[arch-dev-public] 2007.08 Don't Panic Isos release

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Mon Aug 6 12:12:07 EDT 2007


Monday 06 August 2007, eliott wrote:
 | Are you being contrarian just to be so (ala devils advocate)


 | , or 
 | are you actually suggesting that when distributing software you
 | shouldn't at least take into account potential end user issues?

i hope all end users would like to have this once and for all times 
solved... and best to have it solved in a primitive iso update that 
has no other tricky things in it's way (no kernel update, no crucial 
lib update, ...). it is not intentional, i'm very much sure, but a 
good opportunity to keep an open eye on things that may not like this 
nice name ;)

 | That you shouldn't try to reduce the barrier to entry when it
 | requires *so little effort* in this case?
 | That we should be using characters that are *know to require shell
 | escaping* to name our isos?
if you see a stone on the road and it is such a little effort to walk 
around, do you not want to stop, remove the stone and live in the 
conscience that you probably saved somebodys life?

sometimes effort is not something bad - even if it is not essential at 
a certain timepoint it may be a great help later. 

 | I know I don't use ' characters in my filenames as a general rule.
 | Just to save myself the effort of having to escape the names
 | manually.
however you are probably not a typical end-user in the sense of a 
elderly person who wants to use ekiga to video-phone his/her 
grand-children with linux.  

i see the argument of not using non-ASCII chars ... i was once also 
thinking like this. ;)

 | It seems quite odd to me that we would have it in the iso
 | filename.

and if we like suddenly a name like "We Don't Use Apostrophe Quotes" 
as a name? would be too pitty to not be able to use it, no?

 | > if it breaks, it needed fixing anyway. no?
 | That is great to say.
 | If we wait for all software to be fixed though, we may be waiting
 | quite a while...
we may be waiting forever, if we not start using human induced 
conditions to test things to see if they are broken at all or not. 

for instance bash autocompletition works fine with apostrophe quotes 
in file names and i remember quite a lot of song names use 
apostrophes as well as quite a lot of title names. lots of scripts 
use simply this names to name a file. 

please make a list of things where this apostrophe quote has broken 
things (software either commercial or projects that are published on 
the net - NOT private code) and email it personally to me - everybody 
out there! i would like to have a collection! :)

- D

Damir Perisa
Master Student
Biozentrum, University of Basel
Department Biochemistry / Focal Area Infection Biology  
Klingelbergstrasse 50-70
CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland
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