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Felix Yan felixonmars at archlinux.org
Tue Jul 7 14:07:37 UTC 2020

    Date: Tuesday, July 7, 2020 @ 14:07:36
  Author: felixonmars
Revision: 658712

archrelease: copy trunk to community-staging-x86_64

    (from rev 658711, bup/trunk/PKGBUILD)
    (from rev 658711, bup/trunk/changelog.md)

 PKGBUILD     |   38 ++++++++++++++++
 changelog.md |  133 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 171 insertions(+)

Copied: bup/repos/community-staging-x86_64/PKGBUILD (from rev 658711, bup/trunk/PKGBUILD)
--- community-staging-x86_64/PKGBUILD	                        (rev 0)
+++ community-staging-x86_64/PKGBUILD	2020-07-07 14:07:36 UTC (rev 658712)
@@ -0,0 +1,38 @@
+# Maintainer : Christian Rebischke <chris.rebischke at archlinux.org>
+# Contributor: Bartłomiej Piotrowski <bpiotrowski at archlinux.org>
+# Contributor: Jakob Matthes <jakob.matthes at gmail.com>
+# Contributor: Bram Schoenmakers <me at bramschoenmakers.nl>
+# Contributor: henning mueller <henning at orgizm.net>
+# Contributor: rakoo (AUR)
+# Contributor: SanskritFritz (gmail)
+pkgdesc='Efficient backup system based on the git packfile format'
+depends=('python2-fuse' 'par2cmdline' 'pylibacl' 'python2-pyxattr' 'git')
+makedepends=('ruby-ronn' 'git' 'setconf' 'pandoc')
+checkdepends=('rsync' 'python2-tornado')
+optdepends=('python2-tornado: for bup web')
+build() {
+  cd "${pkgname}-${pkgver}"
+  ./configure
+  make
+check() {
+  cd "${pkgname}-${pkgver}"
+  make test
+package() {
+  cd "${pkgname}-${pkgver}"
+  make DESTDIR="${pkgdir}" PREFIX=/usr install

Copied: bup/repos/community-staging-x86_64/changelog.md (from rev 658711, bup/trunk/changelog.md)
--- community-staging-x86_64/changelog.md	                        (rev 0)
+++ community-staging-x86_64/changelog.md	2020-07-07 14:07:36 UTC (rev 658712)
@@ -0,0 +1,133 @@
+Notable changes in 0.30 as compared to 0.29.3
+May require attention
+* The minimum `git` version required is now 1.5.6.
+* The `prune-older` command now keeps the most recent save in each
+  period group (day, week, month, ...) rather than the oldest.
+* `bup` now adds a zero-padded suffix to the names of saves with the
+  same timestamp (e.g. 1970-01-01-214640-07) in order to avoid
+  duplicates.  The sequence number currently represents the save's
+  reversed position in default `git rev-list` order, so that given:
+      /foo/1970-01-01-214640-09
+      /foo/1970-01-01-214640-10
+  In the normal case, the -10 save would be the next save made after
+  -09 (and the -09 save would be the single parent commit for -10).
+* `bup` is not currently compatible with Python 3 and will now refuse
+  to run if the Python version is not 2 unless
+  `BUP_ALLOW_UNEXPECTED_PYTHON_VERSION=true` is set in the environment
+  (which can be useful for development and testing).
+* `bup ls -s` now reports the tree hash for commits unless
+  `--commit-hash` is also specified.
+* `bup get` has been added.  This command allows the transfer or
+  rewriting of data within and between repositories, local or remote.
+  Among other things, it can be used to append remote saves to a local
+  branch, which by extension supports merging repositories.  See
+  `bup-get(1)` for further information, and please note, this is a new
+  *EXPERIMENTAL* command that can (intentionally) modify your data in
+  destructive ways.  It is potentially much more dangerous than most
+  `bup` commands.  Treat with caution.
+* `bup` can now restore directly from a remote repository via `bup
+  restore -r host:path ...`.  See `bup-restore(1)` for more
+  information.
+* `bup ls` can now report information for remote repositories via `bup
+  ls -r host:path ...`.  See `bup-ls(1)` for more information.
+* `bup` should respect the git pack.packSizeLimit setting when writing
+  packfiles, though at the moment it will only affect a remote
+  repository when the option is set there directly.
+* `bup save` now stores the size for all links and normal files.  For
+  directories saved using this new format retrieving file sizes for
+  larger files should be notably less expensive.  Among other things
+  this may improve the performance of commands like `bup ls -l` or
+  `find /some/fuse/dir -ls`.
+* The VFS (Virtual File System) that underlies many operations, and
+  provides the basis for commands like `restore`, `ls`, etc. has been
+  rewritten in a way that makes remote repository access easier,
+  should decrease the memory footprint in some cases (e.g. for bup
+  fuse), and should make it easier to provide more selective caching.
+  At the moment, data is just evicted at random once a threshold is
+  reached.
+* A `--noop <--blobs|--tree>` option has been added to `bup split`
+  which prints the resulting id without storing the data in the
+  repository.
+* The way `bup` handles output from subprocesses (diagnostics,
+  progress, etc.) has been adjusted in a way that should make it less
+  likely that bup might continue running after the main process has
+  exited, say via a C-c (SIGINT).
+* `bup` should now respect the specified compression level when
+  writing to a remote repository.
+* `bup restore` now creates FIFOs with mkfifo, not mknod, which is
+  more portable.  The previous approach did not work correctly on (at
+  least) some versions of NetBSD.
+* `bup` should no longer just crash when it encounters a commit with a
+  "mergetag" header.  For the moment, it just ignores them, and
+  they'll be discarded whenever `bup` rewrites a commit, say via the
+  `rm`, `prune-older`, or `get` commands.
+* The bloom command should now end progress messages with \r, not \n,
+  which avoids leaving spurious output lines behind at exit.
+* A missing space has been added to the `bup split --bench` output.
+* Various Python version compatibility problems have been fixed,
+  including some of the incompatibilities introduced by Python 3.
+* Some issues with mincore on WSL have been fixed.
+* Some Android build incompatibilities have been fixed.
+Build system
+* The tests no longer assume pwd is in /bin.
+* The tests should be less sensitive to the locale.
+* `test-meta` should no longer try to apply chattr +T to files.  'T'
+  only works for directories, and newer Linux kernels actually reject
+  the attempt (as of at least 4.12, and maybe 4.10).
+* `test-rm` should no longer fail when newer versions of git
+  automatically create packed-refs.
+* `test-sparse-files` should be less likely to fail when run inside a
+  container.
+* `test-index-check-device` and `test-xdev` now use separate files for
+  their loopback mounts.  Previously each was mounting the same image
+  twice, which could produce the same device number.
+Thanks to (at least)
+Alexander Barton, Artem Leshchev, Ben Kelly, Fabian 'xx4h' Melters,
+Greg Troxel, Jamie Wyrick, Julien Goodwin, Mateusz Konieczny,
+Nathaniel Filardo, Patrick Rouleau, Paul Kronenwetter, Rob Browning,
+Robert Evans, Tim Riemenschneider, and bedhanger

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