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@@ -0,0 +1,287 @@
+*uganda.txt*    For Vim version 7.2.  Last change: 2008 Jun 21
+		  VIM REFERENCE MANUAL    by Bram Moolenaar
+			*uganda* *Uganda* *copying* *copyright* *license*
+								*iccf* *ICCF*
+Vim is Charityware.  You can use and copy it as much as you like, but you are
+encouraged to make a donation for needy children in Uganda.  Please see |kcc|
+below or visit the ICCF web site, available at these URLs:
+	http://iccf-holland.org/
+	http://www.vim.org/iccf/
+	http://www.iccf.nl/
+You can also sponsor the development of Vim.  Vim sponsors can vote for
+features.  See |sponsor|.  The money goes to Uganda anyway.
+The Open Publication License applies to the Vim documentation, see
+=== begin of license ===
+I)  There are no restrictions on distributing unmodified copies of Vim except
+    that they must include this license text.  You can also distribute
+    unmodified parts of Vim, likewise unrestricted except that they must
+    include this license text.  You are also allowed to include executables
+    that you made from the unmodified Vim sources, plus your own usage
+    examples and Vim scripts.
+II) It is allowed to distribute a modified (or extended) version of Vim,
+    including executables and/or source code, when the following four
+    conditions are met:
+    1) This license text must be included unmodified.
+    2) The modified Vim must be distributed in one of the following five ways:
+       a) If you make changes to Vim yourself, you must clearly describe in
+	  the distribution how to contact you.  When the maintainer asks you
+	  (in any way) for a copy of the modified Vim you distributed, you
+	  must make your changes, including source code, available to the
+	  maintainer without fee.  The maintainer reserves the right to
+	  include your changes in the official version of Vim.  What the
+	  maintainer will do with your changes and under what license they
+	  will be distributed is negotiable.  If there has been no negotiation
+	  then this license, or a later version, also applies to your changes.
+	  The current maintainer is Bram Moolenaar <Bram at vim.org>.  If this
+	  changes it will be announced in appropriate places (most likely
+	  vim.sf.net, www.vim.org and/or comp.editors).  When it is completely
+	  impossible to contact the maintainer, the obligation to send him
+	  your changes ceases.  Once the maintainer has confirmed that he has
+	  received your changes they will not have to be sent again.
+       b) If you have received a modified Vim that was distributed as
+	  mentioned under a) you are allowed to further distribute it
+	  unmodified, as mentioned at I).  If you make additional changes the
+	  text under a) applies to those changes.
+       c) Provide all the changes, including source code, with every copy of
+	  the modified Vim you distribute.  This may be done in the form of a
+	  context diff.  You can choose what license to use for new code you
+	  add.  The changes and their license must not restrict others from
+	  making their own changes to the official version of Vim.
+       d) When you have a modified Vim which includes changes as mentioned
+	  under c), you can distribute it without the source code for the
+	  changes if the following three conditions are met:
+	  - The license that applies to the changes permits you to distribute
+	    the changes to the Vim maintainer without fee or restriction, and
+	    permits the Vim maintainer to include the changes in the official
+	    version of Vim without fee or restriction.
+	  - You keep the changes for at least three years after last
+	    distributing the corresponding modified Vim.  When the maintainer
+	    or someone who you distributed the modified Vim to asks you (in
+	    any way) for the changes within this period, you must make them
+	    available to him.
+	  - You clearly describe in the distribution how to contact you.  This
+	    contact information must remain valid for at least three years
+	    after last distributing the corresponding modified Vim, or as long
+	    as possible.
+       e) When the GNU General Public License (GPL) applies to the changes,
+	  you can distribute the modified Vim under the GNU GPL version 2 or
+	  any later version.
+    3) A message must be added, at least in the output of the ":version"
+       command and in the intro screen, such that the user of the modified Vim
+       is able to see that it was modified.  When distributing as mentioned
+       under 2)e) adding the message is only required for as far as this does
+       not conflict with the license used for the changes.
+    4) The contact information as required under 2)a) and 2)d) must not be
+       removed or changed, except that the person himself can make
+       corrections.
+III) If you distribute a modified version of Vim, you are encouraged to use
+     the Vim license for your changes and make them available to the
+     maintainer, including the source code.  The preferred way to do this is
+     by e-mail or by uploading the files to a server and e-mailing the URL.
+     If the number of changes is small (e.g., a modified Makefile) e-mailing a
+     context diff will do.  The e-mail address to be used is
+     <maintainer at vim.org>
+IV)  It is not allowed to remove this license from the distribution of the Vim
+     sources, parts of it or from a modified version.  You may use this
+     license for previous Vim releases instead of the license that they came
+     with, at your option.
+=== end of license ===
+- If you are happy with Vim, please express that by reading the rest of this
+  file and consider helping needy children in Uganda.
+- If you want to support further Vim development consider becoming a
+  |sponsor|.  The money goes to Uganda anyway.
+- According to Richard Stallman the Vim license is GNU GPL compatible.
+  A few minor changes have been made since he checked it, but that should not
+  make a difference.
+- If you link Vim with a library that goes under the GNU GPL, this limits
+  further distribution to the GNU GPL.  Also when you didn't actually change
+  anything in Vim.
+- Once a change is included that goes under the GNU GPL, this forces all
+  further changes to also be made under the GNU GPL or a compatible license.
+- If you distribute a modified version of Vim, you can include your name and
+  contact information with the "--with-modified-by" configure argument or the
+  MODIFIED_BY define.
+Kibaale Children's Centre		*kcc* *Kibaale*  *charity*
+Kibaale Children's Centre (KCC) is located in Kibaale, a small town in the
+south of Uganda, near Tanzania, in East Africa.  The area is known as Rakai
+District.  The population is mostly farmers.  Although people are poor, there
+is enough food.  But this district is suffering from AIDS more than any other
+part of the world.  Some say that it started there.  Estimations are that 10
+to 30% of the Ugandans are infected with HIV.  Because parents die, there are
+many orphans.  In this district about 60,000 children have lost one or both
+parents, out of a population of 350,000.  And this is still continuing.
+The children need a lot of help.  The KCC is working hard to provide the needy
+with food, medical care and education.  Food and medical care to keep them
+healthy now, and education so that they can take care of themselves in the
+future.  KCC works on a Christian base, but help is given to children of any
+The key to solving the problems in this area is education.  This has been
+neglected in the past years with president Idi Amin and the following civil
+wars.  Now that the government is stable again, the children and parents have
+to learn how to take care of themselves and how to avoid infections.  There is
+also help for people who are ill and hungry, but the primary goal is to
+prevent people from getting ill and to teach them how to grow healthy food.
+Most of the orphans are living in an extended family.  An uncle or older
+sister is taking care of them.  Because these families are big and the income
+(if any) is low, a child is lucky if it gets healthy food.  Clothes, medical
+care and schooling is beyond its reach.  To help these needy children, a
+sponsorship program was put into place.  A child can be financially adopted.
+For a few dollars a month KCC sees to it that the child gets indispensable
+items, is healthy, goes to school and KCC takes care of anything else that
+needs to be done for the child and the family that supports it.
+Besides helping the child directly, the environment where the child grows up
+needs to be improved.  KCC helps schools to improve their teaching methods.
+There is a demonstration school at the centre and teacher trainings are given.
+Health workers are being trained, hygiene education is carried out and
+households are stimulated to build a proper latrine.  I helped setting up a
+production site for cement slabs.  These are used to build a good latrine.
+They are sold below cost price.
+There is a small clinic at the project, which provides children and their
+family with medical help.  When needed, transport to a hospital is offered.
+Immunization programs are carried out and help is provided when an epidemic is
+breaking out (measles and cholera have been a problem).
+							*donate*
+Summer 1994 to summer 1995 I spent a whole year at the centre, working as a
+volunteer.  I have helped to expand the centre and worked in the area of water
+and sanitation.  I learned that the help that the KCC provides really helps.
+When I came back to Holland, I wanted to continue supporting KCC.  To do this
+I'm raising funds and organizing the sponsorship program.  Please consider one
+of these possibilities:
+1.  Sponsor a child in primary school: 17 euro a month (or more).
+2.  Sponsor a child in secondary school: 25 euro a month (or more).
+3.  Sponsor the clinic: Any amount a month or quarter
+4.  A one-time donation
+Compared with other organizations that do child sponsorship the amounts are
+very low.  This is because the money goes directly to the centre.  Less than
+5% is used for administration.  This is possible because this is a small
+organization that works with volunteers.  If you would like to sponsor a
+child, you should have the intention to do this for at least one year.
+How do you know that the money will be spent right?  First of all you have my
+personal guarantee as the author of Vim.  I trust the people that are working
+at the centre, I know them personally.  Further more, the centre is
+co-sponsored and inspected by World Vision, Save the Children Fund and
+International Child Care Fund.  The centre is visited about once a year to
+check the progress (at our own cost).  I have visited the centre myself in
+1996, 1998, 2000, 2001 and 2003.  The visit reports are on the ICCF web site.
+If you have any further questions, send me e-mail: <Bram at vim.org>.
+The address of the centre is:
+			Kibaale Children's Centre
+			p.o. box 1658
+			Masaka, Uganda, East Africa
+Sending money:						*iccf-donations*
+Check the ICCF web site for the latest information!  See |iccf| for the URL.
+USA:		The methods mentioned below can be used.
+		Sending a check to the Nehemiah Group Outreach Society (NGOS)
+		is no longer possible, unfortunately. We are looking for
+		another way to get you an IRS tax receipt. 
+		For sponsoring a child contact KCF in Canada (see below). US
+		checks can be sent to them to lower banking costs.
+Canada:		Contact Kibaale Children's Fund (KCF) in Surrey, Canada.  They
+		take care of the Canadian sponsors for the children in
+		Kibaale.  KCF forwards 100% of the money to the project in
+		Uganda.  You can send them a one time donation directly.
+		Please send me a note so that I know what has been donated
+		because of Vim.  Ask KCF for information about sponsorship.
+			Kibaale Children's Fund c/o Pacific Academy
+			10238-168 Street
+			Surrey, B.C. V4N 1Z4
+			Canada
+			Phone: 604-581-5353
+		If you make a donation to Kibaale Children's Fund (KCF) you
+		will receive a tax receipt which can be submitted with your
+		tax return.
+Holland:	Transfer to the account of "Stichting ICCF Holland" in Venlo.
+		This will allow for tax deduction if you live in Holland.
+			Postbank, nr. 4548774
+Germany:	It is possible to make donations that allow for a tax return.
+		Check the ICCF web site for the latest information:
+			http://iccf-holland.org/germany.html
+World:		Use a postal money order.  That should be possible from any
+		country, mostly from the post office.  Use this name (which is
+		in my passport): "Abraham Moolenaar".  Use Euro for the
+		currency if possible.
+Europe:		Use a bank transfer if possible.  Your bank should have a form
+		that you can use for this.  See "Others" below for the swift
+		code and IBAN number.
+		Any other method should work.  Ask for information about
+		sponsorship.
+Credit Card:	You can use PayPal to send money with a Credit card.  This is
+		the most widely used Internet based payment system.  It's
+		really simple to use.  Use this link to find more info:
+		    https://www.paypal.com/en_US/mrb/pal=XAC62PML3GF8Q
+		The e-mail address for sending the money to is:
+		    Bram at iccf-holland.org
+		For amounts above 400 Euro ($500) sending a check is
+		preferred.
+Others:		Transfer to one of these accounts if possible:
+		    Postbank, account 4548774
+				Swift code: INGB NL 2A
+				IBAN: NL47 PSTB 0004 5487 74
+			under the name "stichting ICCF Holland", Venlo
+		    If that doesn't work:
+		    Rabobank Venlo, account 3765.05.117
+				Swift code: RABO NL 2U
+			under the name "Bram Moolenaar", Venlo
+		Otherwise, send a check in euro or US dollars to the address
+		below.  Minimal amount: $70 (my bank does not accept smaller
+		amounts for foreign check, sorry)
+Address to send checks to:
+			stichting ICCF Holland
+			Bram Moolenaar
+			Finsterruetihof 1
+			8134 Adliswil
+			Switzerland
+This address is expected to be valid for a long time.
+ vim:tw=78:ts=8:ft=help:norl:

Copied: vim-ctrlp/repos/community-staging-any/PKGBUILD (from rev 659529, vim-ctrlp/trunk/PKGBUILD)
--- community-staging-any/PKGBUILD	                        (rev 0)
+++ community-staging-any/PKGBUILD	2020-07-07 17:04:21 UTC (rev 659530)
@@ -0,0 +1,27 @@
+pkgdesc="Fuzzy file, buffer, mru, tag, etc finder."
+optdepends=('ctags: for searching tags')
+        LICENSE)
+          'be741035a33a75861fa14fcbd634d4174912c540')
+package() {
+	cd "${srcdir}/ctrlp.vim-$pkgver"
+	installpath="${pkgdir}/usr/share/vim/vimfiles"
+	install -d "$installpath/autoload/ctrlp/"
+	install -Dm644 autoload/ctrlp/* "$installpath/autoload/ctrlp/"
+	install -Dm644 autoload/ctrlp.vim "$installpath/autoload/ctrlp.vim"
+	install -Dm644 doc/ctrlp.txt "$installpath/doc/ctrlp.txt"
+	install -Dm644 plugin/ctrlp.vim "$installpath/plugin/ctrlp.vim"
+	install -Dm644 "${srcdir}/LICENSE" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/licenses/${pkgname}/LICENSE"

Copied: vim-ctrlp/repos/community-staging-any/vimdoc.install (from rev 659529, vim-ctrlp/trunk/vimdoc.install)
--- community-staging-any/vimdoc.install	                        (rev 0)
+++ community-staging-any/vimdoc.install	2020-07-07 17:04:21 UTC (rev 659530)
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+post_install() {
+	echo -n "Updating vim help tags... "
+	/usr/bin/vim --noplugins -u NONE -U NONE \
+		--cmd ":helptags /usr/share/vim/vimfiles/doc" --cmd ":q" > /dev/null 2>&1
+	echo "done."
+post_upgrade() {
+	post_install
+post_remove() {
+	post_install

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