[arch-dev-public] 2007.08 Don't Panic Isos release

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Wed Aug 8 19:07:27 EDT 2007

Thursday 09 August 2007, Phil Dillon-Thiselton wrote:
 | All this over one '
 | Imagine what we could achieve if...oh, forget it...

" for example?

by the way, this char (" U+0022) is not the double apostrophe.  ˮ this 
one is a double (U+02EE) but most fonts are missing it ;-)

... and imagine we are still in the common piece of the latin charset. 
not even left it to be more exotic... thinking about 

now most probably you will see boxes or questionmarks of the line 
above, because your fonts installed will not provide this chars as 

well... lets just be less ☹ and more ☺

- D


            °        °           °
             °      °            °
     ><((((º>      °              °
                    °            °
                   °            <º)))><

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