[arch-dev-public] Getting to New Arch SCM Layout and Repo Management

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 01:16:48 EDT 2007

On 4/27/07, Paul Mattal <paul at mattal.com> wrote:
> All,
> Arch needs to move forward. The question: how? Moving forward at
> high speed is desirable, but we need first make sure we're not
> pointed towards a cliff and that our safety cables are attached and
> in good working order.
> I am setting my sights on exactly one aspect of this problem: SCM
> and repo management and getting us from where we are into the new
> system we all want to have.
> For the purists, there is a sentiment I would like to acknowledge,
> because it's one that's been bugging me. I believe that the most
> often overlooked and underrated "Arch Way" design choice was to
> support i686 only. A single common denominator makes everything a
> lot simpler-- we just solve one problem and we solve it very well.
> Development resources are not spread thin and are highly focused on
> the same end.
> I am not the purist I once was. There's a vital and important
> segment of the community that needs 64-bit support, we can't just
> drop i686 support, and anyone has to acknowledge that i686 won't be
> around forever. To survive in the long haul, Arch will need to
> support more than just the i686 architecture.
> With some weight then, knowing we're setting out *against* the Arch
> Way, but along a trail that *must* be blazed, we consider the landscape.
> Using an open design and implementation process, we will implement a
> new system for managing Arch repositories and PKGBUILD materials.
> I will provide a box with Internet access for this project we can
> use as our home. It will be completely separate from the main Arch
> servers. If our system proves itself, it will be presented to the
> main Arch development team as the new standard for repo management.
> Main design choices I am making (to be amended as we go along):
> 1) The system will be able to manage an arbitrary number of
> repositories for multiple architectures efficiently.
> 2) Use of the system will not require a shell account on the server.
> 3) Multiple instances of the system will be easily deployable on a
> single server.
> 4) It will be trivially easy to create and destroy repositories, to
> copy or move packages between repositories, or to place a package in
> more than one repository.
> 5) It will be easy for developers with SCM access to efficiently
> incorporate patches and input from community members.
> 6) The system will allow anyone with SCM access to register as a
> maintainer for a package.
> 7) All functions of the system will be primarily accessible from a
> simple commandline interface.
> 8) The system will be itself deployed as an Arch package and be easy
> to set up.
> 9) The system will be sufficiently documented in a functional, if
> not beautiful, fashion.
> By May 15: Anyone with another SCM system or layout to suggest
> should do so in the Arch-repos group. Your goal is to persuade Jason
> your system is the best one. Discussion of all those systems will
> then take place over the following two weeks.
> By May 7: I will bring 7 key people on board to work on this
> project. Drop me an email if you're interested in joining the team!
> Initially, I know we will need:
> SYSADMIN - An existing Arch developer who will manage the Linux box
> I provide and the accounts for the SCM system. This person should
> have at least a small amount of time each day to handle management
> tasks related to the project.
> PUBLICIST - I am committed to organizing this project, and will
> continue to post status to the arch-dev-public list for all to see.
> However, not everyone looks here. We need someone who will deliver
> the news about this project and the status as it progresses to the
> forums, the IRC channel, and the other mailing lists. This won't be
> a time-consuming job, but will require someone who has knowledge and
> facility with all the communications channels used in the Arch
> community and who can focus on getting the word out.
> DEVELOPERS - There will be some straight-up development work needed
> to get us from the SCM system and layout to an actual management
> system for repos. We may benefit from some work already done by
> others (pacman3, AUR, main site repo management tools) but we will
> need to do some original coding here. I will be somewhat involved in
> the design and coding, but will choose three (3) people to help with
> development. ANYONE is a potential candidate.. send me and email and
> tell me why you'd make a good candidate. Focus on good ideas you
> have for the system, languages you're comfortable in, how much of
> Getting Things Done (GTD) you've implemented for yourself, and
> amount of time you'll have to give to the project in June and July.
> COMMUNITY MEMBERS - I will choose two (2) members of the community
> who specifically are NOT developers or TUs (yet!) but who are
> interested in helping maintain the packages in our new system. These
> people will NOT be given SCM access, so as to help us evaluate how
> easy it is for community members to contribute and for developers to
> incorporate their contributions. Please contact me directly if
> you're interested in this job. These two people will specifically be
> identified as having the time to spend time helping us design our
> system in May and test our system during the month of July.
> On May 20: I will ask Jason to choose the best SCM system and layout
> he's seen. If at that point it does not meet this project's goals,
> we will minimally modify it to meet them.
> May 20-31: The developers and I will figure out the number, kind,
> and properties of the tools we will develop and divide up the work.
> This is the real remaining design step.
> JUNE: During June, the developers and I will build the system and
> get it ready for initial deployment. The source will be open to for
> anyone to observe and contribute, but we 4 will have commit access.
> JULY: On July 1, we will launch the system and put some real
> packages in it. At that time, we will need MAINTAINERS to join the
> project.
> We will deploy the system with REAL packages and REAL maintainers,
> just a small number of them. Any developer or TU wishing to
> participate will be allowed to contribute *AT MOST 4 PACKAGES OF
> RELATIVELY SMALL SIZE* to the test system and they will begin to be
> maintained in our system. It will be up to the individual developer
> or TU to decide if they will propagate the PKGBUILD changes from our
> system back into the official repos.
> AUGUST: In August, we will evaluate how we have done. If all has
> gone well, we will hand our system to the Arch development community
> with a recommendation to enhance and deploy it for main site and AUR
> repo management.
> I hope you will all consider joining me for this potentially
> exciting project! Let's get something done.

Paul, this is great.  Thanks for spearheading the organization on
this.  I am already up to my eyeballs in things to do, otherwise I'd
be in your role.

Needless to say, I will be participating in all this, so don't fear!

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