[arch-dev-public] status of xfce-svn

Tom K tom at archlinux.org
Mon Apr 2 06:52:22 EDT 2007

Roman Kyrylych wrote:
> Hi!
> We have xfce-svn group in Unstable repo, that was maintained by
> Shadowhand until he resigned as a maintainer. Because packages are not
> maintained now users fill bugreports about non-working packages.
> Is there a need in xfce-svn now? If noone is interested in maintaining
> them then I propose to remove them.

AFAIR the initial interest in these packages was due to the 
longer-than-expected wait for the official 4.4 release. This is now in 
extra for quite a while, and I know many former svn users have changed 
over to it. xerverius, an Arch-using xfce dev who frequents the forum, 
strongly recommends that course of action to anyone who will listen - 
however, people hold out, for whatever reason.

I believe the expectation that people have of the unstable repo is that 
it will provide the latest bleeding-edge-almost-to-the-point-of-failure 
versions of whatever apps we put there. I used to see xfce-svn as the 
unstable 'flagship', but that is no longer the case, and as it seems 
nobody wants to maintain it, I agree that it would be better to remove 
it from the repo.

Perhaps a TU would like to look after it in community?


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