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News from Linuxtag! :)

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Gute Neuigkeiten! Zu Punkt 1: Wir haben einen 24m^2 Stand zusammen mit T2SDE
(fork von ROCK Linux) und mandrivauser.de

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Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 11:03:12 +0200
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To: projects-announce at linuxtag.org
Subject: [LT07-Pro-Announce] Infomail #3, April 19, 2007

Dear Projects,

this is probably the most awaited mail you'll have received this week ;-)
We would like to inform you about:

 o Booth Size, Layout and Equipment
 o Completion of vCC Record
 o Insurance
 o Beverages
 o Exhibitor Passes
 o Project Workshops
 o Banners for Your Website

So you see, it's a lot of stuff.

1. Boot Size, Layout and Equipment

This year we will try some new concepts and ideas for the free software
project exhibition. The main idea is to get rid of the 5-10 sqm sized
booths and to create an open, communicative ambience. Therefore we
merged thematically related projects to a bigger booth - we occasionally
use the word 'island' here :-) We talked to a number of you in the last
days. If you share your booth with other projects, you can find them in
the vCC [1].

To get the equipment for each booth planned, we urge you to check for
your vCC entry regarding equipment you'll bring with you. Please updated
the 'Equipment' field as soon as possible.

Which brings us to...

2. Completion of vCC Record

One advantage of a central data source is... well, you can get all the
data you need from there. LinuxTag's source is the vCC. We use the
information you fed into it to automagically generate the bits of
information the visitor wants to know. Which are:
 o Project Title
 o Descriptions {en,de} x {long,short}

Please complete or proof-read your vCC record!

3. Insurance

LinuxTag cannot apply for an additional insurance to cover all projects
and their equipment. Therefore, you should be very careful with the
equipment you are going to use. If breaks, it's broken.

You should also not leave small parts of value at the booth if there are
no staff members at the booth, or when you are outside the exhibition
(i. e. during the evening and morning). It should be sufficient to place
movable parts in a box at the back of the booth.

You should also not place larger items (like monitors and boxes) in the
front of the booth in a way so that they can be carried away easily.
Obeying to these basic rules should help you not loose any of your

4. Beverages

If your project plans to hand visitors fluids of one kind or another,
please ensure that this doesn't turn your booth into a beverages bar.

This would actually cause a lot of problems because there's a default
caterer and that company is the only one that is allowed to sell
beverages at the exhibition center. They will get angry and try legal
tricks (like asking for Korbgeld, see Wikipedia.de [2]) if they feel
somebody is poaching in their territory.

It is no problem to provide a cup of coffee or a glass of water to
visitors inside the booth when talking to you and staff. Things just
shouldn't spread.

5. Exhibitor Passes

The exhibitor passes for project booth members will continue to be free
of cost for a reasonable amount of booth personnel. However, they are
not meant as a means for regular visitors to save the entrance-fee.
Hence, please don't abuse this, and don't add random visitors as booth
staff if they don't belong to your booth. For this matter we'll receive
some eTickets later on.

You can now order the exhibitor passes for each accepted project using
the vCC. Please login at the virtual Conference Center and click in the
Main menu on "Project" and then in submenu on "Projects".

Each accepted project will find a button "Order exhibitor passes". After
you ordered the passes, we will have a look at the list and approve
them. Otherwise you will get an email from us.

You'll need either normal entrance tickets or exhibitor passes for
entering LinuxTag. You can get exhibitor passes on Tuesday at the
LinuxTag office for the registered project staff. You can either get a
single pass for your own, or the whole bunch for the entire project (or
a mixture). If you fetch the passes for the entire project, please make
sure that the other project members know this and know a way to get to
the passes after the show has opened.

Since our office is located behind the regular entrance, this won't work
the same way when the show is going on. If you arrive after LinuxTag has
already started, you'll have to either get a normal entrance ticket or
ask your colleagues to provide you with an exhibitor pass from the inside.

6. Project Workshops

Like last year we wait for your suggestions for project workshops! We'll
reserve a number of rooms for this. It was well received by visitors in
2006, and most probably, because it will be on display for visitors
again, will have a good number in audience this year, too.

With you we'll use this "Workshop Rooms" to jointly organise a "projects
to projects programme" or "developer to developer programme". Main
purpose for these rooms is to provide attending projects an opportunity
to talk to other developers (not necessarily from the same project) and
to go into detail for a larger group than what would be possible at the
booth. Please note: all workshops will be open to the public and will be
announced so. In special cases we can make an exception, but we would
like to discuss this in detail with you, if you think a session should
be non-public.

LinuxTag provides presentation equipment and probably Internet
connectivity for all rooms. Normally a slot is 60 Minutes (don't forget
to reserve some minutes at the end so the next workshop can be
prepared!), if your workshop takes longer leave us a note within your
abstract. Also do so, if you have a preference for a certain day.

You can neglect the licence because it is not planned to distribute your
submission (like a paper for the conference programme). But please do
not forget to choose the language for your workshop submission. English
may be your language of choice, but it is a valuable information for an
interested visitor.

Submissions can be placed -guess what!- in our vCC, please use your vCC
account, and please choose category "Project Workshop" for your proposal

Deadline is the April 27, 2007.

7. Banners for Your Website

If you want to show your commitment to this years LinuxTag, or point
visitors of your website to your booth, why not use a banner we prepared
already for you? Please choose from the items over here:


Please send us a short notice including links to the pages where you
have placed the banners.

Next Infomail will discuss...
 o ...how to provide us with your logo in an open vector format (PDF or
EPS or SVG) and bitmap (JPG or PNG),
 o ...the whereabouts of deliveries,
 o ...booth security, storage for your equipment and luggage,
 o ...the size of the infopoints, and
 o ...accomodation.

Please stay tuned!

Susanne Pfeifer, Wolfgang Drotschmann, Marko Jung & Martin Schulte
Project Committee LinuxTag 2007

[1] http://www.linuxtag.org/vcc/cc.pl?rm=projects
[2] http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korbgeld

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