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Alexander Baldeck kth5 at archlinuxppc.org
Wed Aug 1 12:39:10 EDT 2007

Christoph Neuroth wrote:
> summary of the important parts (too lazy to translate it all ;)):
> * we will have free wireless, but they are not sure if it will work all the
>   time so they try to also provide a ethernet connection. however we will need
>   to bring our own switch and cables

I will probably only take my laptop and try to organize a sleeping bag. 
If necessary I can bring a few network appliances such as a Fonera to 
play with.

> * they would like to hear how many people will attend. Last thing I remember
>   was alex, andi, jan, pierre and me. Please send me a mail if you definitely
>   plan to come so I can order the free as in beer tickets for you ;) otherwise
>   you'll have to pay (I think its like 5 bucks a day, so not that big a deal...)

I will definitely be there as I doubt the Fuckparade [1] a few days 
before will wear me out that much. :)

> * we can sleep in the project room (don't forget a sleeping bag), but only the
>   night saturday to sunday. alternatives here:
>   http://wiki.froscon.de/wiki/Accommodation

Very good! I'm all for saving the money that usually would be spent on 
luxuries like a bed.



[1] http://www.fuckparade.org

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