[arch-dev-public] make nvram world-readable?

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Sun Aug 19 02:35:22 EDT 2007

Saturday 18 August 2007, Jürgen Hötzel wrote:
 | Whats wrong with creating your own custom rules? There is no
 | universal setup appropriate for all users. I think the default
 | setting is OK for most users: NVRAM can also store bios passwords.
 | Adding a new group would mean ".pacnew merging" again for a group
 | most of us don't need.

custom rules are nice if needed. but if there is a need for a rule by 
more than one person (e.g. all thinkpad users), it should be already 
there as a hint. 

by my knowledge you cannot specify an override to rules in udev.rules 
so either you change it (and addapt changes from .pacnew files ;) ) 
or you use an override that is out of udev (e.g. in rc.local you can 
change permissions with chmod). i know from several people 
workarounds to the "make nvram readable to the user" but i'd like to 
somehow make it more unified. 

i didn't know that bios passwds are stored in nvram in plain. if so, 
we should definitely make nvram device only readable by root and a 
group called nvram. users who need then readability of nvram can be 
added to this group.

any objections to the group nvram solution? 

- D

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