker: Add option to set `--user` flag when running `exec`.
+    [GH-5406]
+* builder/docker: Set file owner to container user when uploading. Can be
+    disabled by setting `fix_upload_owner` to `false`. [GH-5422]
+* builder/googlecompute: Support setting labels on the resulting image.
+    [GH-5356]
+* builder/hyper-v: Add `vhd_temp_path` option to control where the VHD resides
+    while it's being provisioned. [GH-5206]
+* builder/hyper-v: Allow vhd or vhdx source images instead of just ISO.
+    [GH-4944] [GH-5444]
+* builder/hyper-v: Disable automatic checkpoints. [GH-5374]
+* builder/virtualbox-ovf: Add `keep_registered` option. [GH-5336]
+* builder/vmware: Add `disable_vnc` option to prevent VNC connections from
+    being made. [GH-5436]
+* core: Releases will now be built for ppc64le.
+* post-processor/vagrant: When building from a builder/hyper-v artifact, link
+    instead of copy when available. [GH-5207]
+* builder/cloudstack: Fix panic if build is aborted. [GH-5388]
+* builder/hyper-v: Respect `enable_dynamic_memory` flag. [GH-5363]
+* builder/puppet-masterless: Make sure directories created with sudo are
+    writable by the packer user. [GH-5351]
+* provisioner/chef-solo: Fix issue installing chef-solo on Windows. [GH-5357]
+* provisioner/powershell: Fix issue setting environment variables by writing
+    them to a file, instead of the command line. [GH-5345]
+* provisioner/powershell: Fix issue where powershell scripts could hang.
+    [GH-5082]
+* provisioner/powershell: Fix Powershell progress stream leak to stderr for
+    normal and elevated commands. [GH-5365]
+* provisioner/puppet-masterless: Fix bug where `puppet_bin_dir` wasn't being
+    respected. [GH-5340]
+* provisioner/puppet: Fix setting facter vars on Windows. [GH-5341]
+## 1.1.0 (September 12, 2017)
+* builder/alicloud: Update alicloud go sdk and enable multi sites support for
+    alicloud [GH-5219]
+* builder/amazon: Upgrade aws-sdk-go to 1.10.14, add tags at instance run time.
+    [GH-5196]
+* builder/azure: Add object_id to windows_custom_image.json. [GH-5285]
+* builder/azure: Add support for storage account for managed images. [GH-5244]
+* builder/azure: Update pkcs12 package. [GH-5301]
+* builder/cloudstack: Add support for Security Groups. [GH-5175]
+* builder/docker: Uploading files and directories now use docker cp. [GH-5273]
+    [GH-5333]
+* builder/googlecompute: Add `labels` option for labeling launched instances.
+    [GH-5308]
+* builder/googlecompute: Add support for accelerator api. [GH-5137]
+* builder/profitbricks: added support for Cloud API v4. [GH-5233]
+* builder/vmware-esxi: Remote builds now respect `output_directory` [GH-4592]
+* builder/vmware: Set artifact ID to `VMName`. [GH-5187]
+* core: Build solaris binary by default. [GH-5268] [GH-5248]
+* core: Remove LGPL dependencies. [GH-5262]
+* provisioner/puppet: Add `guest_os_type` option to add support for Windows.
+    [GH-5252]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: Also use sudo to clean up if we used sudo to
+    install. [GH-5240]
+* builder/amazon: Changes way that AMI artifacts are printed out after build,
+    aligning them to builder. Could affect output parsing. [GH-5281]
+* builder/amazon: Split `enhanced_networking` into `sriov_support` and
+    `ena_support` to support finer grained control. Use `packer fix
+    <template.json>` to automatically update your template to use `ena_support`
+    where previously there was only `enhanced_networking`. Make sure to also
+    add `sriov_support` if you need that feature, and to ensure `ena_support`
+    is what you intended to be in your template. [GH-5284]
+* builder/cloudstack: Setup temporary SSH keypair; backwards incompatible in
+    the uncommon case that the source image allowed SSH auth with password but
+    not with keypair. [GH-5174]
+* communicator/ssh: Renamed `ssh_disable_agent` to
+    `ssh_disable_agent_forwarding`. Need to run fixer on packer configs that
+    use `ssh_disable_agent`. [GH-5024]
+* communicator: Preserve left-sided white-space in remote command output. Make
+    sure any scripts that parse this output can handle the new whitespace
+    before upgrading. [GH-5167]
+* provisioner/shell: Set default for `ExpectDisconnect` to `false`. If your
+    script causes the connection to be reset, you should set this to `true` to
+    prevent errors. [GH-5283]
+* builder/amazon: `force_deregister` works in all regions, not just original
+    region. [GH-5250]
+* builder/docker: Directory uploads now use the same semantics as the rest of
+    the communicators. [GH-5333]
+* builder/vmware: Fix timestamp in default VMName. [GH-5274]
+* builder/winrm: WinRM now waits to make sure commands can run successfully
+    before considering itself connected. [GH-5300]
+* core: Fix issue where some builders wouldn't respect `-on-error` behavior.
+    [GH-5297]
+* provisioner/windows-restart: The first powershell provisioner after a restart
+    now works. [GH-5272]
+* **New builder**: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) builder for creating
+    custom images. [GH-4554]
+* **New builder:** `lxc` for building lxc images. [GH-3523]
+* **New builder:** `lxd` for building lxd images. [GH-3625]
+* **New post-processor**: vSphere Template post-processor to be used with
+    vmware-iso builder enabling user to mark a VM as a template. [GH-5114]
+## 1.0.4 (August 11, 2017)
+* builder/alicloud: Increase polling timeout. [GH-5148]
+* builder/azure: Add `private_virtual_network_with_public_ip` option to
+    optionally obtain a public IP. [GH-5222]
+* builder/googlecompute: use a more portable method of obtaining zone.
+    [GH-5192]
+* builder/hyperv: Properly interpolate user variables in template. [GH-5184]
+* builder/parallels: Remove soon to be removed --vmtype flag in createvm.
+    [GH-5172]
+* contrib: add json files to zsh completion. [GH-5195]
+* builder/amazon: Don't delete snapshots we didn't create. [GH-5211]
+* builder/amazon: fix builds when using the null communicator. [GH-5217]
+* builder/docker: Correctly handle case when uploading an empty directory.
+    [GH-5234]
+* command/push: Don't push variables if they are unspecified. Reverts to
+    behavior in 1.0.1. [GH-5235]
+* command/push: fix handling of symlinks. [GH-5226]
+* core: Strip query parameters from ISO URLs when checking against a checksum
+    file. [GH-5181]
+* provisioner/ansible-remote: Fix issue where packer could hang communicating
+    with ansible-remote. [GH-5146]
+## 1.0.3 (July 17, 2017)
+* builder/azure: Update to latest Azure SDK, enabling support for managed
+    disks. [GH-4511]
+* builder/cloudstack: Add default cidr_list [ ]. [GH-5125]
+* builder/cloudstack: Add support for ssh_agent_auth. [GH-5130]
+* builder/cloudstack: Add support for using a HTTP server. [GH-5017]
+* builder/cloudstack: Allow reading api_url, api_key, and secret_key from env
+    vars. [GH-5124]
+* builder/cloudstack: Make expunge optional and improve logging output.
+    [GH-5099]
+* builder/googlecompute: Allow using URL's for network and subnetwork.
+    [GH-5035]
+* builder/hyperv: Add support for floppy_dirs with hyperv-iso builder.
+* builder/hyperv: Add support for override of system %temp% path.
+* core: Experimental Android ARM support. [GH-5111]
+* post-processor/atlas: Disallow packer push of vagrant.box artifacts to atlas.
+    [GH-4780]
+* postprocessor/atlas: Disallow pushing vagrant.box artifacts now that Vagrant
+    cloud is live. [GH-4780]
+* builder/amazon: Fix panic that happens if ami_block_device_mappings is empty.
+    [GH-5059]
+* builder/azure: Write private SSH to file in debug mode. [GH-5070] [GH-5074]
+* builder/cloudstack: Properly report back errors. [GH-5103] [GH-5123]
+* builder/docker: Fix windows filepath in docker-toolbox call [GH-4887]
+* builder/docker: Fix windows filepath in docker-toolbox call. [GH-4887]
+* builder/hyperv: Use SID to verify membership in Admin group, fixing for non-
+    english users. [GH-5022]
+* builder/hyperv: Verify membership in the group Hyper-V Administrators by SID
+    not name. [GH-5022]
+* builder/openstack: Update gophercloud version, fixing builds  > 1 hr long.
+    [GH-5046]
+* builder/parallels: Skip missing paths when looking for unnecessary files.
+    [GH-5058]
+* builder/vmware-esxi: Fix VNC port discovery default timeout. [GH-5051]
+* communicator/ssh: Add ProvisionerTypes to communicator tests, resolving panic
+    [GH-5116]
+* communicator/ssh: Resolve race condition that sometimes truncates ssh
+    provisioner stdout [GH-4719]
+* post-processor/checksum: Fix interpolation of "output". [GH-5112]
+* push: Push vars in packer config, not just those set from command line and in
+    var-file. [GH-5101]
+## 1.0.2 (June 21, 2017)
+* communicator/ssh: Fix truncated stdout from remote ssh provisioner. [GH-5050]
+* builder/amazon: Fix bugs related to stop instance command. [GH-4719]
+* communicator/ssh: Fix ssh connection errors. [GH-5038]
+* core: Remove logging that shouldn't be there when running commands. [GH-5042]
+* provisioner/shell: Fix bug where scripts were being run under `sh`. [GH-5043]
+* provisioner/windows-restart: make it clear that timeouts come from the
+    provisioner, not winrm. [GH-5040]
+## 1.0.1 (June 19, 2017)
+* builder/amazon: Allow amis to be copied to other regions, encrypted with
+    custom KMS keys. [GH-4948]
+* builder/amazon: Allow configuration of api endpoint to support api-compatible
+    cloud providers. [GH-4896]
+* builder/amazon: Fix regex used for ami name validation [GH-4902]
+* builder/amazon: Look up vpc from subnet id if no vpc was specified. [GH-4879]
+* builder/amazon: Print temporary security group name to the UI. [GH-4997]
+* builder/amazon: Support Assume Role with MFA and ECS Task Roles. Also updates
+    to a newer version of aws-sdk-go. [GH-4996]
+* builder/amazon: Use retry logic when creating instance tags. [GH-4876]
+* builder/amazon: Validate ami name. [GH-4762]
+* builder/azure: Add build output to artifact. [GH-4953]
+* builder/azure: Use disk URI as artifact ID. [GH-4981]
+* builder/digitalocean: Added support for monitoring. [GH-4782]
+* builder/digitalocean: Support for copying snapshot to other regions.
+    [GH-4893]
+* builder/hyper-v: Remove the check for administrator rights when sending key
+    strokes to Hyper-V. [GH-4687] # builder/openstack: Fix private key error
+    message to match documentation [GH-4898]
+* builder/null: Support SSH agent auth [GH-4956]
+* builder/openstack: Add ssh agent support. [GH-4655]
+* builder/openstack: Support client x509 certificates. [GH-4921]
+* builder/parallels-iso: Configuration of disk type, plain or expanding.
+    [GH-4621]
+* builder/triton: An SSH agent can be used to authenticate requests, making
+    `triton_key_material` optional. [GH-4838]
+* builder/triton: If no source machine networks are specified, instances are
+    started on the default public and internal networks. [GH-4838]
+* builder/virtualbox: Add sata port count configuration option. [GH-4699]
+* builder/virtualbox: Don't add port forwarding when using "none" communicator.
+    [GH-4960]
+* builder/vmware: Add option to remove interfaces from the vmx. [GH-4927]
+* builder/vmware: Properly remove mounted CDs on OS X. [GH-4810]
+* builder/vmware: VNC probe timeout is configurable. [GH-4919]
+* command/push: add `-sensitive` flag to mark pushed vars are sensitive.
+    [GH-4970]
+* command/push: Vagrant support in Terraform Enterprise is deprecated.
+    [GH-4950]
+* communicator/ssh: Add ssh agent support for bastion connections. [GH-4940]
+* communicator/winrm: Add NTLM authentication support. [GH-4979]
+* communicator/winrm: Add support for file downloads. [GH-4748]
+* core: add telemetry for better product support. [GH-5015]
+* core: Build binaries for arm64 [GH-4892]
+* post-processor/amazon-import: Add support for `license_type`. [GH-4634]
+* post-processor/vagrant-cloud: Get vagrant cloud token from environment.
+    [GH-4982]
+* provisioner/ansible-local: Add extra-vars `packer_build_name`,
+    `packer_builder_type`, and `packer_http_addr`. [GH-4821]
+* provisioner/ansible: Add `inventory_directory` option to control where to
+    place the generated inventory file. [GH-4760]
+* provisioner/ansible: Add `skip_version_check` flag for when ansible will be
+    installed from a prior provisioner. [GH-4983]
+* provisioner/ansible: Add extra-vars `packer_build_name` and
+    `packer_builder_type`. [GH-4821]
+* provisioner/chef-solo: Add option to select Chef version. [GH-4791]
+* provisioner/salt: Add salt bin directory configuration. [GH-5009]
+* provisioner/salt: Add support for grains. [GH-4961]
+* provisioner/shell: Use `env` to set environment variables to support freebsd
+    out of the box. [GH-4909]
+* website/docs: Clarify language, improve formatting. [GH-4866]
+* website/docs: Update docker metadata fields that can be changed. [GH-4867]
+* builder/amazon-ebssurrogate: Use ami device settings when creating the AMI.
+    [GH-4972]
+* builder/amazon: don't try to delete extra volumes during clean up. [GH-4930]
+* builder/amazon: fix `force_delete_snapshot` when the launch instance has
+    extra volumes. [GH-4931]
+* builder/amazon: Only delete temporary key if we created one. [GH-4850]
+* builder/azure: Replace calls to panic with error returns. [GH-4846]
+* communicator/winrm: Use KeepAlive to keep long-running connections open.
+    [GH-4952]
+* core: Correctly reject config files which have junk after valid json.
+    [GH-4906]
+* post-processor/checksum: fix crash when invalid checksum is used. [GH-4812]
+* post-processor/vagrant-cloud: don't read files to upload in to memory first.
+    [GH-5005]
+* post-processor/vagrant-cloud: only upload once under normal conditions.
+    [GH-5008]
+* provisioner/ansible-local: Correctly set the default staging directory under
+    Windows. [GH-4792]
+* **New builder:** `alicloud-ecs` for building Alicloud ECS images. [GH-4619]
+## 1.0.0 (April 4, 2017)
+* builder/amazon: Fix b/c issue by reporting again the tags we create.
+    [GH-4704]
+* builder/amazon: Fix crash in `step_region_copy`. [GH-4642]
+* builder/googlecompute: Correct values for `on_host_maintenance`. [GH-4643]
+* builder/googlecompute: Use "default" service account. [GH-4749]
+* builder/hyper-v: Don't wait for shutdown_command to return. [GH-4691]
+* builder/virtualbox: fix `none` communicator by allowing skipping upload of
+    version file. [GH-4678]
+* builder/virtualbox: retry removing floppy controller. [GH-4705]
+* communicator/ssh: don't return error if we can't close connection. [GH-4741]
+* communicator/ssh: fix nil pointer error. [GH-4690]
+* core: fix version number
+* core: Invoking packer `--help` or `--version` now exits with status 0.
+    [GH-4723]
+* core: show correct step name when debugging. [GH-4672]
+* communicator/winrm: Directory uploads behave more like scp. [GH-4438]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: Ability to give an empty list in `copy_files` to
+    prevent the default `/etc/resolv.conf` file from being copied. If
+    `copy_files` isn't given at all, the default behavior remains. [GH-4708]
+* builder/amazon: set force_deregister to true on -force. [GH-4649]
+* builder/amazon: validate ssh key name/file. [GH-4665]
+* builder/ansible: Clearer error message when we have problems getting the
+    ansible version. [GH-4694]
+* builder/hyper-v: validate output dir in step, not in config. [GH-4645]
+* More diligently try to complete azure-setup.sh. [GH-4752]
+* website: fix display on ios devices. [GH-4618]
+## 0.12.3 (March 1, 2017)
+* provisioner/ansible: by default, the staging dir will be randomized. [GH-4472]
+* **New builder:** `ebs-surrogate` for building AMIs from EBS volumes. [GH-4351]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: support encrypted boot volume. [GH-4584]
+* builder/amazon: Add BuildRegion and SourceAMI template variables. [GH-4399]
+* builder/amazon: Change EC2 Windows password timeout to 20 minutes. [GH-4590]
+* builder/amazon: enable ena when `enhanced_networking` is set. [GH-4578]
+* builder/azure:: add two new config variables for temp_compute_name and
+    temp_resource_group_name. [GH-4468]
+* builder/docker: create export dir if needed. [GH-4439]
+* builder/googlecompute: Add `on_host_maintenance` option. [GH-4544]
+* builder/openstack: add reuse_ips option to try to re-use existing IPs.
+    [GH-4564]
+* builder/vmware-esxi: try for longer to connect to vnc port. [GH-4480]
+    [GH-4610]
+* builder/vmware: allow extra options for ovftool. [GH-4536]
+* builder/vmware: don't cache ip address so we know if it changes. [GH-4532]
+* communicator/docker: preserve file mode. [GH-4443]
+* communicator/ssh: Use SSH agent when enabled for bastion step. [GH-4598]
+* communicator/winrm: support ProxyFromEnvironment. [GH-4463]
+* core: don't show ui color if we're not colorized. [GH-4525]
+* core: make VNC links clickable in terminal. [GH-4497] [GH-4498]
+* docs: add community page. [GH-4550]
+* post-processor/amazon-import: support AMI attributes on import [GH-4216]
+* post-processor/docker-import: print stderr on docker import failure.
+    [GH-4529]
+* builder/amazon-ebsvolume: Fix interpolation of block_device. [GH-4464]
+* builder/amazon: Fix ssh agent authentication. [GH-4597]
+* builder/docker: Don't force tag if using a docker version that doesn't
+    support it. [GH-4560]
+* builder/googlecompute: fix bug when creating image from custom image_family.
+    [GH-4518]
+* builder/virtualbox: remove guest additions before saving image. [GH-4496]
+* core: always check for an error first when walking a path. [GH-4467]
+* core: update crypto/ssh lib to fix large file uploads. [GH-4546]
+* provisioner/chef-client: only upload knife config if we're cleaning.
+    [GH-4534]
+## 0.12.2 (January 20, 2017)
+* **New builder:** `triton` for building images for Joyent Triton. [GH-4325]
+* **New provisioner:** `converge` for provisioning with converge.sh. [GH-4326]
+* builder/hyperv-iso: add `iso_target_extension` option. [GH-4294]
+* builder/openstack: Add support for instance metadata. [GH-4361]
+* builder/openstack: Attempt to use existing floating IPs before allocating a
+    new one. [GH-4357]
+* builder/parallels-iso: add `iso_target_extension` option. [GH-4294]
+* builder/qemu: add `iso_target_extension` option. [GH-4294]
+* builder/qemu: add `use_default_display` option for osx compatibility.
+    [GH-4293]
+* builder/qemu: Detect input disk image format during copy/convert. [GH-4343]
+* builder/virtualbox-iso: add `iso_target_extension` option. [GH-4294]
+* builder/virtualbox: add `skip_export` option to skip exporting the VM after
+    build completes. [GH-4339]
+* builder/vmware & builder/qemu: Allow configurable delay between keystrokes
+    when typing boot command. [GH-4403]
+* builder/vmware-iso: add `iso_target_extension` option. [GH-4294]
+* builder/vmware-iso: add `skip_export` option to skip exporting the VM after
+    build completes. [GH-4378]
+* builder/vmware: Try to use `ip address` to find host IP. [GH-4411]
+* common/step_http\_server: set `PACKER_HTTP_ADDR` env var for accessing http
+    server from inside builder. [GH-4409]
+* provisioner/powershell: Allow equals sign in value of environment variables.
+    [GH-4328]
+* provisioner/puppet-server: Add default facts.  [GH-4286]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: Panic in AMI region copy step. [GH-4341]
+* builder/amazon: Crashes when new EBS vols are used. [GH-4308]
+* builder/amazon: Fix crash in amazon-instance. [GH-4372]
+* builder/amazon: fix run volume tagging [GH-4420]
+* builder/amazon: fix when using non-existent security\_group\_id. [GH-4425]
+* builder/amazon: Properly error if we don't have the
+    ec2:DescribeSecurityGroups permission. [GH-4304]
+* builder/amazon: Properly wait for security group to exist. [GH-4369]
+* builder/docker: Fix crash when performing log in to ECR with an invalid URL.
+    [GH-4385]
+* builder/openstack: fix for finding resource by ID. [GH-4301]
+* builder/qemu: Explicitly set WinRMPort for StepConnect. [GH-4321]
+* builder/virtualbox: Explicitly set WinRMPort for StepConnect. [GH-4321]
+* builder/virtualbox: Pause between each boot command element in -debug.
+    [GH-4346]
+* builder/vmware builder/parallels: Fix hang when shutting down windows in
+    certain cases. [GH-4436]
+* command/push: Don't interpolate variables when pushing. [GH-4389]
+* common/step_http_server: make port range inclusive. [GH-4398]
+* communicator/winrm: update winrm client, resolving `MaxMemoryPerShellMB`
+    errors and properly error logging instead of panicking. [GH-4412] [GH-4424]
+* provider/windows-shell: Allows equals sign in env var value. [GH-4423]
+## 0.12.1 (December 15, 2016)
+* `ssh_username` is now required if using communicator ssh. [GH-4172]
+* builder/amazon: Change `shutdown_behaviour` to `shutdown_behavior`.  Run
+    "packer fix template.json" to migrate a template. [GH-4285]
+* builder/openstack: No long supports the `api_key` option for rackspace.
+    [GH-4283]
+* post-processor/manifest: Changed `filename` field to be `output`, to be more
+    consistent with other post-processors. `packer fix` will fix this for you.
+    [GH-4192]
+* post-processor/shell-local: Now runs per-builder instead of per-file. The
+    filename is no longer passed in as an argument to the script, but instead
+    needs to be gleaned from the manifest post-processor. [GH-4189]
+* **New builder:** "Hyper-V" Added new builder for Hyper-V on Windows.
+    [GH-2576]
+* **New builder:** "1&1" Added new builder for [1&1](https://www.1and1.com/).
+    [GH-4163]
+* builder/amazon-ebs: Support specifying KMS key for encryption. [GH-4023]
+* builder/amazon-ebsvolume: Add artifact output. [GH-4141]
+* builder/amazon: Add `snapshot_tag` overrides. [GH-4015]
+* builder/amazon: Added new region London - eu-west-2. [GH-4284]
+* builder/amazon: Added ca-central-1 to list of known aws regions. [GH-4274]
+* builder/amazon: Adds `force_delete_snapshot` flag to also cleanup snapshots
+    if we're removing a preexisting image, as with `force_deregister_image`.
+    [GH-4223]
+* builder/amazon: Support `snapshot_users` and `snapshot_groups` for sharing
+    ebs snapshots. [GH-4243]
+* builder/cloudstack: Support reusing an already associated public IP.
+    [GH-4149]
+* builder/docker: Introduce docker commit changes, author, and message.
+    [GH-4202]
+* builder/googlecompute: Support `source_image_family`. [GH-4162]
+* builder/googlecompute: enable support for Google Compute XPN. [GH-4288]
+* builder/openstack: Added `image_members` to add new members to image after
+    it's created. [GH-4283]
+* builder/openstack: Added `image_visibility` field to specify visibility of
+    created image. [GH-4283]
+* builder/openstack: Automatically reauth as needed. [GH-4262]
+* builder/virtualbox-ovf: Can now give a URL to an ova file. [GH-3982]
+* communicator/ssh: adds ability to download download directories and
+    wildcards, fix destination file mode (not hardcoded anymore). [GH-4210]
+* post-processor/shell-local: support spaces in script path. [GH-4144]
+* provisioner/ansible: Allow `winrm` communicator. [GH-4209]
+* provisioner/salt: Bootstrap fallback on wget if curl failed. [GH-4244]
+* builder/amazon: Correctly assign key from `ssh_keypair_name` to source
+    instance. [GH-4222]
+* builder/amazon: Fix `source_ami_filter` ignores `owners`. [GH-4235]
+* builder/amazon: Fix launching spot instances in EC2 Classic [GH-4204]
+* builder/qemu: Fix issue where multiple <waitXX> commands on a single line
+    in boot_command wouldn't be parsed correctly. [GH-4269]
+* core: Unbreak glob patterns in `floppy_files`. [GH-3890]
+* post-processor/checksum: cleanup, and fix output to specified file with
+    more than one artifacts. [GH-4210]
+* post-processor/checksum: reset hash after each artifact file. [GH-4210]
+* provisioner/file: fix for directory download. [GH-4210]
+* provisioner/file: fix issue uploading multiple files to a directory,
+    mentioned in [GH-4049]. [GH-4210]
+* provisioner/shell: Treat disconnects as retryable when running cleanup. If
+    you have a reboot in your script, we'll now wait until the host is
+    available before attempting to cleanup the script. [GH-4197]
+## 0.12.0 (November 15, 2016)
+* **New builder:** "cloudstack" Can create new templates for use with
+    CloudStack taking either an ISO or existing template as input. [GH-3909]
+* **New builder:** "profitbricks" Builder for creating images in the
+    ProfitBricks cloud. [GH-3660]
+* **New builder:** "amazon-ebsvolume" Can create Amazon EBS volumes which are
+    preinitialized with a filesystem and data. [GH-4088]
+* builder/amazon: Allow polling delay override with `AWS_POLL_DELAY_SECONDS`.
+    [GH-4083]
+* builder/amazon: Allow use of local SSH Agent. [GH-4050]
+* builder/amazon: Dynamic source AMI [GH-3817]
+* builder/amazon: Show AMI ID found when using `source_ami_filter`. [GH-4096]
+* builder/googlecompute: Support `ssh_private_key_file` in communicator.
+    [GH-4101]
+* builder/googlecompute: Support custom scopes. [GH-4043]
+* command/push: Fix variable pushes to Atlas. Still needs Atlas server to be
+    updated before the issue will be fixed completely. [GH-4089]
+* communicator/ssh: Improved SSH upload performance. [GH-3940]
+* contrib/azure-setup.sh: Support for azure-cli 0.10.7. [GH-4133]
+* docs: Fix command line variable docs. [GH-4143]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Fixed inconsistency between vagrant-libvirt driver
+    and packer QEMU accelerator. [GH-4104]
+* provisioner/ansible: Move info messages to log [GH-4123]
+* provisioner/puppet: Add `puppet_bin_dir` option. [GH-4014]
+* provisioner/salt: Add `salt_call_args` option. [GH-4158]
+* builder/amazon: Fixed an error where we wouldn't fail the build even if we
+    timed out waiting for the temporary security group to become available.
+    [GH-4099]
+* builder/amazon: Properly cleanup temporary key pairs. [GH-4080]
+* builder/google: Fix issue where we'd hang waiting for a startup script
+    which doesn't exist. [GH-4102]
+* builder/qemu: Fix keycodes for ctrl, shift and alt keys. [GH-4115]
+* builder/vmware: Fix keycodes for ctrl, shift and alt keys. [GH-4115]
+* builder/vmware: Fixed build error when shutting down. [GH-4041]
+* common/step_create_floppy: Fixed support for 1.44MB floppies on Windows.
+    [GH-4135]
+* post-processor/googlecompute-export: Fixes scopes. [GH-4147]
+* provisioner/powershell: Reverted [GH-3371] fixes quoting issue. [GH-4069]
+* scripts: Fix build under Windows for go 1.5. [GH-4142]
+## 0.11.0 (October 21, 2016)
+* VNC and VRDP-like features in VirtualBox, VMware, and QEMU now configurable
+    but bind to by default to improve security. See the relevant
+    builder docs for more info.
+* Docker builder requires Docker > 1.3
+* provisioner/chef-solo: default staging directory renamed to
+    `packer-chef-solo`. [GH-3971]
+* **New Checksum post-processor**: Create a checksum file from your build
+    artifacts as part of your build. [GH-3492] [GH-3790]
+* **New build flag** `-on-error` to allow inspection and keeping artifacts on
+    builder errors. [GH-3885]
+* **New Google Compute Export post-processor**: exports an image from a Packer
+    googlecompute builder run and uploads it to Google Cloud Storage.
+    [GH-3760]
+* **New Manifest post-processor**: writes metadata about packer's output
+    artifacts data to a JSON file. [GH-3651]
+* builder/amazon: Added `disable_stop_instance` option to prevent automatic
+    shutdown when the build is complete. [GH-3352]
+* builder/amazon: Added `shutdown_behavior` option to support `stop` or
+    `terminate` at the end of the build. [GH-3556]
+* builder/amazon: Added `skip_region_validation` option to allow newer or
+    custom AWS regions. [GH-3598]
+* builder/amazon: Added `us-east-2` and `ap-south-1` regions. [GH-4021]
+    [GH-3663]
+* builder/amazon: Support building from scratch with amazon-chroot builder.
+    [GH-3855] [GH-3895]
+* builder/amazon: Support create an AMI with an `encrypt_boot` volume.
+    [GH-3382]
+* builder/azure: Add `os_disk_size_gb`. [GH-3995]
+* builder/azure: Add location to setup script. [GH-3803]
+* builder/azure: Allow user to set custom data. [GH-3996]
+* builder/azure: Made `tenant_id` optional. [GH-3643]
+* builder/azure: Now pre-validates `capture_container_name` and
+    `capture_name_prefix` [GH-3537]
+* builder/azure: Removed superfluous polling code for deployments. [GH-3638]
+* builder/azure: Support for a user defined VNET. [GH-3683]
+* builder/azure: Support for custom images. [GH-3575]
+* builder/azure: tag all resources. [GH-3764]
+* builder/digitalocean: Added `user_data_file` support. [GH-3933]
+* builder/digitalocean: Fixes timeout waiting for snapshot. [GH-3868]
+* builder/digitalocean: Use `state_timeout` for unlock and off transitions.
+    [GH-3444]
+* builder/docker: Improved support for Docker pull from Amazon ECR. [GH-3856]
+* builder/google: Add `-force` option to delete old image before creating new
+    one. [GH-3918]
+* builder/google: Add image license metadata. [GH-3873]
+* builder/google: Added support for `image_family` [GH-3531]
+* builder/google: Added support for startup scripts. [GH-3639]
+* builder/google: Create passwords for Windows instances. [GH-3932]
+* builder/google: Enable to select NVMe images. [GH-3338]
+* builder/google: Signal that startup script fished via metadata. [GH-3873]
+* builder/google: Use gcloud application default credentials. [GH-3655]
+* builder/google: provision VM without external IP address. [GH-3774]
+* builder/null: Can now be used with WinRM. [GH-2525]
+* builder/openstack: Added support for `ssh_password` instead of generating
+    ssh keys. [GH-3976]
+* builder/parallels: Add support for ctrl, shift and alt keys in
+    `boot_command`.  [GH-3767]
+* builder/parallels: Copy directories recursively with `floppy_dirs`.
+    [GH-2919]
+* builder/parallels: Now pauses between `boot_command` entries when running
+    with `-debug` [GH-3547]
+* builder/parallels: Support future versions of Parallels by using the latest
+    driver. [GH-3673]
+* builder/qemu: Add support for ctrl, shift and alt keys in `boot_command`.
+    [GH-3767]
+* builder/qemu: Added `vnc_bind_address` option. [GH-3574]
+* builder/qemu: Copy directories recursively with `floppy_dirs`. [GH-2919]
+* builder/qemu: Now pauses between `boot_command` entries when running with
+    `-debug` [GH-3547]
+* builder/qemu: Specify disk format when starting qemu. [GH-3888]
+* builder/virtualbox-iso: Added `hard_drive_nonrotational` and
+    `hard_drive_discard` options to enable trim/discard. [GH-4013]
+* builder/virtualbox-iso: Added `keep_registered` option to skip cleaning up
+    the image. [GH-3954]
+* builder/virtualbox: Add support for ctrl, shift and alt keys in
+    `boot_command`.  [GH-3767]
+* builder/virtualbox: Added `post_shutdown_delay` option to wait after
+    shutting down to prevent issues removing floppy drive. [GH-3952]
+* builder/virtualbox: Added `vrdp_bind_address` option. [GH-3566]
+* builder/virtualbox: Copy directories recursively with `floppy_dirs`.
+    [GH-2919]
+* builder/virtualbox: Now pauses between `boot_command` entries when running
+    with `-debug` [GH-3542]
+* builder/vmware-vmx: Added `tools_upload_flavor` and `tools_upload_path` to
+    docs.
+* builder/vmware: Add support for ctrl, shift and alt keys in `boot_command`.
+    [GH-3767]
+* builder/vmware: Added `vnc_bind_address` option. [GH-3565]
+* builder/vmware: Adds passwords for VNC. [GH-2325]
+* builder/vmware: Copy directories recursively with `floppy_dirs`. [GH-2919]
+* builder/vmware: Handle connection to VM with more than one NIC on ESXi
+    [GH-3347]
+* builder/vmware: Now paused between `boot_command` entries when running with
+    `-debug` [GH-3542]
+* core: Supress plugin discovery from plugins. [GH-4002]
+* core: Test floppy disk files actually exist. [GH-3756]
+* core: setting `PACKER_LOG=0` now disables logging. [GH-3964]
+* post-processor/amazon-import: Support `ami_name` for naming imported AMI.
+    [GH-3941]
+* post-processor/compress: Added support for bgzf compression. [GH-3501]
+* post-processor/docker: Improved support for Docker push to Amazon ECR.
+    [GH-3856]
+* post-processor/docker: Preserve tags when running docker push. [GH-3631]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Added vsphere-esx hosts to supported machine types.
+    [GH-3967]
+* provisioner/ansible-local: Support for ansible-galaxy. [GH-3350] [GH-3836]
+* provisioner/ansible: Improved logging and error handling. [GH-3477]
+* provisioner/ansible: Support scp. [GH-3861]
+* provisioner/chef: Added `knife_command` option and added a correct default
+    value for Windows. [GH-3622]
+* provisioner/chef: Installs 64bit chef on Windows if available. [GH-3848]
+* provisioner/file: Now makes destination directory. [GH-3692]
+* provisioner/puppet: Added `execute_command` option. [GH-3614]
+* provisioner/salt: Added `custom_state` to specify state to run instead of
+    `highstate`. [GH-3776]
+* provisioner/shell: Added `expect_disconnect` flag to fail if remote
+    unexpectedly disconnects. [GH-4034]
+* scripts: Added `help` target to Makefile. [GH-3290]
+* vendor: Moving from Godep to govendor. See `CONTRIBUTING.md` for details.
+    [GH-3956]
+* website: code examples now use inconsolata. Improve code font rendering on
+    linux.
+* builder/amazon: Add 0.5 cents to discovered spot price. [GH-3662]
+* builder/amazon: Allow using `ssh_private_key_file` and `ssh_password`.
+    [GH-3953]
+* builder/amazon: Fix packer crash when waiting for SSH. [GH-3865]
+* builder/amazon: Honor ssh_private_ip flag in EC2-Classic. [GH-3752]
+* builder/amazon: Properly clean up EBS volumes on failure. [GH-3789]
+* builder/amazon: Use `temporary_key_pair_name` when specified. [GH-3739]
+* builder/amazon: retry creating tags on images since the images might take
+    some time to become available. [GH-3938]
+* builder/azure: Fix authorization setup script failing to creating service
+    principal. [GH-3812]
+* builder/azure: check for empty resource group. [GH-3606]
+* builder/azure: fix token validity test. [GH-3609]
+* builder/docker: Fix file provisioner dotfile matching. [GH-3800]
+* builder/docker: fix docker builder with ansible provisioner. [GH-3476]
+* builder/qemu: Don't fail on communicator set to `none`. [GH-3681]
+* builder/qemu: Make `ssh_host_port_max` an inclusive bound. [GH-2784]
+* builder/virtualbox: Make `ssh_host_port_max` an inclusive bound. [GH-2784]
+* builder/virtualbox: Respect `ssh_host` [GH-3617]
+* builder/vmware: Do not add remotedisplay.vnc.ip to VMX data on ESXi
+    [GH-3740]
+* builder/vmware: Don't check for poweron errors on ESXi. [GH-3195]
+* builder/vmware: Re-introduce case sensitive VMX keys. [GH-2707]
+* builder/vmware: Respect `ssh_host`/`winrm_host` on ESXi. [GH-3738]
+* command/push: Allows dot (`.`) in image names. [GH-3937]
+* common/iso_config: fix potential panic when iso checksum url was given but
+    not the iso url. [GH-4004]
+* communicator/ssh: fixed possible panic when reconnecting fails. [GH-4008]
+* communicator/ssh: handle error case where server closes the connection but
+    doesn't give us an error code. [GH-3966]
+* post-processor/shell-local: Do not set execute bit on artifact file.
+    [GH-3505]
+* post-processor/vsphere: Fix upload failures with vsphere. [GH-3321]
+* provisioner/ansible: Properly set host key checking even when a custom ENV
+    is specified. [GH-3568]
+* provisioner/file: Fix directory download. [GH-3899]
+* provisioner/powershell: fixed issue with setting environment variables.
+    [GH-2785]
+* website: improved rendering on iPad. [GH-3780]
+## 0.10.2 (September 20, 2016)
+* Rebuilding with OS X Sierra and go 1.7.1 to fix bug  in Sierra
+## 0.10.1 (May 7, 2016)
+* `azure-arm` builder: Can now build Windows images, and supports additional
+    configuration. Please refer to the documentation for details.
+* core: Added support for `ATLAS_CAFILE` and `ATLAS_CAPATH` [GH-3494]
+* builder/azure: Improved build cancellation and cleanup of partially-
+    provisioned resources. [GH-3461]
+* builder/azure: Improved logging. [GH-3461]
+* builder/azure: Added support for US Government and China clouds. [GH-3461]
+* builder/azure: Users may now specify an image version. [GH-3461]
+* builder/azure: Added device login. [GH-3461]
+* builder/docker: Added `privileged` build option. [GH-3475]
+* builder/google: Packer now identifies its version to the service. [GH-3465]
+* provisioner/shell: Added `remote_folder` and `remote_file` options
+    [GH-3462]
+* post-processor/compress: Added support for `bgzf` format and added
+    `format` option. [GH-3501]
+* core: Fix hang after pressing enter key in `-debug` mode. [GH-3346]
+* provisioner/chef: Use custom values for remote validation key path
+    [GH-3468]
+## 0.10.0 (March 14, 2016)
+* Building Packer now requires go >= 1.5 (>= 1.6 is recommended). If you want
+    to continue building with go 1.4 you can remove the `azurearmbuilder` line
+    from `command/plugin.go`.
+* **New `azure-arm` builder**: Build virtual machines in Azure Resource
+    Manager
+* builder/google: Added support for `disk_type` [GH-2830]
+* builder/openstack: Added support for retrieving the Administrator password
+    when using WinRM if no `winrm_password` is set. [GH-3209]
+* provisioner/ansible: Added the `empty_groups` parameter. [GH-3232]
+* provisioner/ansible: Added the `user` parameter. [GH-3276]
+* provisioner/ansible: Don't use deprecated ssh option with Ansible 2.0
+    [GH-3291]
+* provisioner/puppet-masterless: Add `ignore_exit_codes` parameter. [GH-3349]
+* builders/parallels: Handle `output_directory` containing `.` and `..`
+    [GH-3239]
+* provisioner/ansible: os.Environ() should always be passed to the ansible
+    command. [GH-3274]
+## 0.9.0 (February 19, 2016)
+* Packer now ships as a single binary, including plugins. If you install packer
+    0.9.0 over a previous packer installation, **you must delete all of the
+    packer-* plugin files** or packer will load out-of-date plugins from disk.
+* Release binaries are now provided via <https://releases.hashicorp.com>.
+* Packer 0.9.0 is now built with Go 1.6.
+* core: Plugins that implement the Communicator interface must now implement
+    a DownloadDir method. [GH-2618]
+* builder/amazon: Inline `user_data` for EC2 is now base64 encoded
+    automatically. [GH-2539]
+* builder/parallels: `parallels_tools_host_path` and `guest_os_distribution`
+    have been replaced by `guest_os_type`; use `packer fix` to update your
+    templates. [GH-2751]
+* **Chef on Windows**: The chef provisioner now has native support for
+    Windows using Powershell and WinRM. [GH-1215]
+* **New `vmware-esxi` feature**: Packer can now export images from vCloud or
+    vSphere during the build. [GH-1921]
+* **New Ansible Provisioner**: `ansible` provisioner supports remote
+    provisioning to keep your build image cleaner. [GH-1969]
+* **New Amazon Import post-processor**: `amazon-import` allows you to upload an
+    OVA-based VM to Amazon EC2. [GH-2962]
+* **Shell Local post-processor**: `shell-local` allows you to run shell
+    commands on the host after a build has completed for custom packaging or
+    publishing of your artifacts. [GH-2706]
+* **Artifice post-processor**: Override packer artifacts during post-
+    processing. This allows you to extract artifacts from a packer builder and
+    use them with other post-processors like compress, docker, and Atlas.
+* core: Packer plugins are now compiled into the main binary, reducing file
+    size and build times, and making packer easier to install. The overall
+    plugin architecture has not changed and third-party plugins can still be
+    loaded from disk. Please make sure your plugins are up-to-date! [GH-2854]
+* core: Packer now indicates line numbers for template parse errors. [GH-2742]
+* core: Scripts are executed via `/usr/bin/env bash` instead of `/bin/bash`
+    for broader compatibility. [GH-2913]
+* core: `target_path` for builder downloads can now be specified. [GH-2600]
+* core: WinRM communicator now supports HTTPS protocol. [GH-3061]
+* core: Template syntax errors now show line, column, offset. [GH-3180]
+* core: SSH communicator now supports downloading directories. [GH-2618]
+* builder/amazon: Add support for `ebs_optimized` [GH-2806]
+* builder/amazon: You can now specify `0` for `spot_price` to switch to on
+    demand instances. [GH-2845]
+* builder/amazon: Added `ap-northeast-2` (Seoul) [GH-3056]
+* builder/amazon: packer will try to derive the AZ if only a subnet is
+    specified. [GH-3037]
+* builder/digitalocean: doubled instance wait timeouts to power off or
+    shutdown (now 4 minutes) and to complete a snapshot (now 20 minutes)
+    [GH-2939]
+* builder/google: `account_file` can now be provided as a JSON string
+    [GH-2811]
+* builder/google: added support for `preemptible` instances. [GH-2982]
+* builder/google: added support for static external IPs via `address` option
+    [GH-3030]
+* builder/openstack: added retry on WaitForImage 404. [GH-3009]
+* builder/openstack: Can specify `source_image_name` instead of the ID
+    [GH-2577]
+* builder/openstack: added support for SSH over IPv6. [GH-3197]
+* builder/parallels: Improve support for Parallels 11. [GH-2662]
+* builder/parallels: Parallels disks are now compacted by default. [GH-2731]
+* builder/parallels: Packer will look for Parallels in
+    `/Applications/Parallels Desktop.app` if it is not detected automatically
+    [GH-2839]
+* builder/qemu: qcow2 images are now compacted by default. [GH-2748]
+* builder/qemu: qcow2 images can now be compressed. [GH-2748]
+* builder/qemu: Now specifies `virtio-scsi` by default. [GH-2422]
+* builder/qemu: Now checks for version-specific options. [GH-2376]
+* builder/qemu: Can now bypass disk cache using `iso_skip_cache` [GH-3105]
+* builder/qemu: `<wait>` in `boot_command` now accepts an arbitrary duration
+    like <wait1m30s> [GH-3129]
+* builder/qemu: Expose `{{ .SSHHostPort }}` in templates. [GH-2884]
+* builder/virtualbox: Added VRDP for debugging. [GH-3188]
+* builder/vmware-esxi: Added private key auth for remote builds via
+    `remote_private_key_file` [GH-2912]
+* post-processor/atlas: Added support for compile ID. [GH-2775]
+* post-processor/docker-import: Can now import Artifice artifacts. [GH-2718]
+* provisioner/chef: Added `encrypted_data_bag_secret_path` option. [GH-2653]
+* provisioner/puppet: Added the `extra_arguments` parameter. [GH-2635]
+* provisioner/salt: Added `no_exit_on_failure`, `log_level`, and improvements
+    to salt command invocation. [GH-2660]
+* core: Random number generator is now seeded. [GH-2640]
+* core: Packer should now have a lot less race conditions. [GH-2824]
+* builder/amazon: The `no_device` option for block device mappings is now handled correctly. [GH-2398]
+* builder/amazon: AMI name validation now matches Amazon's spec. [GH-2774]
+* builder/amazon: Use snapshot size when volume size is unspecified. [GH-2480]
+* builder/amazon: Pass AccessKey and SecretKey when uploading bundles for
+    instance-backed AMIs. [GH-2596]
+* builder/parallels: Added interpolation in `prlctl_post` [GH-2828]
+* builder/vmware: `format` option is now read correctly. [GH-2892]
+* builder/vmware-esxi: Correct endless loop in destroy validation logic
+    [GH-2911]
+* provisioner/shell: No longer leaves temp scripts behind. [GH-1536]
+* provisioner/winrm: Now waits for reboot to complete before continuing with provisioning. [GH-2568]
+* post-processor/artifice: Fix truncation of files downloaded from Docker. [GH-2793]
+## 0.8.6 (Aug 22, 2015)
+* builder/docker: Now supports Download so it can be used with the file
+    provisioner to download a file from a container. [GH-2585]
+* builder/docker: Now verifies that the artifact will be used before the build
+    starts, unless the `discard` option is specified. This prevent failures
+    after the build completes. [GH-2626]
+* post-processor/artifice: Now supports glob-like syntax for filenames. [GH-2619]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Like the compress post-processor, vagrant now uses a
+    parallel gzip algorithm to compress vagrant boxes. [GH-2590]
+* core: When `iso_url` is a local file and the checksum is invalid, the local
+    file will no longer be deleted. [GH-2603]
+* builder/parallels: Fix interpolation in `parallels_tools_guest_path` [GH-2543]
+## 0.8.5 (Aug 10, 2015)
+* **[Beta]** Artifice post-processor: Override packer artifacts during post-
+    processing. This allows you to extract artifacts from a packer builder
+    and use them with other post-processors like compress, docker, and Atlas.
+* Many docs have been updated and corrected; big thanks to our contributors!
+* builder/openstack: Add debug logging for IP addresses used for SSH. [GH-2513]
+* builder/openstack: Add option to use existing SSH keypair. [GH-2512]
+* builder/openstack: Add support for Glance metadata. [GH-2434]
+* builder/qemu and builder/vmware: Packer's VNC connection no longer asks for
+    an exclusive connection. [GH-2522]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: Can now customize salt remote directories. [GH-2519]
+* builder/amazon: Improve instance cleanup by storing id sooner. [GH-2404]
+* builder/amazon: Only fetch windows password when using WinRM communicator. [GH-2538]
+* builder/openstack: Support IPv6 SSH address. [GH-2450]
+* builder/openstack: Track new IP address discovered during RackConnect. [GH-2514]
+* builder/qemu: Add 100ms delay between VNC key events. [GH-2415]
+* post-processor/atlas: atlas_url configuration option works now. [GH-2478]
+* post-processor/compress: Now supports interpolation in output config. [GH-2414]
+* provisioner/powershell: Elevated runs now receive environment variables. [GH-2378]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: Clarify error messages when we can't create or
+    write to the temp directory. [GH-2518]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: Copy state even if /srv/salt exists already. [GH-1699]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: Make sure /etc/salt exists before writing to it. [GH-2520]
+* provisioner/winrm: Connect to the correct port when using NAT with
+    VirtualBox / VMware. [GH-2399]
+## Note: 0.8.3 was pulled and 0.8.4 was skipped.
+## 0.8.2 (July 17, 2015)
+* builder/docker: Add option to use a Pty. [GH-2425]
+* core: Fix crash when `min_packer_version` is specified in a template. [GH-2385]
+* builder/amazon: Fix EC2 devices being included in EBS mappings. [GH-2459]
+* builder/googlecompute: Fix default name for GCE images. [GH-2400]
+* builder/null: Fix error message with missing ssh_host. [GH-2407]
+* builder/virtualbox: Use --portcount on VirtualBox 5.x. [GH-2438]
+* provisioner/puppet: Packer now correctly handles a directory for manifest_file. [GH-2463]
+* provisioner/winrm: Fix potential crash with WinRM. [GH-2416]
+## 0.8.1 (July 2, 2015)
+* builder/amazon: When debug mode is enabled, the Windows administrator
+    password for Windows instances will be shown. [GH-2351]
+* core: `min_packer_version`  field in configs work. [GH-2356]
+* core: The `build_name` and `build_type` functions work in provisioners. [GH-2367]
+* core: Handle timeout in SSH handshake. [GH-2333]
+* command/build: Fix reading configuration from stdin. [GH-2366]
+* builder/amazon: Fix issue with sharing AMIs when using `ami_users` [GH-2308]
+* builder/amazon: Fix issue when using multiple Security Groups. [GH-2381]
+* builder/amazon: Fix for tag creation when creating new ec2 instance. [GH-2317]
+* builder/amazon: Fix issue with creating AMIs with multiple device mappings. [GH-2320]
+* builder/amazon: Fix failing AMI snapshot tagging when copying to other
+    regions. [GH-2316]
+* builder/amazon: Fix setting AMI launch permissions. [GH-2348]
+* builder/amazon: Fix spot instance cleanup to remove the correct request. [GH-2327]
+* builder/amazon: Fix `bundle_prefix` not interpolating `timestamp` [GH-2352]
+* builder/amazon-instance: Fix issue with creating AMIs without specifying a
+    virtualization type. [GH-2330]
+* builder/digitalocean: Fix builder using private IP instead of public IP. [GH-2339]
+* builder/google: Set default communicator settings properly. [GH-2353]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Setting `checksum_type` to `none` for ESX builds
+    now works. [GH-2323]
+* provisioner/chef: Use knife config file vs command-line params to
+    clean up nodes so full set of features can be used. [GH-2306]
+* post-processor/compress: Fixed crash in compress post-processor plugin. [GH-2311]
+## 0.8.0 (June 23, 2015)
+* core: SSH connection will no longer request a PTY by default. This
+    can be enabled per builder.
+* builder/digitalocean: no longer supports the v1 API which has been
+    deprecated for some time. Most configurations should continue to
+    work as long as you use the `api_token` field for auth.
+* builder/digitalocean: `image`, `region`, and `size` are now required.
+* builder/openstack: auth parameters have been changed to better
+    reflect OS terminology. Existing environment variables still work.
+* **WinRM:** You can now connect via WinRM with almost every builder.
+    See the docs for more info. [GH-2239]
+* **Windows AWS Support:** Windows AMIs can now be built without any
+    external plugins: Packer will start a Windows instance, get the
+    admin password, and can use WinRM (above) to connect through. [GH-2240]
+* **Disable SSH:** Set `communicator` to "none" in any builder to disable SSH
+    connections. Note that provisioners won't work if this is done. [GH-1591]
+* **SSH Agent Forwarding:** SSH Agent Forwarding will now be enabled
+    to allow access to remote servers such as private git repos. [GH-1066]
+* **SSH Bastion Hosts:** You can now specify a bastion host for
+    SSH access (works with all builders). [GH-387]
+* **OpenStack v3 Identity:** The OpenStack builder now supports the
+    v3 identity API.
+* **Docker builder supports SSH**: The Docker builder now supports containers
+    with SSH, just set `communicator` to "ssh" [GH-2244]
+* **File provisioner can download**: The file provisioner can now download
+    files out of the build process. [GH-1909]
+* **New config function: `build_name`**: The name of the currently running
+    build. [GH-2232]
+* **New config function: `build_type`**: The type of the currently running
+    builder. This is useful for provisioners. [GH-2232]
+* **New config function: `template_dir`**: The directory to the template
+    being built. This should be used for template-relative paths. [GH-54]
+* **New provisioner: shell-local**: Runs a local shell script. [GH-770]
+* **New provisioner: powershell**: Provision Windows machines
+    with PowerShell scripts. [GH-2243]
+* **New provisioner: windows-shell**: Provision Windows machines with
+    batch files. [GH-2243]
+* **New provisioner: windows-restart**: Restart a Windows machines and
+    wait for it to come back online. [GH-2243]
+* **Compress post-processor supports multiple algorithms:** The compress
+    post-processor now supports lz4 compression and compresses gzip in
+    parallel for much faster throughput.
+* core: Interrupt handling for SIGTERM signal as well. [GH-1858]
+* core: HTTP downloads support resuming. [GH-2106]
+    * builder/*: Add `ssh_handshake_attempts` to configure the number of
+    handshake attempts done before failure. [GH-2237]
+* builder/amazon: Add `force_deregister` option for automatic AMI
+    deregistration. [GH-2221]
+* builder/amazon: Now applies tags to EBS snapshots. [GH-2212]
+* builder/amazon: Clean up orphaned volumes from Source AMIs. [GH-1783]
+* builder/amazon: Support custom keypairs. [GH-1837]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: Can now resize the root volume of the resulting
+    AMI with the `root_volume_size` option. [GH-2289]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: Add `mount_options` configuration option for providing
+    options to the `mount` command. [GH-2296]
+* builder/digitalocean: Save SSH key to pwd if debug mode is on. [GH-1829]
+* builder/digitalocean: User data support. [GH-2113]
+* builder/googlecompute: Option to use internal IP for connections. [GH-2152]
+* builder/parallels: Support Parallels Desktop 11. [GH-2199]
+* builder/openstack: Add `rackconnect_wait` for Rackspace customers to wait for
+    RackConnect data to appear
+* builder/openstack: Add `ssh_interface` option for rackconnect for users that
+    have prohibitive firewalls
+* builder/openstack: Flavor names can be used as well as refs
+* builder/openstack: Add `availability_zone` [GH-2016]
+* builder/openstack: Machine will be stopped prior to imaging if the
+    cluster supports the `startstop` extension. [GH-2223]
+* builder/openstack: Support for user data. [GH-2224]
+* builder/qemu: Default accelerator to "tcg" on Windows. [GH-2291]
+* builder/virtualbox: Added option: `ssh_skip_nat_mapping` to skip the
+    automatic port forward for SSH and to use the guest port directly. [GH-1078]
+* builder/virtualbox: Added SCSI support
+* builder/vmware: Support for additional disks. [GH-1382]
+* builder/vmware: Can now customize the template used for adding disks. [GH-2254]
+* command/fix: After fixing, the template is validated. [GH-2228]
+* command/push: Add `-name` flag for specifying name from CLI. [GH-2042]
+* command/push: Push configuration in templates supports variables. [GH-1861]
+* post-processor/docker-save: Can be chained. [GH-2179]
+* post-processor/docker-tag: Support `force` option. [GH-2055]
+* post-processor/docker-tag: Can be chained. [GH-2179]
+* post-processor/vsphere: Make more fields optional, support empty
+    resource pools. [GH-1868]
+* provisioner/puppet-masterless: `working_directory` option. [GH-1831]
+* provisioner/puppet-masterless: `packer_build_name` and
+    `packer_build_type` are default facts. [GH-1878]
+* provisioner/puppet-server: `ignore_exit_codes` option added. [GH-2280]
+* core: Fix potential panic for post-processor plugin exits. [GH-2098]
+* core: `PACKER_CONFIG` may point to a non-existent file. [GH-2226]
+* builder/amazon: Allow spaces in AMI names when using `clean_ami_name` [GH-2182]
+* builder/amazon: Remove deprecated ec2-upload-bundle parameter. [GH-1931]
+* builder/amazon: Use IAM Profile to upload bundle if provided. [GH-1985]
+* builder/amazon: Use correct exit code after SSH authentication failed. [GH-2004]
+* builder/amazon: Retry finding created instance for eventual
+    consistency. [GH-2129]
+* builder/amazon: If no AZ is specified, use AZ chosen automatically by
+    AWS for spot instance. [GH-2017]
+* builder/amazon: Private key file (only available in debug mode)
+    is deleted on cleanup. [GH-1801]
+* builder/amazon: AMI copy won't copy to the source region. [GH-2123]
+* builder/amazon: Validate AMI doesn't exist with name prior to build. [GH-1774]
+* builder/amazon: Improved retry logic around waiting for instances. [GH-1764]
+* builder/amazon: Fix issues with creating Block Devices. [GH-2195]
+* builder/amazon/chroot: Retry waiting for disk attachments. [GH-2046]
+* builder/amazon/chroot: Only unmount path if it is mounted. [GH-2054]
+* builder/amazon/instance: Use `-i` in sudo commands so PATH is inherited. [GH-1930]
+* builder/amazon/instance: Use `--region` flag for bundle upload command. [GH-1931]
+* builder/digitalocean: Wait for droplet to unlock before changing state,
+    should lower the "pending event" errors.
+* builder/digitalocean: Ignore invalid fields from the ever-changing v2 API
+* builder/digitalocean: Private images can be used as a source. [GH-1792]
+* builder/docker: Fixed hang on prompt while copying script
+* builder/docker: Use `docker exec` for newer versions of Docker for
+    running scripts. [GH-1993]
+* builder/docker: Fix crash that could occur at certain timed ctrl-c. [GH-1838]
+* builder/docker: validate that `export_path` is not a directory. [GH-2105]
+* builder/google: `ssh_timeout` is respected. [GH-1781]
+* builder/openstack: `ssh_interface` can be used to specify the interface
+    to retrieve the SSH IP from. [GH-2220]
+* builder/qemu: Add `disk_discard` option. [GH-2120]
+* builder/qemu: Use proper SSH port, not hardcoded to 22. [GH-2236]
+* builder/qemu: Find unused SSH port if SSH port is taken. [GH-2032]
+* builder/virtualbox: Bind HTTP server to IPv4, which is more compatible with
+    OS installers. [GH-1709]
+* builder/virtualbox: Remove the floppy controller in addition to the
+    floppy disk. [GH-1879]
+* builder/virtualbox: Fixed regression where downloading ISO without a
+    ".iso" extension didn't work. [GH-1839]
+* builder/virtualbox: Output dir is verified at runtime, not template
+    validation time. [GH-2233]
+* builder/virtualbox: Find unused SSH port if SSH port is taken. [GH-2032]
+* builder/vmware: Add 100ms delay between keystrokes to avoid subtle
+    timing issues in most cases. [GH-1663]
+* builder/vmware: Bind HTTP server to IPv4, which is more compatible with
+    OS installers. [GH-1709]
+* builder/vmware: Case-insensitive match of MAC address to find IP. [GH-1989]
+* builder/vmware: More robust IP parsing from ifconfig output. [GH-1999]
+* builder/vmware: Nested output directories for ESXi work. [GH-2174]
+* builder/vmware: Output dir is verified at runtime, not template
+    validation time. [GH-2233]
+* command/fix: For the `virtualbox` to `virtualbox-iso` builder rename,
+    provisioner overrides are now also fixed. [GH-2231]
+* command/validate: don't crash for invalid builds. [GH-2139]
+* post-processor/atlas: Find common archive prefix for Windows. [GH-1874]
+* post-processor/atlas: Fix index out of range panic. [GH-1959]
+* post-processor/vagrant-cloud: Fixed failing on response
+* post-processor/vagrant-cloud: Don't delete version on error. [GH-2014]
+* post-processor/vagrant-cloud: Retry failed uploads a few times
+* provisioner/chef-client: Fix permissions issues on default dir. [GH-2255]
+* provisioner/chef-client: Node cleanup works now. [GH-2257]
+* provisioner/puppet-masterless: Allow manifest_file to be a directory
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: Add `--retcode-passthrough` to salt-call
+* provisioner/shell: chmod executable script to 0755, not 0777. [GH-1708]
+* provisioner/shell: inline commands failing will fail the provisioner. [GH-2069]
+* provisioner/shell: single quotes in env vars are escaped. [GH-2229]
+* provisioner/shell: Temporary file is deleted after run. [GH-2259]
+* provisioner/shell: Randomize default script name to avoid strange
+    race issues from Windows. [GH-2270]
+## 0.7.5 (December 9, 2014)
+* **New command: `packer push`**: Push template and files to HashiCorp's
+    Atlas for building your templates automatically.
+* **New post-processor: `atlas`**: Send artifact to HashiCorp's Atlas for
+    versioning and storing artifacts. These artifacts can then be queried
+    using the API, Terraform, etc.
+* builder/googlecompute: Support for ubuntu-os-cloud project
+* builder/googlecompute: Support for OAuth2 to avoid client secrets file
+* builder/googlecompute: GCE image from persistent disk instead of tarball
+* builder/qemu: Checksum type "none" can be used
+* provisioner/chef: Generate a node name if none available
+* provisioner/chef: Added ssl_verify_mode configuration
+* builder/parallels: Fixed attachment of ISO to cdrom device
+* builder/parallels: Fixed boot load ordering
+* builder/digitalocean: Fixed decoding of size
+* builder/digitalocean: Fixed missing content-type header in request
+* builder/digitalocean: Fixed use of private IP
+* builder/digitalocean: Fixed the artifact ID generation
+* builder/vsphere: Fixed credential escaping
+* builder/qemu: Fixed use of CDROM with disk_image
+* builder/aws: Fixed IP address for SSH in VPC
+* builder/aws: Fixed issue with multiple block devices
+* builder/vmware: Upload VMX to ESX5 after editing
+* communicator/docker: Fix handling of symlinks during upload
+* provisioner/chef: Fixed use of sudo in some cases
+* core: Fixed build name interpolation
+* postprocessor/vagrant: Fixed check for Vagrantfile template
+## 0.7.2 (October 28, 2014)
+* builder/digitalocean: API V2 support. [GH-1463]
+* builder/parallels: Don't depend on _prl-utils_. [GH-1499]
+* builder/amazon/all: Support new AWS Frankfurt region.
+* builder/docker: Allow remote `DOCKER_HOST`, which works as long as
+    volumes work. [GH-1594]
+* builder/qemu: Can set cache mode for main disk. [GH-1558]
+* builder/qemu: Can build from pre-existing disk. [GH-1342]
+* builder/vmware: Can specify path to Fusion installation with environmental
+    variable `FUSION_APP_PATH`. [GH-1552]
+* builder/vmware: Can specify the HW version for the VMX. [GH-1530]
+* builder/vmware/esxi: Will now cache ISOs/floppies remotely. [GH-1479]
+* builder/vmware/vmx: Source VMX can have a disk connected via SATA. [GH-1604]
+* post-processors/vagrant: Support Qemu (libvirt) boxes. [GH-1330]
+* post-processors/vagrantcloud: Support self-hosted box URLs.
+* core: Fix loading plugins from pwd. [GH-1521]
+* builder/amazon: Prefer token in config if given. [GH-1544]
+* builder/amazon/all: Extended timeout for waiting for AMI. [GH-1533]
+* builder/virtualbox: Can read VirtualBox version on FreeBSD. [GH-1570]
+* builder/virtualbox: More robust reading of guest additions URL. [GH-1509]
+* builder/vmware: Always remove floppies/drives. [GH-1504]
+* builder/vmware: Wait some time so that post-VMX update aren't
+    overwritten. [GH-1504]
+* builder/vmware/esxi: Retry power on if it fails. [GH-1334]
+* builder/vmware-vmx: Fix issue with order of boot command support. [GH-1492]
+* builder/amazon: Extend timeout and allow user override. [GH-1533]
+* builder/parallels: Ignore 'The fdd0 device does not exist' [GH-1501]
+* builder/parallels: Rely on Cleanup functions to detach devices. [GH-1502]
+* builder/parallels: Create VM without hdd and then add it later. [GH-1548]
+* builder/parallels: Disconnect cdrom0. [GH-1605]
+* builder/qemu: Don't use `-redir` flag anymore, replace with
+    `hostfwd` options. [GH-1561]
+* builder/qemu: Use `pc` as default machine type instead of `pc-1.0`.
+* providers/aws: Ignore transient network errors. [GH-1579]
+* provisioner/ansible: Don't buffer output so output streams in. [GH-1585]
+* provisioner/ansible: Use inventory file always to avoid potentially
+    deprecated feature. [GH-1562]
+* provisioner/shell: Quote environmental variables. [GH-1568]
+* provisioner/salt: Bootstrap over SSL. [GH-1608]
+* post-processors/docker-push: Work with docker-tag artifacts. [GH-1526]
+* post-processors/vsphere: Append "/" to object address. [GH-1615]
+## 0.7.1 (September 10, 2014)
+* builder/vmware: VMware Fusion Pro 7 is now supported. [GH-1478]
+* core: SSH will connect slightly faster if it is ready immediately.
+* provisioner/file: directory uploads no longer hang. [GH-1484]
+* provisioner/file: fixed crash on large files. [GH-1473]
+* scripts: Windows executable renamed to packer.exe. [GH-1483]
+## 0.7.0 (September 8, 2014)
+* The authentication configuration for Google Compute Engine has changed.
+    The new method is much simpler, but is not backwards compatible.
+    `packer fix` will _not_ fix this. Please read the updated GCE docs.
+* **New Post-Processor: `compress`** - Gzip compresses artifacts with files.
+* **New Post-Processor: `docker-save`** - Save an image. This is similar to
+    export, but preserves the image hierarchy.
+* **New Post-Processor: `docker-tag`** - Tag a created image.
+* **New Template Functions: `upper`, `lower`** - See documentation for
+    more details.
+* core: Plugins are automatically discovered if they're named properly.
+    Packer will look in the PWD and the directory with `packer` for
+    binaries named `packer-TYPE-NAME`.
+* core: Plugins placed in `~/.packer.d/plugins` are now automatically
+    discovered.
+* builder/amazon: Spot instances can now be used to build EBS backed and
+    instance store images. [GH-1139]
+* builder/docker: Images can now be committed instead of exported. [GH-1198]
+* builder/virtualbox-ovf: New `import_flags` setting can be used to add
+    new command line flags to `VBoxManage import` to allow things such
+    as EULAs to be accepted. [GH-1383]
+* builder/virtualbox-ovf: Boot commands and the HTTP server are supported.
+    [GH-1169]
+* builder/vmware: VMware Player 6 is now supported. [GH-1168]
+* builder/vmware-vmx: Boot commands and the HTTP server are supported.
+    [GH-1169]
+* core: `isotime` function can take a format. [GH-1126]
+* builder/amazon/all: `AWS_SECURITY_TOKEN` is read and can also be
+    set with the `token` configuration. [GH-1236]
+* builder/amazon/all: Can force SSH on the private IP address with
+    `ssh_private_ip`. [GH-1229]
+* builder/amazon/all: String fields in device mappings can use variables. [GH-1090]
+* builder/amazon-instance: EBS AMIs can be used as a source. [GH-1453]
+* builder/digitalocean: Can set API URL endpoint. [GH-1448]
+* builder/digitalocean: Region supports variables. [GH-1452]
+* builder/docker: Can now specify login credentials to pull images.
+* builder/docker: Support mounting additional volumes. [GH-1430]
+* builder/parallels/all: Path to tools ISO is calculated automatically. [GH-1455]
+* builder/parallels-pvm: `reassign_mac` option to choose whether or not
+    to generate a new MAC address. [GH-1461]
+* builder/qemu: Can specify "none" acceleration type. [GH-1395]
+* builder/qemu: Can specify "tcg" acceleration type. [GH-1395]
+* builder/virtualbox/all: `iso_interface` option to mount ISO with SATA. [GH-1200]
+* builder/vmware-vmx: Proper `floppy_files` support. [GH-1057]
+* command/build: Add `-color=false` flag to disable color. [GH-1433]
+* post-processor/docker-push: Can now specify login credentials. [GH-1243]
+* provisioner/chef-client: Support `chef_environment`. [GH-1190]
+* core: nicer error message if an encrypted private key is used for
+    SSH. [GH-1445]
+* core: Fix crash that could happen with a well timed double Ctrl-C.
+    [GH-1328] [GH-1314]
+* core: SSH TCP keepalive period is now 5 seconds (shorter). [GH-1232]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: Can properly build HVM images now. [GH-1360]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: Fix crash in root device check. [GH-1360]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: Add description that Packer made the snapshot
+    with a time. [GH-1388]
+* builder/amazon-ebs: AMI is deregistered if an error. [GH-1186]
+* builder/amazon-instance: Fix deprecation warning for `ec2-bundle-vol`
+    [GH-1424]
+* builder/amazon-instance: Add `--no-filter` to the `ec2-bundle-vol`
+    command by default to avoid corrupting data by removing package
+    manager certs. [GH-1137]
+* builder/amazon/all: `delete_on_termination` set to false will work.
+* builder/amazon/all: Fix race condition on setting tags. [GH-1367]
+* builder/amazon/all: More descriptive error messages if Amazon only
+    sends an error code. [GH-1189]
+* builder/docker: Error if `DOCKER_HOST` is set.
+* builder/docker: Remove the container during cleanup. [GH-1206]
+* builder/docker: Fix case where not all output would show up from
+    provisioners.
+* builder/googlecompute: add `disk_size` option. [GH-1397]
+* builder/googlecompute: Auth works with latest formats on Google Cloud
+    Console. [GH-1344]
+* builder/openstack: Region is not required. [GH-1418]
+* builder/parallels-iso: ISO not removed from VM after install. [GH-1338]
+* builder/parallels/all: Add support for Parallels Desktop 10. [GH-1438]
+* builder/parallels/all: Added some navigation keys. [GH-1442]
+* builder/qemu: If headless, sdl display won't be used. [GH-1395]
+* builder/qemu: Use `512M` as `-m` default. [GH-1444]
+* builder/virtualbox/all: Search `VBOX_MSI_INSTALL_PATH` for path to
+    `VBoxManage` on Windows. [GH-1337]
+* builder/virtualbox/all: Seed RNG to avoid same ports. [GH-1386]
+* builder/virtualbox/all: Better error if guest additions URL couldn't be
+    detected. [GH-1439]
+* builder/virtualbox/all: Detect errors even when `VBoxManage` exits
+    with a zero exit code. [GH-1119]
+* builder/virtualbox/iso: Append timestamp to default name for parallel
+    builds. [GH-1365]
+* builder/vmware/all: No more error when Packer stops an already-stopped
+    VM. [GH-1300]
+* builder/vmware/all: `ssh_host` accepts templates. [GH-1396]
+* builder/vmware/all: Don't remount floppy in VMX post step. [GH-1239]
+* builder/vmware/vmx: Do not re-add floppy disk files to VMX. [GH-1361]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Fix crash when `vnc_port_min` and max were the
+    same value. [GH-1288]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Finding an available VNC port on Windows works. [GH-1372]
+* builder/vmware-vmx: Nice error if Clone is not supported (not VMware
+    Fusion Pro). [GH-787]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Can supply your own metadata.json. [GH-1143]
+* provisioner/ansible-local: Use proper path on Windows. [GH-1375]
+* provisioner/file: Mode will now be preserved. [GH-1064]
+## 0.6.1 (July 20, 2014)
+* **New post processor:** `vagrant-cloud` - Push box files generated by
+    vagrant post processor to Vagrant Cloud. [GH-1289]
+* Vagrant post-processor can now packer Hyper-V boxes.
+* builder/amazon: Support for enhanced networking on HVM images. [GH-1228]
+* builder/amazon-ebs: Support encrypted EBS volumes. [GH-1194]
+* builder/ansible: Add `playbook_dir` option. [GH-1000]
+* builder/openstack: Add ability to configure networks. [GH-1261]
+* builder/openstack: Skip certificate verification. [GH-1121]
+* builder/parallels/all: Add ability to select interface to connect to.
+* builder/parallels/pvm: Support `boot_command`. [GH-1082]
+* builder/virtualbox/all: Attempt to use local guest additions ISO
+    before downloading from internet. [GH-1123]
+* builder/virtualbox/ovf: Supports `guest_additions_mode` [GH-1035]
+* builder/vmware/all: Increase cleanup timeout to 120 seconds. [GH-1167]
+* builder/vmware/all: Add `vmx_data_post` for modifying VMX data
+    after shutdown. [GH-1149]
+* builder/vmware/vmx: Supports tools uploading. [GH-1154]
+* core: `isotime` is the same time during the entire build. [GH-1153]
+* builder/amazon-common: Sort AMI strings before outputting. [GH-1305]
+* builder/amazon: User data can use templates/variables. [GH-1343]
+* builder/amazon: Can now build AMIs in GovCloud.
+* builder/null: SSH info can use templates/variables. [GH-1343]
+* builder/openstack: Workaround for gophercloud.ServerById crashing. [GH-1257]
+* builder/openstack: Force IPv4 addresses from address pools. [GH-1258]
+* builder/parallels: Do not delete entire CDROM device. [GH-1115]
+* builder/parallels: Errors while creating floppy disk. [GH-1225]
+* builder/parallels: Errors while removing floppy drive. [GH-1226]
+* builder/virtualbox-ovf: Supports guest additions options. [GH-1120]
+* builder/vmware-iso: Fix esx5 path separator in windows. [GH-1316]
+* builder/vmware: Remote ESXi builder now uploads floppy. [GH-1106]
+* builder/vmware: Remote ESXi builder no longer re-uploads ISO every
+    time. [GH-1244]
+* post-processor/vsphere: Accept DOMAIN\account usernames. [GH-1178]
+    * provisioner/chef-*: Fix remotePaths for Windows. [GH-394]
+## 0.6.0 (May 2, 2014)
+* **New builder:** `null` - The null builder does not produce any
+    artifacts, but is useful for debugging provisioning scripts. [GH-970]
+* **New builder:** `parallels-iso` and `parallels-pvm` - These can be
+    used to build Parallels virtual machines. [GH-1101]
+* **New provisioner:** `chef-client` - Provision using a the `chef-client`
+    command, which talks to a Chef Server. [GH-855]
+* **New provisioner:** `puppet-server` - Provision using Puppet by
+    communicating to a Puppet master. [GH-796]
+* `min_packer_version` can be specified in a Packer template to force
+    a minimum version. [GH-487]
+* core: RPC transport between plugins switched to MessagePack
+* core: Templates array values can now be comma separated strings.
+    Most importantly, this allows for user variables to fill
+    array configurations. [GH-950]
+* builder/amazon: Added `ssh_private_key_file` option. [GH-971]
+* builder/amazon: Added `ami_virtualization_type` option. [GH-1021]
+* builder/digitalocean: Regions, image names, and sizes can be
+    names that are looked up for their valid ID. [GH-960]
+* builder/googlecompute: Configurable instance name. [GH-1065]
+* builder/openstack: Support for conventional OpenStack environmental
+    variables such as `OS_USERNAME`, `OS_PASSWORD`, etc. [GH-768]
+* builder/openstack: Support `openstack_provider` option to automatically
+    fill defaults for different OpenStack variants. [GH-912]
+* builder/openstack: Support security groups. [GH-848]
+* builder/qemu: User variable expansion in `ssh_key_path` [GH-918]
+* builder/qemu: Floppy disk files list can also include globs
+    and directories. [GH-1086]
+* builder/virtualbox: Support an `export_opts` option which allows
+    specifying arbitrary arguments when exporting the VM. [GH-945]
+* builder/virtualbox: Added `vboxmanage_post` option to run vboxmanage
+    commands just before exporting. [GH-664]
+* builder/virtualbox: Floppy disk files list can also include globs
+    and directories. [GH-1086]
+* builder/vmware: Workstation 10 support for Linux. [GH-900]
+* builder/vmware: add cloning support on Windows. [GH-824]
+* builder/vmware: Floppy disk files list can also include globs
+    and directories. [GH-1086]
+* command/build: Added `-parallel` flag so you can disable parallelization
+    with `-no-parallel`. [GH-924]
+* post-processors/vsphere: `disk_mode` option. [GH-778]
+* provisioner/ansible: Add `inventory_file` option. [GH-1006]
+* provisioner/chef-client: Add `validation_client_name` option. [GH-1056]
+* core: Errors are properly shown when adding bad floppy files. [GH-1043]
+* core: Fix some URL parsing issues on Windows.
+* core: Create Cache directory only when it is needed. [GH-367]
+* builder/amazon-instance: Use S3Endpoint for ec2-upload-bundle arg,
+    which works for every region. [GH-904]
+* builder/digitalocean: updated default image_id. [GH-1032]
+* builder/googlecompute: Create persistent disk as boot disk via
+    API v1. [GH-1001]
+* builder/openstack: Return proper error on invalid instance states. [GH-1018]
+* builder/virtualbox-iso: Retry unregister a few times to deal with
+    VBoxManage randomness. [GH-915]
+* provisioner/ansible: Fix paths when provisioning Linux from
+    Windows. [GH-963]
+* provisioner/ansible: set cwd to staging directory. [GH-1016]
+* provisioners/chef-client: Don't chown directory with Ubuntu. [GH-939]
+* provisioners/chef-solo: Deeply nested JSON works properly. [GH-1076]
+* provisioners/shell: Env var values can have equal signs. [GH-1045]
+* provisioners/shell: chmod the uploaded script file to 0777. [GH-994]
+* post-processor/docker-push: Allow repositories with ports. [GH-923]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Create parent directories for `output` path. [GH-1059]
+* post-processor/vsphere: datastore, network, and folder are no longer
+    required. [GH-1091]
+## 0.5.2 (02/21/2014)
+*  **New post-processor:** `docker-import` - Import a Docker image and give it
+    a specific repository/tag.
+*  **New post-processor:** `docker-push` - Push an imported image to
+    a registry.
+* core: Most downloads made by Packer now use a custom user agent. [GH-803]
+* builder/googlecompute: SSH private key will be saved to disk if `-debug` is
+    specified. [GH-867]
+* builder/qemu: Can specify the name of the qemu binary. [GH-854]
+* builder/virtualbox-ovf: Can specify import options such as "keepallmacs".
+    [GH-883]
+* core: Fix crash case if blank parameters are given to Packer. [GH-832]
+* core: Fix crash if big file uploads are done. [GH-897]
+* core: Fix crash if machine-readable output is going to a closed
+    pipe. [GH-875]
+* builder/docker: user variables work properly. [GH-777]
+* builder/qemu: reboots are now possible in provisioners. [GH-864]
+* builder/virtualbox,vmware: iso\_checksum is not required if the
+    checksum type is "none"
+* builder/virtualbox,vmware/qemu: Support for additional scancodes for
+    `boot_command` such as `<up>`, `<left>`, `<insert>`, etc. [GH-808]
+* communicator/ssh: Send TCP keep-alives on connections. [GH-872]
+* post-processor/vagrant: AWS/DigitalOcean keep input artifacts by
+    default. [GH-55]
+* provisioners/ansible-local: Properly upload custom playbooks. [GH-829]
+* provisioners/ansible-local: Better error if ansible isn't installed.
+    [GH-836]
+## 0.5.1 (01/02/2014)
+* core: If a stream ID loops around, don't let it use stream ID 0. [GH-767]
+* core: Fix issue where large writes to plugins would result in stream
+    corruption. [GH-727]
+* builders/virtualbox-ovf: `shutdown_timeout` config works. [GH-772]
+* builders/vmware-iso: Remote driver works properly again. [GH-773]
+## 0.5.0 (12/30/2013)
+* "virtualbox" builder has been renamed to "virtualbox-iso". Running your
+    template through `packer fix` will resolve this.
+* "vmware" builder has been renamed to "vmware-iso". Running your template
+    through `packer fix` will resolve this.
+* post-processor/vagrant: Syntax for overriding by provider has changed.
+    See the documentation for more information. Running your template
+    through `packer fix` should resolve this.
+* post-processor/vsphere: Some available configuration options were
+    changed. Running your template through `packer fix` should resolve
+    this.
+* provisioner/puppet-masterless: The `execute_command` no longer has
+    the `Has*` variables, since the templating language now supports
+    comparison operations. See the Go documentation for more info:
+    http://golang.org/pkg/text/template/
+* **New builder:** Google Compute Engine. You can now build images for
+    use in Google Compute Engine. See the documentation for more information.
+    [GH-715]
+* **New builder:** "virtualbox-ovf" can build VirtualBox images from
+    an existing OVF or OVA. [GH-201]
+* **New builder:** "vmware-vmx" can build VMware images from an existing
+    VMX. [GH-201]
+* Environmental variables can now be accessed as default values for
+    user variables using the "env" function. See the documentation for more
+    information.
+* "description" field in templates: write a human-readable description
+    of what a template does. This will be shown in `packer inspect`.
+* Vagrant post-processor now accepts a list of files to include in the
+    box.
+* All provisioners can now have a "pause\_before" parameter to wait
+    some period of time before running that provisioner. This is useful
+    for reboots. [GH-737]
+* core: Plugins communicate over a single TCP connection per plugin now,
+    instead of sometimes dozens. Performance around plugin communication
+    dramatically increased.
+* core: Build names are now template processed so you can use things
+    like user variables in them. [GH-744]
+* core: New "pwd" function available globally that returns the working
+    directory. [GH-762]
+* builder/amazon/all: Launched EC2 instances now have a name of
+    "Packer Builder" so that they are easily recognizable. [GH-642]
+* builder/amazon/all: Copying AMIs to multiple regions now happens
+    in parallel. [GH-495]
+* builder/amazon/all: Ability to specify "run\_tags" to tag the instance
+    while running. [GH-722]
+* builder/digitalocean: Private networking support. [GH-698]
+* builder/docker: A "run\_command" can be specified, configuring how
+    the container is started. [GH-648]
+* builder/openstack: In debug mode, the generated SSH keypair is saved
+    so you can SSH into the machine. [GH-746]
+* builder/qemu: Floppy files are supported. [GH-686]
+* builder/qemu: Next `run_once` option tells Qemu to run only once,
+    which is useful for Windows installs that handle reboots for you.
+    [GH-687]
+* builder/virtualbox: Nice errors if Packer can't write to
+    the output directory.
+* builder/virtualbox: ISO is ejected prior to export.
+* builder/virtualbox: Checksum type can be "none" [GH-471]
+* builder/vmware: Can now specify path to the Fusion application. [GH-677]
+* builder/vmware: Checksum type can be "none" [GH-471]
+* provisioner/puppet-masterless: Can now specify a `manifest_dir` to
+    upload manifests to the remote machine for imports. [GH-655]
+* core: No colored output in machine-readable output. [GH-684]
+* core: User variables can now be used for non-string fields. [GH-598]
+* core: Fix bad download paths if the download URL contained a "."
+    before a "/" [GH-716]
+* core: "{{timestamp}}" values will always be the same for the entire
+    duration of a build. [GH-744]
+* builder/amazon: Handle cases where security group isn't instantly
+    available. [GH-494]
+* builder/virtualbox: don't download guest additions if disabled. [GH-731]
+* post-processor/vsphere: Uploads VM properly. [GH-694]
+* post-processor/vsphere: Process user variables.
+* provisioner/ansible-local: all configurations are processed as templates
+    [GH-749]
+* provisioner/ansible-local: playbook paths are properly validated
+    as directories, not files. [GH-710]
+* provisioner/chef-solo: Environments are recognized. [GH-726]
+## 0.4.1 (December 7, 2013)
+* builder/amazon/ebs: New option allows associating a public IP with
+    non-default VPC instances. [GH-660]
+* builder/openstack: A "proxy\_url" setting was added to define an HTTP
+    proxy to use when building with this builder. [GH-637]
+* core: Don't change background color on CLI anymore, making things look
+    a tad nicer in some terminals.
+* core: multiple ISO URLs works properly in all builders. [GH-683]
+* builder/amazon/chroot: Block when obtaining file lock to allow
+    parallel builds. [GH-689]
+* builder/amazon/instance: Add location flag to upload bundle command
+    so that building AMIs works out of us-east-1. [GH-679]
+* builder/qemu: Qemu arguments are templated. [GH-688]
+* builder/vmware: Cleanup of VMX keys works properly so cd-rom won't
+    get stuck with ISO. [GH-685]
+* builder/vmware: File cleanup is more resilient to file delete races
+    with the operating system. [GH-675]
+* provisioner/puppet-masterless: Check for hiera config path existence
+    properly. [GH-656]
+## 0.4.0 (November 19, 2013)
+* Docker builder: build and export Docker containers, easily provisioned
+    with any of the Packer built-in provisioners.
+* QEMU builder: builds a new VM compatible with KVM or Xen using QEMU.
+* Remote ESXi builder: builds a VMware VM using ESXi remotely using only
+    SSH to an ESXi machine directly.
+* vSphere post-processor: Can upload VMware artifacts to vSphere
+* Vagrant post-processor can now make DigitalOcean provider boxes. [GH-504]
+* builder/amazon/all: Can now specify a list of multiple security group
+    IDs to apply. [GH-499]
+* builder/amazon/all: AWS API requests are now retried when a temporary
+    network error occurs as well as 500 errors. [GH-559]
+* builder/virtualbox: Use VBOX\_INSTALL\_PATH env var on Windows to find
+    VBoxManage. [GH-628]
+* post-processor/vagrant: skips gzip compression when compression_level=0
+* provisioner/chef-solo: Encrypted data bag support. [GH-625]
+* builder/amazon/chroot: Copying empty directories works. [GH-588]
+* builder/amazon/chroot: Chroot commands work with shell provisioners. [GH-581]
+* builder/amazon/chroot: Don't choose a mount point that is a partition of
+    an already mounted device. [GH-635]
+* builder/virtualbox: Ctrl-C interrupts during waiting for boot. [GH-618]
+* builder/vmware: VMX modifications are now case-insensitive. [GH-608]
+* builder/vmware: VMware Fusion won't ask for VM upgrade.
+* builder/vmware: Ctrl-C interrupts during waiting for boot. [GH-618]
+* provisioner/chef-solo: Output is slightly prettier and more informative.
+## 0.3.11 (November 4, 2013)
+* builder/amazon/ebs: Ability to specify which availability zone to create
+    instance in. [GH-536]
+* core: builders can now give warnings during validation. warnings won't
+    fail the build but may hint at potential future problems.
+* builder/digitalocean: Can now specify a droplet name
+* builder/virtualbox: Can now disable guest addition download entirely
+    by setting "guest_additions_mode" to "disable" [GH-580]
+* builder/virtualbox,vmware: ISO urls can now be https. [GH-587]
+* builder/virtualbox,vmware: Warning if shutdown command is not specified,
+    since it is a common case of data loss.
+* core: Won't panic when writing to a bad pipe. [GH-560]
+* builder/amazon/all: Properly scrub access key and secret key from logs.
+    [GH-554]
+* builder/openstack: Properly scrub password from logs. [GH-554]
+* builder/virtualbox: No panic if SSH host port min/max is the same. [GH-594]
+* builder/vmware: checks if `ifconfig` is in `/sbin` [GH-591]
+* builder/vmware: Host IP lookup works for non-C locales. [GH-592]
+* common/uuid: Use cryptographically secure PRNG when generating
+    UUIDs. [GH-552]
+* communicator/ssh: File uploads that exceed the size of memory no longer
+    cause crashes. [GH-561]
+## 0.3.10 (October 20, 2013)
+* Ansible provisioner
+* post-processor/vagrant: support instance-store AMIs built by Packer. [GH-502]
+* post-processor/vagrant: can now specify compression level to use
+    when creating the box. [GH-506]
+* builder/all: timeout waiting for SSH connection is a failure. [GH-491]
+* builder/amazon: Scrub sensitive data from the logs. [GH-521]
+* builder/amazon: Handle the situation where an EC2 instance might not
+    be immediately available. [GH-522]
+* builder/amazon/chroot: Files copied into the chroot remove destination
+    before copy, fixing issues with dangling symlinks. [GH-500]
+* builder/digitalocean: don't panic if erroneous API response doesn't
+    contain error message. [GH-492]
+* builder/digitalocean: scrub API keys from config debug output. [GH-516]
+* builder/virtualbox: error if VirtualBox version cant be detected. [GH-488]
+* builder/virtualbox: detect if vboxdrv isn't properly setup. [GH-488]
+* builder/virtualbox: sleep a bit before export to ensure the session
+    is unlocked. [GH-512]
+* builder/virtualbox: create SATA drives properly on VirtualBox 4.3. [GH-547]
+* builder/virtualbox: support user templates in SSH key path. [GH-539]
+* builder/vmware: support user templates in SSH key path. [GH-539]
+* communicator/ssh: Fix issue where a panic could arise from a nil
+    dereference. [GH-525]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Fix issue with VirtualBox OVA. [GH-548]
+* provisioner/salt: Move salt states to correct remote directory. [GH-513]
+* provisioner/shell: Won't block on certain scripts on Windows anymore.
+    [GH-507]
+## 0.3.9 (October 2, 2013)
+* The Amazon chroot builder is now able to run without any `sudo` privileges
+    by using the "command_wrapper" configuration. [GH-430]
+* Chef provisioner supports environments. [GH-483]
+* core: default user variable values don't need to be strings. [GH-456]
+* builder/amazon-chroot: Fix errors with waitin for state change. [GH-459]
+* builder/digitalocean: Use proper error message JSON key (DO API change).
+* communicator/ssh: SCP uploads now work properly when directories
+    contain symlinks. [GH-449]
+* provisioner/chef-solo: Data bags and roles path are now properly
+    populated when set. [GH-470]
+* provisioner/shell: Windows line endings are actually properly changed
+    to Unix line endings. [GH-477]
+## 0.3.8 (September 22, 2013)
+* core: You can now specify `only` and `except` configurations on any
+    provisioner or post-processor to specify a list of builds that they
+    are valid for. [GH-438]
+* builders/virtualbox: Guest additions can be attached rather than uploaded,
+    easier to handle for Windows guests. [GH-405]
+* provisioner/chef-solo: Ability to specify a custom Chef configuration
+    template.
+* provisioner/chef-solo: Roles and data bags support. [GH-348]
+* core: User variables can now be used for integer, boolean, etc.
+    values. [GH-418]
+* core: Plugins made with incompatible versions will no longer load.
+* builder/amazon/all: Interrupts work while waiting for AMI to be ready.
+* provisioner/shell: Script line-endings are automatically converted to
+    Unix-style line-endings. Can be disabled by setting "binary" to "true".
+    [GH-277]
+* core: Set TCP KeepAlives on internally created RPC connections so that
+    they don't die. [GH-416]
+* builder/amazon/all: While waiting for AMI, will detect "failed" state.
+* builder/amazon/all: Waiting for state will detect if the resource (AMI,
+    instance, etc.) disappears from under it.
+* builder/amazon/instance: Exclude only contents of /tmp, not /tmp
+    itself. [GH-437]
+* builder/amazon/instance: Make AccessKey/SecretKey available to bundle
+    command even when they come from the environment. [GH-434]
+* builder/virtualbox: F1-F12 and delete scancodes now work. [GH-425]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Override configurations properly work. [GH-426]
+* provisioner/puppet-masterless: Fix failure case when both facter vars
+    are used and prevent_sudo. [GH-415]
+* provisioner/puppet-masterless: User variables now work properly in
+    manifest file and hiera path. [GH-448]
+## 0.3.7 (September 9, 2013)
+* The "event_delay" option for the DigitalOcean builder is now gone.
+    The builder automatically waits for events to go away. Run your templates
+    through `packer fix` to get rid of these.
+* **NEW PROVISIONER:** `puppet-masterless`. You can now provision with
+    a masterless Puppet setup. [GH-234]
+* New globally available template function: `uuid`. Generates a new random
+    UUID.
+* New globally available template function: `isotime`. Generates the
+    current time in ISO standard format.
+* New Amazon template function: `clean_ami_name`. Substitutes '-' for
+    characters that are illegal to use in an AMI name.
+* builder/amazon/all: Ability to specify the format of the temporary
+    keypair created. [GH-389]
+* builder/amazon/all: Support the NoDevice flag for block mappings. [GH-396]
+* builder/digitalocean: Retry on any pending event errors.
+* builder/openstack: Can now specify a project. [GH-382]
+* builder/virtualbox: Can now attach hard drive over SATA. [GH-391]
+* provisioner/file: Can now upload directories. [GH-251]
+* core: Detect if SCP is not enabled on the other side. [GH-386]
+* builder/amazon/all: When copying AMI to multiple regions, copy
+    the metadata (tags and attributes) as well. [GH-388]
+* builder/amazon/all: Fix panic case where eventually consistent
+    instance state caused an index out of bounds.
+* builder/virtualbox: The `vm_name` setting now properly sets the OVF
+    name of the output. [GH-401]
+* builder/vmware: Autoanswer VMware dialogs. [GH-393]
+* command/inspect: Fix weird output for default values for optional vars.
+## 0.3.6 (September 2, 2013)
+* User variables can now be specified as "required", meaning the user
+    MUST specify a value. Just set the default value to "null". [GH-374]
+* core: Much improved interrupt handling. For example, interrupts now
+    cancel much more quickly within provisioners.
+* builder/amazon: In `-debug` mode, the keypair used will be saved to
+    the current directory so you can access the machine. [GH-373]
+* builder/amazon: In `-debug` mode, the DNS is outputted.
+* builder/openstack: IPv6 addresses supported for SSH. [GH-379]
+* communicator/ssh: Support for private keys encrypted using PKCS8. [GH-376]
+* provisioner/chef-solo: You can now use user variables in the `json`
+    configuration for Chef. [GH-362]
+* core: Concurrent map access is completely gone, fixing rare issues
+    with runtime memory corruption. [GH-307]
+* core: Fix possible panic when ctrl-C during provisioner run.
+* builder/digitalocean: Retry destroy a few times because DO sometimes
+    gives false errors.
+* builder/openstack: Properly handle the case no image is made. [GH-375]
+* builder/openstack: Specifying a region is now required in a template.
+* provisioners/salt-masterless: Use filepath join to properly join paths.
+## 0.3.5 (August 28, 2013)
+* **NEW BUILDER:** `openstack`. You can now build on OpenStack. [GH-155]
+* **NEW PROVISIONER:** `chef-solo`. You can now provision with Chef
+    using `chef-solo` from local cookbooks.
+* builder/amazon: Copy AMI to multiple regions with `ami_regions`. [GH-322]
+* builder/virtualbox,vmware: Can now use SSH keys as an auth mechanism for
+    SSH using `ssh_key_path`. [GH-70]
+* builder/virtualbox,vmware: Support SHA512 as a checksum type. [GH-356]
+* builder/vmware: The root hard drive type can now be specified with
+    "disk_type_id" for advanced users. [GH-328]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: Ability to specify a minion config. [GH-264]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: Ability to upload pillars. [GH-353]
+* core: Output message when Ctrl-C received that we're cleaning up. [GH-338]
+* builder/amazon: Tagging now works with all amazon builder types.
+* builder/vmware: Option `ssh_skip_request_pty` for not requesting a PTY
+    for the SSH connection. [GH-270]
+* builder/vmware: Specify a `vmx_template_path` in order to customize
+    the generated VMX. [GH-270]
+* command/build: Machine-readable output now contains build errors, if any.
+* command/build: An "end" sentinel is outputted in machine-readable output
+    for artifact listing so it is easier to know when it is over.
+* core: Fixed a couple cases where a double ctrl-C could panic.
+* core: Template validation fails if an override is specified for a
+    non-existent builder. [GH-336]
+* core: The SSH connection is heartbeated so that drops can be
+    detected. [GH-200]
+* builder/amazon/instance: Remove check for ec2-ami-tools because it
+    didn't allow absolute paths to work properly. [GH-330]
+* builder/digitalocean: Send a soft shutdown request so that files
+    are properly synced before shutdown. [GH-332]
+* command/build,command/validate: If a non-existent build is specified to
+    '-only' or '-except', it is now an error. [GH-326]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Setting OutputPath with a timestamp now
+    always works properly. [GH-324]
+* post-processor/vagrant: VirtualBox OVA formats now turn into
+    Vagrant boxes properly. [GH-331]
+* provisioner/shell: Retry upload if start command fails, making reboot
+    handling much more robust.
+## 0.3.4 (August 21, 2013)
+* post-processor/vagrant: the file being compressed will be shown
+    in the UI. [GH-314]
+* core: Avoid panics when double-interrupting Packer.
+* provisioner/shell: Retry shell script uploads, making reboots more
+    robust if they happen to fail in this stage. [GH-282]
+## 0.3.3 (August 19, 2013)
+* builder/virtualbox: support exporting in OVA format. [GH-309]
+* core: All HTTP downloads across Packer now support the standard
+    proxy environmental variables (`HTTP_PROXY`, `NO_PROXY`, etc.) [GH-252]
+* builder/amazon: API requests will use HTTP proxy if specified by
+    environmental variables.
+* builder/digitalocean: API requests will use HTTP proxy if specified
+    by environmental variables.
+* core: TCP connection between plugin processes will keep-alive. [GH-312]
+* core: No more "unused key keep_input_artifact" for post processors. [GH-310]
+* post-processor/vagrant: `output_path` templates now work again.
+## 0.3.2 (August 18, 2013)
+* New command: `packer inspect`. This command tells you the components of
+    a template. It respects the `-machine-readable` flag as well so you can
+    parse out components of a template.
+* Packer will detect its own crashes (always a bug) and save a "crash.log"
+    file.
+* builder/virtualbox: You may now specify multiple URLs for an ISO
+    using "iso_url" in a template. The URLs will be tried in order.
+* builder/vmware: You may now specify multiple URLs for an ISO
+    using "iso_url" in a template. The URLs will be tried in order.
+* core: built with Go 1.1.2
+* core: packer help output now loads much faster.
+* builder/virtualbox: guest_additions_url can now use the `Version`
+    variable to get the VirtualBox version. [GH-272]
+* builder/virtualbox: Do not check for VirtualBox as part of template
+    validation; only check at execution.
+* builder/vmware: Do not check for VMware as part of template validation;
+    only check at execution.
+* command/build: A path of "-" will read the template from stdin.
+* builder/amazon: add block device mappings. [GH-90]
+* windows: file URLs are easier to get right as Packer
+    has better parsing and error handling for Windows file paths. [GH-284]
+* builder/amazon/all: Modifying more than one AMI attribute type no longer
+    crashes.
+* builder/amazon-instance: send IAM instance profile data. [GH-294]
+* builder/digitalocean: API request parameters are properly URL
+    encoded. [GH-281]
+* builder/virtualbox: download progress won't be shown until download
+    actually starts. [GH-288]
+* builder/virtualbox: floppy files names of 13 characters are now properly
+    written to the FAT12 filesystem. [GH-285]
+* builder/vmware: download progress won't be shown until download
+    actually starts. [GH-288]
+* builder/vmware: interrupt works while typing commands over VNC.
+* builder/virtualbox: floppy files names of 13 characters are now properly
+    written to the FAT12 filesystem. [GH-285]
+* post-processor/vagrant: Process user variables. [GH-295]
+## 0.3.1 (August 12, 2013)
+* provisioner/shell: New setting `start_retry_timeout` which is the timeout
+    for the provisioner to attempt to _start_ the remote process. This allows
+    the shell provisioner to work properly with reboots. [GH-260]
+* core: Remote command output containing '\r' now looks much better
+    within the Packer output.
+* builder/vmware: Fix issue with finding driver files. [GH-279]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: Uploads work properly from Windows. [GH-276]
+## 0.3.0 (August 12, 2013)
+* All `{{.CreateTime}}` variables within templates (such as for AMI names)
+    are now replaced with `{{timestamp}}`. Run `packer fix` to fix your
+    templates.
+* **User Variables** allow you to specify variables within your templates
+    that can be replaced using the command-line, files, or environmental
+    variables. This dramatically improves the portability of packer templates.
+    See the documentation for more information.
+* **Machine-readable output** can be enabled by passing the
+    `-machine-readable` flag to _any_ Packer command.
+* All strings in a template are now processed for variables/functions,
+    so things like `{{timestamp}}` can be used everywhere. More features will
+    be added in the future.
+* The `amazon` builders (all of them) can now have attributes of their
+    resulting AMIs modified, such as access permissions and product codes.
+* builder/amazon/all: User data can be passed to start the instances. [GH-253]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: `local_state_tree` is no longer required,
+    allowing you to use shell provisioner (or others) to bring this down.
+    [GH-269]
+* builder/amazon/ebs,instance: Retry deleing security group a few times.
+    [GH-278]
+* builder/vmware: Workstation works on Windows XP now. [GH-238]
+* builder/vmware: Look for files on Windows in multiple locations
+    using multiple environmental variables. [GH-263]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: states aren't deleted after the run
+    anymore. [GH-265]
+* provisioner/salt-masterless: error if any commands exit with a non-zero
+    exit status. [GH-266]
+## 0.2.3 (August 7, 2013)
+* builder/amazon/all: Added Amazon AMI tag support. [GH-233]
+* core: Absolute/relative filepaths on Windows now work for iso_url
+    and other settings. [GH-240]
+* builder/amazon/all: instance info is refreshed while waiting for SSH,
+    allowing Packer to see updated IP/DNS info. [GH-243]
+## 0.2.2 (August 1, 2013)
+* New builder: `amazon-chroot` can create EBS-backed AMIs without launching
+    a new EC2 instance. This can shave minutes off of the AMI creation process.
+    See the docs for more info.
+* New provisioner: `salt-masterless` will provision the node using Salt
+    without a master.
+* The `vmware` builder now works with Workstation 9 on Windows. [GH-222]
+* The `vmware` builder now works with Player 5 on Linux. [GH-190]
+* core: Colors won't be outputted on Windows unless in Cygwin.
+* builder/amazon/all: Added `iam_instance_profile` to launch the source
+    image with a given IAM profile. [GH-226]
+* builder/virtualbox,vmware: relative paths work properly as URL
+    configurations. [GH-215]
+* builder/virtualbox,vmware: fix race condition in deleting the output
+    directory on Windows by retrying.
+## 0.2.1 (July 26, 2013)
+* New builder: `amazon-instance` can create instance-storage backed
+    AMIs.
+* VMware builder now works with Workstation 9 on Linux.
+* builder/amazon/all: Ctrl-C while waiting for state change works
+* builder/amazon/ebs: Can now launch instances into a VPC for added protection. [GH-210]
+* builder/virtualbox,vmware: Add backspace, delete, and F1-F12 keys to the boot
+    command.
+* builder/virtualbox: massive performance improvements with big ISO files because
+    an expensive copy is avoided. [GH-202]
+* builder/vmware: CD is removed prior to exporting final machine. [GH-198]
+* builder/amazon/all: Gracefully handle when AMI appears to not exist
+    while AWS state is propagating. [GH-207]
+* builder/virtualbox: Trim carriage returns for Windows to properly
+    detect VM state on Windows. [GH-218]
+* core: build names no longer cause invalid config errors. [GH-197]
+* command/build: If any builds fail, exit with non-zero exit status.
+* communicator/ssh: SCP exit codes are tested and errors are reported. [GH-195]
+* communicator/ssh: Properly change slash direction for Windows hosts. [GH-218]
+## 0.2.0 (July 16, 2013)
+* "iso_md5" in the virtualbox and vmware builders is replaced with
+    "iso_checksum" and "iso_checksum_type" (with the latter set to "md5").
+    See the announce below on `packer fix` to automatically fix your templates.
+* **NEW COMMAND:** `packer fix` will attempt to fix templates from older
+    versions of Packer that are now broken due to backwards incompatibilities.
+    This command will fix the backwards incompatibilities introduced in this
+    version.
+* Amazon EBS builder can now optionally use a pre-made security group
+    instead of randomly generating one.
+* DigitalOcean API key and client IDs can now be passed in as
+    environmental variables. See the documentation for more details.
+* VirtualBox and VMware can now have `floppy_files` specified to attach
+    floppy disks when booting. This allows for unattended Windows installs.
+* `packer build` has a new `-force` flag that forces the removal of
+    existing artifacts if they exist. [GH-173]
+* You can now log to a file (instead of just stderr) by setting the
+    `PACKER_LOG_FILE` environmental variable. [GH-168]
+* Checksums other than MD5 can now be used. SHA1 and SHA256 can also
+    be used. See the documentation on `iso_checksum_type` for more info. [GH-175]
+* core: invalid keys in configuration are now considered validation
+    errors. [GH-104]
+* core: all builders now share a common SSH connection core, improving
+    SSH reliability over all the builders.
+* amazon-ebs: Credentials will come from IAM role if available. [GH-160]
+* amazon-ebs: Verify the source AMI is EBS-backed before launching. [GH-169]
+* shell provisioner: the build name and builder type are available in
+    the `PACKER_BUILD_NAME` and `PACKER_BUILDER_TYPE` env vars by default,
+    respectively. [GH-154]
+* vmware: error if shutdown command has non-zero exit status.
+* core: UI messages are now properly prefixed with spaces again.
+* core: If SSH connection ends, re-connection attempts will take
+    place. [GH-152]
+* virtualbox: "paused" doesn't mean the VM is stopped, improving
+    shutdown detection.
+* vmware: error if guest IP could not be detected. [GH-189]
+## 0.1.5 (July 7, 2013)
+* "file" uploader will upload files from the machine running Packer to the
+    remote machine.
+* VirtualBox guest additions URL and checksum can now be specified, allowing
+    the VirtualBox builder to have the ability to be used completely offline.
+* core: If SCP is not available, a more descriptive error message
+    is shown telling the user. [GH-127]
+* shell: Scripts are now executed by default according to their shebang,
+    not with `/bin/sh`. [GH-105]
+* shell: You can specify what interpreter you want inline scripts to
+    run with `inline_shebang`.
+* virtualbox: Delete the packer-made SSH port forwarding prior to
+    exporting the VM.
+* core: Non-200 response codes on downloads now show proper errors.
+    [GH-141]
+* amazon-ebs: SSH handshake is retried. [GH-130]
+* vagrant: The `BuildName` template property works properly in
+    the output path.
+* vagrant: Properly configure the provider-specific post-processors so
+    things like `vagrantfile_template` work. [GH-129]
+* vagrant: Close filehandles when copying files so Windows can
+    rename files. [GH-100]
+## 0.1.4 (July 2, 2013)
+* virtualbox: Can now be built headless with the "Headless" option. [GH-99]
+* virtualbox: <wait5> and <wait10> codes for waiting 5 and 10 seconds
+    during the boot sequence, respectively. [GH-97]
+* vmware: Can now be built headless with the "Headless" option. [GH-99]
+* vmware: <wait5> and <wait10> codes for waiting 5 and 10 seconds
+    during the boot sequence, respectively. [GH-97]
+* vmware: Disks are defragmented and compacted at the end of the build.
+    This can be disabled using "skip_compaction"
+* core: Template syntax errors now show line and character number. [GH-56]
+* amazon-ebs: Access key and secret access key default to
+    environmental variables. [GH-40]
+* virtualbox: Send password for keyboard-interactive auth. [GH-121]
+* vmware: Send password for keyboard-interactive auth. [GH-121]
+* vmware: Wait until shut down cleans up properly to avoid corrupt
+    disk files. [GH-111]
+## 0.1.3 (July 1, 2013)
+* The VMware builder can now upload the VMware tools for you into
+    the VM. This is opt-in, you must specify the `tools_upload_flavor`
+    option. See the website for more documentation.
+* digitalocean: Errors contain human-friendly error messages. [GH-85]
+* core: More plugin server fixes that avoid hangs on OS X 10.7. [GH-87]
+* vagrant: AWS boxes will keep the AMI artifact around. [GH-55]
+* virtualbox: More robust version parsing for uploading guest additions. [GH-69]
+* virtualbox: Output dir and VM name defaults depend on build name,
+    avoiding collisions. [GH-91]
+* vmware: Output dir and VM name defaults depend on build name,
+    avoiding collisions. [GH-91]
+## 0.1.2 (June 29, 2013)
+* core: Template doesn't validate if there are no builders.
+* vmware: Delete any VMware files in the VM that aren't necessary for
+    it to function.
+* core: Plugin servers consider a port in use if there is any
+    error listening to it. This fixes I18n issues and Windows. [GH-58]
+* amazon-ebs: Sleep between checking instance state to avoid
+    RequestLimitExceeded. [GH-50]
+* vagrant: Rename VirtualBox ovf to "box.ovf" [GH-64]
+* vagrant: VMware boxes have the correct provider type.
+* vmware: Properly populate files in artifact so that the Vagrant
+    post-processor works. [GH-63]
+## 0.1.1 (June 28, 2013)
+* core: plugins listen explicitly on, fixing odd hangs. [GH-37]
+* core: fix race condition on verifying checksum of large ISOs which
+    could cause panics. [GH-52]
+* virtualbox: `boot_wait` defaults to "10s" rather than 0. [GH-44]
+* virtualbox: if `http_port_min` and max are the same, it will no longer
+    panic. [GH-53]
+* vmware: `boot_wait` defaults to "10s" rather than 0. [GH-44]
+* vmware: if `http_port_min` and max are the same, it will no longer
+    panic. [GH-53]
+## 0.1.0 (June 28, 2013)
+* Initial release

Modified: PKGBUILD
--- PKGBUILD	2019-07-30 13:49:53 UTC (rev 495308)
+++ PKGBUILD	2019-07-30 13:50:54 UTC (rev 495309)
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
 pkgdesc="tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration"
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@
 prepare() {
   export GOPATH="${srcdir}"

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